Team USA wins 13 medals at IPC Nordic Skiing World Cup in Cable, Wis.

By Traci Hendrix | Jan. 22, 2013, 12 p.m. (ET)
Dan Cnossen
U.S. Navy Lt. Dan Cnossen won four medals at the International Paralympic Committee Nordic Skiing World Cup in Cable, Wis.

The International Paralympic Committee Nordic Skiing World Cup wrapped up Sunday but not before putting the U.S. Paralympic Team members on the podiums. From Jan. 12-20, between biathlon and cross country races, 13 medals were given to Team USA and other Top 10 placements were awarded.

Kristina Vaughn (Corry, Pa.) claimed the silver medal in the women’s long 10k sitting event with her time of 59:06.6. She also placed second in the women’s short (31:05.8) and third in women’s sit ski middle length course.

Beth Requist (Grand Lake, Colo.) was also a repeating medalist in the IPC Nordic World Cup with two biathlon third place podiums for women’s long sit ski and also for women’s short sit ski events. She placed fifth in the sit ski middle event and landed Top 10 in the cross country long and short sit ski events.

Tatyanna McFadden (Clarksville, Md.) placed fifth in the women’s cross country sit ski middle event with a 15:57.8 time, fourth in the long event and fifth again for the short. In all three events, she led the Team USA in time and continued to push herself to Top 5 placements.

Kevin Burton (Boulder, Colo.), ret., Navy represented Team USA with a second place win in the visually impaired long 15k event. Burton also snagged the silver medal in the biathlon short and middle events with guides Eileen Carey and Beth Ann Chamberlain. The cross country events proved to be successful for him as well when he took home three bronze medals for VI short, middle and long events.

For the men’s sit ski events, Dan Cnossen (Topeka, Kan.) and Andy Soule (Pearland, Texas) took home five medals collectively. Cnossen finished second with a time of 22:34.4 and clean shooting in the short biathlon event. He also finished second in the middle cross-country event. The middle and long events saw Cnossen on the podium in third place. Soule won second place in the middle biathlon event with a time of 38:30.3 and placed in the Top 10 for the short sitting event.

With more than 10 podiums earned in the IPC Nordic Skiing World Cup, Team USA can hold their heads high on their way to the world championships and World Cup Final.