Hintertux (11/11/13)


It’s that time of year — the leaves are falling, the air is getting colder, and there isn’t any good snow in the states yet. This means it’s time to head to a little place called Hintertux. Hintertux is a glacier in Zillertal, Austria, about two hours from Munich, Germany. I have been travelling over here for three years now and I am pretty much addicted.

Every time I come back to Hintertux I fall more in love with this place. The people are so nice, the food is extremely good and the mountain is lined with two 50-foot jumps for training… just the way I like it. I have only stayed at one hotel here in Hintertux, and that is the Bergfried. My friend Werni Stock's family owns and runs the hotel and they are seriously the best people. I have made such good friends with them all over the years and I really respect their family values and hard work ethic. They welcome me like family and take such great care of me. I always look forward to spending time with the Stock family in their amazing Austrian hotel.

After I got settled into the hotel it was time to get to work. Every morning I wake up before the sun rises and head to an amazing breakfast and after that it’s head straight up to the hill. It is about a half hour commute on gondolas to reach the top of Hintertux. You get to the top of the hill and you are literally standing on a 200-meter thick glacier. It’s crazy. The park there was pretty good the first couple of days, so I took that time to warm up and help the park builders dial in the pro line of jumps.

I had big goals for this trip and the main goal was to try a new trick: a switch backside double cork ten eighty. I have been thinking about it for about four years and mentally it has given me a hell of a time. For some reason, I knew that this trip I was going to make it happen and throw it down. After the fourth day on the hill the jumps were fully dialed-in and I was feeling good. I finally stepped up to the plate and went for it. I landed it after a bunch of tries and man was it a relief. This trick brings me one step closer to having an amazing run to throw down in the slopestyle events this coming season.

I can’t tell you how much I love this place. The days are so rewarding. I love being able to shred for most of the day and come back for lunch and then head out to some rad outside activity like mountain biking or climbing. There is just something about this place and I know it will be a long time before I stop coming here to get prepared for the season. After my trip to Hintertux my head is in a good spot. I have learned a new trick and I am feeling confident going into pre-season shred in America.

Until next time, my friends.