Super Regional at Seattle Badminton Club

May 28, 2014, 5:56 p.m. (ET)

Seattle Badminton Club 

Opened its doors three and a half years ago. Seattle Badminton Club has 10 dedicated courts that service our members and the public in the greater Seattle area. With the  growth of  badminton in schools many students want to play and improve their skills on a full time basis with our programs. We also have classes for adults and offer summer programs and camps.

Memorial Day Weekend was record breaking!  There were 199 junior badminton players from different corners of the US. gathered at Seattle Badminton Club competing at the 2014 NW Super Regional Junior Badminton Tournament.  There were 379 entries, playing 540 matches, 997 games, 35766 points, 16412 minutes or 34 hours all in  3 days, Wow!  

Congratulations to all the players, particularly the triple crowned Tony LiuZhou, Netra Shetty, Darren Yang, Tammie Xie and Victoria Chen.  You all fought very hard and fully demonstrated your sportsmanship.  Well done!

Thanks USA Badminton and Yonex for your support.