U.S. Paralympics is leading the development of new Paralympic sport programs in 250 American cities by 2012. With 21 million Americans living with a physical or visual disability, including thousands of veterans and active-duty service members, this is an important community need.

Research shows that people who participate in daily physical activity experience enhanced self-esteem and improved peer relationships, which correlate to increased achievement, overall better health and a higher quality of life.

"Many of the veteran-athletes that we see once believed their active and free lives were almost over after their injury.  Through participation in our sports program, they have hidden visions and dreams turned realities for them and their families."

  Jeanene Griffin, CTRS, CBIS

James A. Haley VA Hosptial, Tampa, Florida

Paralympic Sport Clubs
The Paralympic Sport Club network is currently being developed in more than 130 communities throughout the country and there is a focus to develop a number of these clubs in areas with military installations and military or veterans medical facilities.  The clubs will provide training, equipment, technical assistance and ongoing physical activity and recreation opportunities  to injured service members and veterans right in their own communities. 

Service members and veterans looking to get active in sports in their communities can visit FindaClub.usparalympics.org to locate a program in their area.