January 8, 2013 - Paracanoe Committee Minutes (conference call)

1)      Trials – LPI,  6-7 JULY. Thanks Deb.. Any other discussions items as it relates to our paracanoe trials?  

  • Able bodies approved by USOC, we still do not know the disciplines for Paracanoe. 
  • Discussion on country clearances and funding issues – both issues are open.
2)  Update on VI – Need to have a logistical plan for after the worlds.  
  • Boat has been shipped. Will be delivered in England at the end of Jan. We need a location for the boat to be dropped off. 
3)      Northwest Region Para and TRR alignment: Alan/Missy/Joe Mornini – update provided. 
  • Working on sharing and leveraging resources. 
  • Paddle Now is our Grow the Base terminology. 
  • Alan Anderson will template what is going on in the NW sector and start collaborating and coordinating efforts in the SE sector with Stephen Knight.  
4)      Update on the ParaCanoe Power Point Presentation: Deb/Jan: 
  • Presentation is in our drop box for review. Paracanoe PowerPoint will be updated to include a listing of USA Canoe/Kayak sprint clubs offering Paracanoe. Also, the number of Paralympic Paracanoe events will be changed as soon as the IPC and ICF announce their decision. 
5)      Discuss the VA standards topic. Inputs are due to USOC, 25 Jan. 
  • Deb – work in progress, will make deadline. 
6)      Update from the C4ALL ICF committee: 
  • Lally will be heading to London mid Feb for a meeting   
7)   Round table:
  • Joe J: Rec a donation of $52K to buy Paracanoes in Ok City. Coaching/Leadership Conf in Ok City (15-17 Feb)
  • Josh Wold – newly appointed ParaCanoe committee member
  • The 2013 United States Olympic Committee Paralympic Leadership Conference presented by Deloitte is April 26-29, 2013, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Registration information will be posted on the U.S. Paralympics web site.