Height: 6'1"
Position: Pitcher
B/T: R/R
Hometown: Alma, GA. 


ASA Fast Pitch Teams played for: County Materials

Team Awards/Championships earned: 2013 National Champions; 2015 National Runner-Up 


Favorite Movie: Hardball

Favorite Sport (besides softball): Volleyball

Favorite Pro Sports Team: Atlanta Braves
Favorite College Sports Team: Florida State 

Hobbies: Playing softball, Hanging out with Friends and Family and going to the gym

Favorite Meal/Snack: Steak dinner / Apples and peanut butter

Best Vacation you've ever had: Senior trip to the Bahamas

Best Advice you've received: To always work hard and never give up

What person supports you the most: My Mumzy (Grandma)

Role Model: Cat Osterman

Goals in life: Obtain a Master's Degree and become a Head College Softball Coach

Pets: My dog Sasha


What does it mean for you to represent your country at this level? It is one of the greatest honors of my life. I am more than excited about this opportunity to wear USA across my chest and represent my country. 


What are the keys to the success of the USA Softball Junior Men’s National Team entering the World Championships? Practice hard to be the best you can be when you get there and show up focused and ready to play ball with the one goal of winning the world championship in you head. 


What you do enjoy the most about fast pitch softball? It is just a very fun, exciting and fast pace game. Much different than playing baseball to me. 


How did you get started in fast pitch?

My sisters played fast pitch growing up and my dad was a coach. I began to start pitching and eventually taught myself to be very good. I filled out an online form for team USA and got invited to many camps and now have made the national team.


Any other personal story you would like to share about you or your softball career? Playing softball has always been one of my biggest dreams although I never knew it would come true considering the south is not the biggest booming place for fast pitch. Sometimes I still get a crazy look when I tell people here in Georgia that I play fast pitch softball. 


Last person I had dinner with: My parents

Last gift I bought: A box of chocolates for Valentine's Day

Last movie you watched: The Intern

Last website I visited: Facebook