If you're looking to get more involved with USA Archery, please consider joining a Committee! This is a great way to volunteer while helping the sport of archery. For more information on each Committee, please click its heading below: 

Audit Committee - The Board of Directors appoints the members of the Audit Committee and its chair, all of whom are directors of the Board. Chair: Julio Mazzoli; Members: Charles "Skip" Trafford and Nick Kale (Athlete)

Collegiate Archery Program Committee - Individuals on the Committee shall act as committee members as well as regional program coordinator, or athlete representative, and a resource to members. Committee Members: Glen Bennett (North), Rodney Estrada (South, Chair), E.G. LeBre (East), Sandra Childress (West), Jason Tong (Athlete).

Board of Justice (Judicial Committee) - The Board of Justice administers and oversees all administrative grievances and right to compete matters filed with USA Archery. Chair: Kari Granville; Members: Mark McKinney, Terry King, Laurie Melville, Sarah Chai (Athlete)

Ethics Committee - Administers and oversees the implementation of, and compliance with, the USAA Code of Ethics and other ethical issues. Chair: Eric Howard; Members: Jeff Button, Jason Wacha, Alan Halfenger, Thomas Rush

JOAD Committee - Individuals on the JOAD Committee act as committee members, as well as acting as regional program coordinators. Committee Members: Willis Stevenson (North), Rodney Estrada (South), Andy Neville (East), Mike Cullumber (West), Ryan Oliver (Athlete)

Nominating and Governance Committee - Identifies and evaluates prospective candidates for the Board of Directors. Chair: Derek Davis; Members: Phil Graves, Teresa Perrego, Belinda Foxworth, Lindsay Speck - Athlete

Officials and Rules Committee - There are five members of the officials and rules committee and is made up of one chair and one representative from each of the four regions. Members: Bob Pian (West), Michael Hollman (South), Linda Cockrell (North), Megan Tierney (East), Diane Watson (Athlete)

Athletes Advisory Council - The Athletes Advisory Council is made of six individuals who are elected from among the athlete members. They represent the athlete membership and act as a voice on their behalf. Members: Brady Ellison, Eric Bennett, Mackenzie Brown, Crystal Gauvin, Jake Kaminski, Reo Wilde, Nathan Yamaguchi

Para Athlete Council - The Para Athlete Council is made of five individuals who are elected from among the Para athlete members. They represent the Para athlete membership and act as a voice on their behalf. Members: Lance Thornton (Compound Representative), Eric Bennett (Recurve Representative), Chuck Lear (Military Representative), Kinga Kiss-Johnson (Female Representative), Jeff Fabry (Para Athlete Representative to the Athlete Advisory Council)