Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. The term of office shall be two years. No committee member should serve for more than three consecutive terms.  They have the following responsibilities: 

  • administer and oversee implementation of, and compliance with, the USAA Code of Ethics;
  • report to the Board on all ethical issues;
  • review and investigate matters of ethical impropriety and make recommendations on such matters to the Board;
  • review and provide guidance on ethical questions presented to it by the Board, officers, committee and task force members, volunteers, staff and USAA members; and
  • perform such other duties as assigned by the Board.

Members of the Ethics Committee shall satisfy the standards of independence for "independent directors" as set forth below.  

A director shall not be considered independent if, within the preceding two years: 

  • the director or an immediate family member was employed by or held any governance position (whether a paid or volunteer position) with USAA, the international federation of Archery, or any sport family entity of Archery;
  • the director was affiliated with or employed by USAA's outside auditor or outside counsel;
  • an immediate family member of the director was affiliated with or employed by the USAA's outside auditor or outside counsel as a partner, principal or manager;
  • the director was an Archery member of USAA's Athletes' Advisory Council or any constituent group with representation on the Board;
  • the director receives any compensation from USAA, directly or indirectly; or
  • the director is an executive officer, controlling shareholder, or partner of a corporation or partnership or other business entity that does business with USAA.

Members of the Ethics Committee:

Chair: Eric Howard

Members: Jeff Button, Jason Wacha, Alan Halfenger, Thomas Rush