AIBA to Hold Extraordinary One Time APB and WSB Coaches Certification

July 02, 2014, 2:09 p.m. (ET)

AIBA is offering a unique international coaching opportunity for potential WSB and APB coaches. The Extraordinary One-time certification Course is open to all current one-star, two-star, and three-star AIBA coaches as well as current professional coaches who are interested in potentially joining APB at the conclusion of their current involvement in other professional organizations. 

The cost of the clinic is $300 plus housing and airfare. If you are interested in participating in the Extraordinary One-time Certification Course and meet the above criteria, please complete the application below and submit it to Jared Esquivel at by August 1, 2014. Applications will also be on hand at the USA Boxing Festival.

Please read below for more information..... 

AIBA has decided to open an Extraordinary One-Time Coaches’ Certification Course, which will accept all active Coaches at any level thus 1-, 2-, and 3-Star AIBA Coaches. In addition, we will also welcome some of the current and former professional Coaches who wish to join APB after having terminated their current involvement in other professional organizations. 

With all of this in mind, we would like to request for your interest and participation in the courses described below, which will be beneficial for our sport development and its success.


Invitation to Extraordinary One-Time  APB/ WSB Coaches’ Certification Course 

1.    Course Description

  • This is only to become certified Coaches for both APB and WSB
    • Train and get the certifications to become an official APB and WSB Coach
  • Only available extraordinary one-time course; AIBA will not conduct it again as it will be opened to each Coach willing to participate without any pre-required qualification.
  • The same course will be held on three (3) Continents at different periods.
  Dates and Places
  • America: August 20 (arrival) – August 27 (departure)    
    • *Mexico or Argentina
    • Asia: September 1 (arrival) – September 8 (departure)
      • Almaty (Academy)
    • Europe: September 11 (arrival) – September 18 (departure)
      • Assisi, Italy
        (*) exact city will be identified soon
Course Composition:  8 Days as Follows 
  • Day 1:                        Arrival and Registration
  • Day 2-6:                     Education, Training and Practical Examinations
  • Day 7:                        Written Examination and Awards
  • Day 8:                        Departure

4.    Eligible Applicants

  • All AIBA 1-, 2-, and 3-Star Coaches
  • All current Coaches in WSB who do not have an official certificate must apply
  • Current and former Coaches with Professional Boxing Licenses


5.    Financial Terms and Conditions

  • The applicants must cover the following costs
    • Flights and Visa
    • Accommodation (around USD 70-80 per day /person including meals)
    • Course Fee: USD 300

6.    Course Benefits

  • This is the only opportunity that any level of Coaches will have to move up level to become an APB and WSB Coach without going through a long path process
  • Once a Coach is certified for APB/WSB, if he/she then would like to be involved in AOB Competitions, AIBA will award an automatic 3-Star Coach Status
  • Benefits:
    • AIBA will list the Coaches who are certified at this course for potential jobs in AOB, APB, and WSB
    • AIBA will also recruit some Coaches certified from this course in AIBA Boxing Academy.


7.     Application Process

All applications must be send to Jared Esquivel at by August 1, 2014.