In many states, clubs and organizations are responsible for hiring the right people. A club or organization may be sued if one of its employees sexually abuses a child. When this happens, a victim must prove:

  1. The club or organization had a responsibility to the victim,

  2. The club or organization did not uphold this responsibility, and

  3. The failure to uphold the responsibility caused the abuse.

* It is very hard to prove these things 

It is a good idea for an organization to conduct a background check; However, just because a background check is performed does not prevent an organization from being sued.

Check out the below cases for more information on background checks:

  • Mirelez v. Bay City Independent School District 992 F.Supp. 916 (S.D. Texas 1998) 

  • Doe v. Boys club of Greater Dallas, Inc. 907 S.W.2d 472 (Tex. 1995) 

  • Golden Spread Council, Inc. #562 of the boy scouts of America and Boy Scouts of America v. Akins 926 S.W. 2d 287 (Tex. 1996)

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