The USABS is now offering a 7-day trial athlete/junior athlete membership, available to those individuals participating in an introductory or recruitment camp or school hosted by the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) or Utah Olympic Park (UOP).  Also, athletes serving as brakemen for bobsled on a limited-time and training-only basis are eligible to purchase a trial membership.  This membership is not valid for competition and will cover training activities only.  The price of a trial membership is $25.

Athletes may purchase a 7-day trial membership no more than two times per year (June 30-July 1).  If membership is needed for more than two weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) in a year, a full athlete or junior athlete membership must be purchased.   

Athletes who purchase a trial membership will have the option to upgrade to a full athlete or junior athlete membership within 30 days following the expiration of their trial membership.  Upgraded memberships will expire June 30 to coincide with the regular membership cycle of July 1-June 30.

Athlete physicals and waivers are required for the purchase of a trial membership.

The trial membership will provide athletes with secondary sports accident insurance coverage under the USABS’s policy while participating in training-related activities during the valid dates of the membership.  Claims are subject to a $25,000 deductible. 

Other benefits associated with full athlete/junior athlete memberships are not included and no membership card will be provided. 

*All 7-Day Trial Membership applicants must sign and return the waiver and physical before membership can be processed and completed.

Trial memberships can be purchased here: