Triple Crown for Jolie Wang at 2014 USA Badminton Junior Nationals

July 23, 2014, 5:15 p.m. (ET)

The 2014 Junior National Tournament was recently held at the Los Angeles Badminton Club (LABC) – ( at their 16 court Gymnasium in El Monte, California.

The junior competitions were held in U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19 age categories and in five disciplines Boys Singles, Girls Singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles and Mixed Doubles respectively. Young players from all across the country competed in the tournament to determine the 2014 National Champions. The tournament drew record participation and for the first time, qualifying rounds had to be conducted to include players in the main draw.

Notable performances included a triple crown for Jolie Wang in Under-11. An intense match took place for the U19 Boys Singles crown. Justin Ma got the better of Nicholas Waller to emerge as champion.  Siddhartha Javvaji won the U11 Boys Singles, Sanchita Pandey won the U13 Boys Singles, Gokul Kalyanasundaram along with Brian Duong won the U17 Boys Doubles categories.

The following is the list of the top four finishers in each of the disciplines in various age categories –

Under-11   (Triple Crown for Jolie Wang)

Boys Singles - Siddharth Javvaji; Andre Yuan; Andrew Wang; Mihir Raja

Girls Singles - Jolie Wang; Netra Shetty; Kalea Sheung; Francesca Corbett

Girls Doubles - Jolie Wang, Kalea Sheung; Netra Shetty, Kodi Tang Lee; Fracesca Corbett, Allison Lee; Natalie Chi, Ellen Zulkarnain

Boys Doubles - Andrew Wang, Edward Zhang; Siddhartha Javvaji, Mihir Raja; Adrian Mar, Brandon Wu; Nikhil Vasudeva, Adrew Yuan;

Mixed Doubles - Andrew Wang, Jolie Wang; Joshua Yeung, Netra Shetty; , Siddhartha Javvaji, Kalea Sheung; Adrew Yuan, Francesca Corbett;


Boys Singles – Don Averia; Tony Liuzhou; Eric Duong; Andrew Zhang

Girls Singles – Sanchita Pandey; Cassandra Yu, Tammy Xie; Tiffany Kuang

Boys Doubles – Don Averia, Eric Duong; Derek Tan, Trevor Tan; Brandon Xu, Joshua Yuan; Timothy Oeij, Alohi Sheung;

Girls Doubles – Maggie Li, Sasha Tang; Cassandra Yu, Lauren Lam; Claire Chen, Tiffany Kuang; Katelin Ngo; Yuging Qiu

Mixed Doubles – Tony Liuzhou, Tammy Xie; Eric Duong, Cassandra Yu; Derek Tan, Maggie Li; Brandon Xu, Yuqing Qiu


Boys Singles - Derek Hu; Karthik Kalyanasundaram; Ethan Low; Adrian Unruh

Girls Singles –Karen Ma; Cindy Yuan; Christine Yu; Amelia Lee

Boys Doubles – Tony Liuzhou, Ricky Xiu Liuzhou; Raymond Chen, Bryce Kan; Ethan Low, Adrian Unruh; Eric Chang, Karthik Kalyanasundaram;

Girls Doubles –Cindy Yuan, Michelle Zhang; Jamie Hsu, Nadia Susanto; Joanna Liu, Karen Ma; Christine Yu, Danice Long;

Mixed Doubles - Ricky Xiu Liu Zhou, Joanna Liu; Raymond Chen, Nadia Susanto; Ethan Low, Cindy Yuan; Adrian Unruh, Amelia Lee;


Boys Singles – Darren Lo; Enrico Asuncion; Brian Duong; Benjamin Chen

Girls Singles – Joanna Liu; Julie Yeung; Christine Yu; Krista Hsu;

Boys Doubles – Brian Duong, Gokul Kalyanasundaram; Mason Jiang, Daren Lo; Benjamin Chen, Joseph Pitman; Stephen Ding, Derek Hu

Girls Doubles –Priscilla Long, Madeline Sporkert; Kiko Li, Ivy Xie; Rina Yan, Julie Yeung; Sarah Chang, Brianna Wang

Mixed Doubles – Phillip Jap, Jamie Hsu; Mason Jiang, Madeline Sporkert; Anthony Chu, Kerry Xu; Alan Cheung, Ivy Xie

Under – 19  

Boys Singles – Justin Ma; Nicholas Waller; Raymond Hsia; Roberto Zeng

Girls Singles – Crystal Pan; Anna Tang; Kerry Xu; Annie Xu

Boys Doubles – Vinson Chiu, Phillip Jap; Timothy Lam, Justin Ma; Kevin Chan, Aston Khor; Ryan Liu, Roberto Zeng

Girls Doubles –Annie Xu, Kerry Xu; Victoria Chen, Crystal Pan; Cally Cheung, Stephanie Lam; Alena Wang, Candy Zhang

Mixed Doubles – Aston Khor, Anna Tang; Raymond Hsia, Cherie Chow; Darren Yang, Victoria Chen; Vison Chiu, Crystal Pan

The actual draw, games and the results in various rounds can be found here just click on the link.