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National Headquarters Staff

Executive Department 

 Mike Martino - Executive Director 

 Contact Mike - E: 

 Lynette Smith - Assistant Executive Director 

Hometown: Oostburg, Wisconsin 

Education: Finished High School in Orlando, Florida and took numerous college courses while living overseas as a military spouse. 

Background: With USA Boxing for 11 years; previously worked with not-for-profit organizations most of my career. 

Primary Job Duties: Member customer service, LBC leadership liaison, handle issues and grievances/appeals. 

Hobbies outside of work: Skiing, gardening, reading 

I will never be seen without... My “Sister” bracelet, whenever I wear it, it’s like having my sister with me. 

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Traveling to…New York City, San Francisco, Alaska 

The movie title that fits the story of my life is: It’s A Wonderful Life 
Contact Lynette - E: P: 719-866-2311

 Mike McAtee - Director of Boxing Operations 

 Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas

 Education: BS in Criminal Justice from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas

  Background: I have been with USAB since June 2016. In regards to my path to USAB it has been a life time journey. I started boxing when I was  12 years old competed in Junior Olympics, Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves. I then worked for a boxing equipment manufacture for several years.    I have trained amateur and professional boxers, later competed as a Masters Division Boxer and recently ran a gym training Masters boxers and      providing boxing fitness classes. I retired from the Lawrence KS Police Department as a police Detective, 25 years of service, 22 years as a      member of our SWAT team and trained Police Recruits fitness boxing.

Primary Job Duties: Director of Boxing Operations, responsible for the “Boxing Mission” of USA

Hobbies outside of work: I like working out; boxing, running and weight lifting

Favorite Expression: If not me, who?

I will never be seen without... Phone

Three things that are left on my bucket list : Going to an Army v. Navy football game; visiting the White House; Going to the Olympic Games

The movie title that fits the story of my life is... The Cowboys starring John Wayne

Contact Mike - E: P: 719-866-2306

Finance Department 

 Brian Lawrence - Chief Financial Officer

 Hometown: Goldthwaite, TX

 Education: BS Accounting Texas A&M University

 Background: 5 ½ years with USA Boxing, Previous Positions with - USA Taekwondo, USA Fencing, Professional Bull Riders, Mortgage Investors  Corp.

 Primary Job Duties: Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial reporting

 Hobbies outside of work: Restoring old cars

Favorite Expression: **censored**

I will never be seen without... a plan

Three things that are left on my bucket list... been everywhere and done everything

The movie title that fits the story of my life is...A Simple Plan

Contact Brian: E: P: 719-866-2307

Cam Thompson - Accounting Clerk 

Hometown: Jacksonville Beach, FL

Education: Bachelors from University of North Florida

Background: I’ve been with USA Boxing since May 2010. Prior to that I worked for a family owned accounting firm for 5 years in Tampa, FL.

Primary Job Duties: I handle accounts payable/receivable, am the liaison for the LBC treasurers, administer the scholarship program and assist with HR duties.

Hobbies outside of work: Spending time with my family at one of the Disney theme parks, riding bikes (leisurely) and hanging out at the beach.

Favorite Expression: Not sure if it’s my favorite but my kids hear it ALL the time “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”.

I will never be seen without... Sunglasses and sandals since moving back to Florida.

3 things that are left on my bucket list...Switzerland, Germany and California

The movie title that fits the story of my life is... Living for Today

Contact Cam - E: P: 719-866-2315

Membership Services

 Betsy McCallister - Membership and HR Manager

 Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

 Education: BA in Home Economics Education from the University of Northern Colorado

 Background: I worked for the U.S. Olympic Committee for 10 years and I’ve been with USA Boxing for a little over 4 years.

 Primary Job Duties: Almost anything related to membership, plus I serve as the HR person.

 Hobbies outside of work: Photography – mostly people.

Favorite Expression: “It’s been lovely, but I have to scream now.”

I will never be seen without... makeup!

3 things that are left on my bucket list Parasailing in Hawaii, a Caribbean Cruise, hiking in Yosemite

The movie title that fits the story of my life is... 9 to 5

Contact Betsy: E: P: 719-866-2324

 Edith Smith - Member Services Administrative Support

 Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

 Education: Living Life, Associates Degree Medical Assistant/Administrative Assistant

 Background: I have been with USA Boxing roughly eight years, previously Medical Assistant and Hewlett Packard/Agilent Technologies for 22 years.

 Primary Job Duties: Customer Service/Administrative duties in Membership Services

 Hobbies outside of work: Gardening and reading

Favorite Expression: Be Yourself; Every One Else Is Already Taken (Oscar Wilde)

I will never be seen birthmark on my cheek

3 things that are left on my bucket list-Living to the next day, then the next and finally the day after the next day.

The movie title that fits the story of my life is...” It’s a Wonderful Life”

Contact Edith - E: P: 719-866-2317

 Carol Hurley - Member Services Support

 Hometown: San Jose, CA

 Education: BS, Business Administration

 Background: Started with USAB in August 2015, previously spent 15 years with Lockheed-Martin prior to moving to CO, then worked for USA  Weightlifting for 6 years & Remington College for 9 years.

 Primary Job Duties: Assisting our membership with their questions & concerns

 Hobbies outside of work: Reading, WORDS with friends & movie buff

Favorite Expression: “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.”

I will never be seen without... My cell phone.

3 things that are left on my bucket list...Visit Europe, learn how to golf & expand my creativity

The movie title that fits the story of my life is... Groundhog Day

Contact Carol- E: P: 719-866-2355

High Performance/ Coaching

 Matt Johnson - High Performance Director

 Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

 Education: University of Colorado at Boulder, Majored in Economics and Psychology

 Background: Began my career in boxing as the High Performance and Events Intern in January 2012 then transitioned to the National Programs  Coordinator in October 2012. Became the National Teams Manager in April 2014 and then became the High Performance Director in January 2015.

 Primary Job Duties: Oversee the planning and operations of USA Boxing’s National teams, athlete section, coaching selection and management.

 Hobbies outside of work: I like sporting events, concerts and traveling.

Favorite Expression: If you ain't first, you're last

I will never be seen without… Sunglasses

3 things that are left on my bucket list: Flying on a private jet, going to the Super Bowl to watch the Green Packers, Hang out with Larry David

The movie title that fits the story of my life is… Austin Powers International Man of Mystery

Contact Matt - E: P: 719-866-2321

Billy Walsh - Women's National Team Head Coach

Kay Koroma - Resident Coach

Jessica Luscinski - National Teams Manager 


 Annemarie Blanco - Communications and Marketing Manager

 Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

 Education: Bachelors in Journalism & Masters in Sports Management

 Background: Started with USA Boxing in December 2015. Previously worked with U.S. Paralympics, Nashville Predators, International Paralympic    Committee and freelanced work for USA Football, National Football Post and Patriots Insider.

 Primary Job Duties: Handle all aspects of public relations, communications, marketing, digital media and social media for USA Boxing.

 Hobbies outside of work: world traveler, movie buff, concert lover, Quality pup time with my pomeranian Rooney

Favorite Expression: It's not what we do that defines us, it's how we rise after falling

I will never be seen without... Something Patriots related

3 things that are left on my bucket list... Hug a koala bear, backpack through Europe, meet Tom Brady

The movie title that fits the story of my life is... Absolutely Fabulous

Contact Annemarie - E: P: 719-866-3240

Brian Taylor - Communications and Marketing Intern

Contact Brian - E: