April 11, 2014, 4:37 p.m. (ET)

Kyle and Andy Ken

In honor of Ken Davidson, the American Badminton Association (now USA Badminton) in 1955 initiated an-annual Ken Davidson Memorial Award.  It is awarded each year to a player participating in the US Adult National Badminton Championships, who is judged to have contributed the most to badminton and whose sportsmanship, attitude and achievement best exemplifies the spirit of badminton held in such high esteem by Ken Davidson himself.

The Ken Davidson Award winner for 2014 is Kyle Emerick. The presentation was made at the Adult National Badminton Championships held recently at the Boston Badminton Club.  Kyle Emerick embodies all of the character and ideals for which the trophy was created. Kyle truly loves the game of badminton in every sense of the word and that love for the game shines through both on and off the court.

He has won or placed in numerous national and international tournaments,  whether he is playing in the first round of a local tournament, or is tied 29-all in a Final, he always has the same smile on his face that you see every time he steps onto court. Nearly every bit of his free time is giving to badminton.  Often  sacrificing his entire weekend, driving 2 hours up-state, and playing all weekend only to drive another 2 hours to return home on Sunday.

His efforts to support and promote the game are not unnoticed by his fellow players and colleges in the badminton community.  He has served the roles of coach, tournament planner, and all around supporter and promoter of badminton for both the USAB and within his native San Diego. He presently gives of his time to USA Badminton serving on the USA Badminton Athletes Advisory Council and was recently elected to the USA Badminton Region 5 Board of Directors.