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The U.S. Paralympics Track & Field Classification Policies & Procedures fall under the U.S. Paralympics national classification strategy.General documents that are applicable for all sports may be found here.  The USA Classification Policies and Procedures – Track & Field cover sport-specific classification information including classifier prerequisites, current classifiers and their authorization levels, classification panel composition for the sport, and any sport criteria for athletes who present for classification assessment.

The U.S. Paralympics Track & Field national classification list includes all athletes in the respective sport whose classification information is on file with either the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and/or the respective sport IF and/or U.S. Paralympics (the National Paralympic Committee in the USA).  Athletes who have been nationally or internationally classified as per the Code and/or the U.S. Paralympics Classification Policies and Procedures are automatically included in this database.  Information will be updated regularly and historical research to compile accurate athlete classification data is still ongoing.

2015 International Classification Opportunities

2015 Desert Challenge Games
Phoenix Metro area of Arizona
Physically Impaired Classification: 13-14 May 2015 (9am-5pm each day)
Visually Impaired Classification: TBD (9am-5pm)
Competition: 15-16 May 2015
Registration: The website for competition registration and classification requests will open in early-March 2015. 
Classification registration deadline: 1 April 2015

2015 U.S. Paralympics Track and Field National Championships
Location: TBA
Physically Impaired Classification: TBD
Competition: TBD
Registration: The website for competition registration and classification requests will open in early-April 2015. 
Classification registration deadline: 5 May 2015.

2015 National Classification Opportunities
Classification will take place one or two days prior to competition. Competition dates listed below are subject to change.
April 20: Boston Marathon (Boston, Massachusetts)
April 23-26: Texas Regional Games (San Antonio, Texas)
May 8-10: Dixie Games (Tampa, Florida)
May 14-17: Desert Challenge Games (Mesa, Arizona)
May 22-24: Tri-State Regional Games (Bergen County, New Jersey)
May 28-31: Thunder in the Valley Games (Saginaw, Michigan)
May 31: 5280 (Denver, Colorado)
June 11-14: Endeavor Games (Edmond, Oklahoma)
June 12-14: Great Lakes Regional Games (Lake Forest, Illinois)
June 13: Courage Kenny Country Championships (St. Louis Park, Minnesota)
June 18-20: Angel City Games (Los Angeles, California)

International Classification Forms
Guide on How to fill out Medical Diagnostics Forms (MUST READ). Incomplete forms will not be submitted.
Visual Impairment (VI) Medical Diagnostics Form
Physical Impairment (PI) Medical Diagnostics Form

Athletes must hold a current IPC License in order to request an IPC International Classification appointment. Athletes who meet the criteria can request an IPC International Classification appointment through the entry/registration system for the competition. IPC International Classification Appointments must be requested at least six weeks prior to the date of the classification. 

The appropriate Visual Impairment (VI) or Physical Impairment (PI) Medical Diagnostics Form (whichever classification has been requested) must be submitted six weeks prior to the date of the International Classification. Each athlete must submit the form prior to the deadline in order to secure their international classification appointment (failure to follow this procedure will result in cancellation of the classification appointment). Each form outlines the specific tests, xrays, MRIs, etc. required for various impairments. The Medical Diagnostics form and the supplemental documents must be completed by the athlete’s physician or ophthalmologist. 

The Medical Diagnostics Form and supplemental documents should be returned by email to Sherrice Fox. Please contact Sherrice if you have any questions about the forms.

Visual Impairment (VI) National Classification

  • Athletes with visual impairments may obtain a national classification throughout the year.  To obtain a National VI classification, athletes must have their Ophthalmologist fill out the forms in the link below and return to Sherrice Fox 4 weeks prior to the competition they intent to compete at.  Once the forms are received by Sherrice, they are reviewed by a VI Classifier.  They will inform Sherrice of the classification outcome and Sherrice will notify the athlete.  The classifiers may require additional tests or information which may delay the outcome.  VI athletes must complete this process and be listed in the Classification Database to compete in events. 
  • Guide to fill out National Visual Impairment Classification forms
  • National VI Classification forms - Submit to when completed