HEIGHT 5'9"     WEIGHT 175 lbs

John Daly graduated from Plattsburgh State University with a bachelors degree in Public Relations and Advertising.  He ran track and field while in college and was all-American in the decathlon in 2007.  

Daly's gym coach's son competed in luge and was scouting new talent in his class.  Daly tried out during one of the screening events hosted near his home and made the development team.  Once he was in Lake Placid for training, he saw the sport of skeleton and quickly made the switch.  He began competing in the sport of skeleton in 2001 and steadily climbed his way to the national team.  Daly made his first Olympic team in 2010, and is a medal hopeful for 2014.

Daly considers his entire family his support team: his mother, father, brother, sister, and his Aunt Sabina have "all been there from the beginning."  His dad spent years driving Daly from Long Island to Lake Placid so he could train for the sport.  "I know without a doubt I wouldn't have become an Olympian without the support of my family," Daly said.

Daly has two quotes that inspire him.  The first is, "Don't let your fears block your dreams."  He was scared to try a BMX section when he raced, and one of the pros at a competition told him that as a kid he always recited that quote to help him face his fears.  The second quote is, "You can't choose the hand you're dealt in life, but you have to play it."

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  • 2010 Olympic Winter Games - 17th with a total time of 3:34.01


  • 2016-2017 European Cup - 5th in St. Moritz (1/17)
  • 2016-2017 North American Cup - GOLD in Park City #1 (1/17); GOLD in Park City #2 (1/17)
  • 2013-2014 World Cup - 16th in Calgary (11/13), 15th in Park City (12/13), 4th in Lake Placid (12/13), 5th in Winterberg (1/14), 23rd in St. Moritz #1 (1/14), 9th in St. Moritz #2 (1/14), 5th in Igls (1/14), 23rd in St. Mortiz #1 (1/10), 9th in St Moritz #2 (1/12), 5th in Igls (1/18), 12th in Koenigssee (1/24)
  • 2012-2013 World Cup
    -4th in Lake Placid (11/12), 7th in Park City (11/12), 19th in Whistler (11/12), 11th in Winterberg (12/12), 9th in La Plagne (12/12), 20th in Altenberg (1/13), 11th in Koenigssee (1/13), 16th in Igls (1/13), GOLD in St. Moritz World Championship team event (2/13), 5th in St. Moritz World Championships (2/13), 4th in Sochi (2/13)
  • 2011-2012 World Cup
    -DSQ in Igls (11/11), 22nd in La Plagne (11/11), 14th in Winterberg (11/11), 24th in Altenberg (12/11), 17th in Koenigssee (12/11), 6th in St. Moritz (1/12), 5th in Calgary (1/12), 8th in Lake Placid World Championships (2/12)
  • 2011-2012 Intercontinental Cup
    -GOLD in Calgary #1 (2/12), SILVER in Calgary # (2/12) 
  • SILVER at 2011 National Championships
  • 10th overall in 2010-2011 World Cup
    -19th in Whistler (11/10), 10th in Calgary (12/10), 8th in Park City (12/10), 10th in Lake Placid (12/10), 16th in Igls (1/11), 6th in Winterberg (1/11), 5th in St. Moritz (1/11), 18th in Cesana (1/11), 17th at World Championships in Koenigssee (2/11)
  • 2010 Skeleton Athlete of the Year
  • 2010 Skeleton Athletes' Choice Award Winner
  • 2010 Skeleton Rookie of the Year
  • 2009-2010 Intercontinental Cup
    -GOLD in Lake Placid  (1/10), GOLD in Calgary #1 (1/10), GOLD in Calgary #2 (1/10), GOLD in Park City (1/10)
  •  2009-2010 America's Cup
    -GOLD in Lake Placid #1 (12/09), GOLD in Lake Placid #2 (12/09)
  • 14th overall in 2009-2010 World Cup
    -14th in Park City (11/09), 11th in Lake Placid (11/09), 22nd in Cesana (12/09), 20th in Winterberg (12/09)
  • 7th overall in 2008-2009 America's Cup
    -SILVER in Park City #1 (11/1), BRONZE in Lake Placid #1 (11/21), 8th in Lake Placid #2 (11/22), BRONZE in Lake Placid #3 (4/3) 
  • 2nd overall in 2008-2009 European Cup
    -SILVER in Winterberg (12/5), BRONZE in Altenberg EC #1 (12/12), SILVER in Altenberg EC #2 (12/13), 6th in Igls EC #1 (12/20), GOLD in Igls EC #2 (12/21), GOLD in St. Moritz (1/22), BRONZE in Cesana (1/31)