Check out this video, an introduction to archery by Delta/McKenzie, featuring US Assistant Head Coach Guy Krueger as well as Resident Athlete Collin Klimitchek! Then be sure to scroll down this page to learn more about how YOU can get involved with one of the hottest sports around!

Excited About Getting Started in Archery?

USA Archery offers a variety of archery programs that can help you develop archery skills, all the way from a beginner to an Olympian!  Whatever your interest in archery, USA Archery has a program for you!

Ready to get started in archery now? Click here to find a USA Archery Club near you!

Where Can Archery Take You?

Want to just try archery and see if you like it? Do you know you have an Olympic, Paralympic or World Championship dream? Either way, USA Archery's Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program, found in clubs across the country, can help you enjoy the fun and excitement of archery!

JOAD Clubs offer archery instruction, achievement awards, and an introduction to competition! Adult Archery Achievement clubs also offer similar programs for adult archers at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

Want to Follow Team USA?

The United States has top female and male athletes who compete internationally, and we are VERY proud of their accomplishments! To follow USA Archery athletes at national and international competitions, check out our latest features, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and you'll get up to the minute updates from the sport's biggest events!

Looking for Coaching?

Finding an archery coach is easy! USA Archery JOAD Clubs have instructors who work closely with the club, and they can help to point you in the right direction. If you prefer to reach out to coaches directly, check out our Coach Locator.

Questions? We have answers!

If we can provide any additional information, from finding a club to learning how to become part of the Olympic Team, please just ask us! We're happy to help!