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U.S. Women's College Individual Rankings

Ranked On: 12/17/2007
Ranked By: Women's College Coaches

44 kg/97 lbs.
1. Melissa Gerard, senior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
2. Lene Wood, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
3. Vanessa Nordstrom, sophomore (Missouri Valley College)
4. Krista Camarillo, sophomore (Missouri Valley College)
5. Stephanie Waters. freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
6. Norine Cruz, senior (Missouri Valley College)
7. Maria Henriquez, freshman (Menlo College).
8. Shuntil Snyder, freshman (Univ. of the Cumberlands)

48 kg/105.5 lbs.
1. Alyssa Lampe, sophomore (Northern Michigan Univ. USOEC)
2. Jackie Stiles, sophomore (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
3. Rachel Holthaus, junior (UW-River Falls)
4. Nicole Woody, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
5. Valerie Prise, senior (Pacific Univ.)
6. Lauren Tallman, junior (Menlo College)
7. Pricilla Brownfield, sophomore (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
8. Christina Varland. junior (Oklahoma City Univ.)

51 kg/112.25 lbs.
1. Sadie Kaneda, junior (Northern Michigan Univ. USOEC)
2. Jessica Medina, senior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
3. Katherine Fulp-Allen, sophomore (Menlo College)
4. Erica Torres, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
5. Rachel Groft, freshman (Lock Haven)
6. Raquel Woodruff, sophomore (Univ of the Cumberlands)
7. Ashley Dehnz, junior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
8. Carla O’Connell, junior (Menlo College)

55 kg/121 lbs.
1. Amy Borgnini, senior (Northern Michigan Univ. USOEC)
2. Sandy Do, senior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
2. Chelynne Pringle, sophomore (Pikes Peak CC)
4. Whitney Conder, sophomore (Bay de Noc CC)
5. Ashley Hudson, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
6. Antonesia Giles, junior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
7. Jazzy Green, freshman (Pacific Univ.)
8. Shareese Mulholand, junior (Menlo College)

59 kg/130 lbs.
1. Othella Lucas, senior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
2. Kelsey Campbell, junior (Arizona State)
3. Shyla Iokia, sophomore (Northern Michigan Univ. USOEC)
4. Rachel Hubbard, sophomore (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
5. Marina Piccolotti, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
6. Breisja Gallo-Macera, freshman (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
7. Amberle Montgomery, junior (Solano College)
8. Summer Steenberg, freshman (Missouri Valley College)

63 kg/138.75 lbs.
1. Emily Rinehart, senior (Missouri Valley College)
2. Briana Conway, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
3. Kristina Bishop, junior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
4. Samantha Stych, freshman (Pacific Univ.)
5. Sheila McCabe, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
6. Jamie Trentadue, sophomore (Menlo College)
7. Samantha Richardson, sophomore (Missouri Valley College)
8. Megan Agajanian, freshman (Univ. of the Cumberlands)

67 kg/147.5 lbs.
1. Amberlee Ebert, sophomore (Missouri Valley College)
2. Ashley Sword, junior (Oklahoma City Univ.)
3. Paige Rife. freshman (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
4. Sara Hilliard, junior (Oklahoma City Univ.)
5. Lauren Knight, sophomore (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
6. Ashlee Evans-Smith, junior (Menlo College)
7. Sherolyn Eppinger, junior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
8. Andrea Hale, sophomore (Univ. of Pacific)

72 kg/158.5 lbs.
1. Lacey Novinska, sophomore (Oklahoma City Univ.)
2. Melissa Simmons, junior (Oklahoma City Univ.)
3. Amy Havens, sophomore (Missouri Valley College)
4. Christen Paysee, freshman (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
5. Jade Anderson, freshman (Pacific Univ.)
6. Natasha Phinney, senior (Fresno State)
7. Monique Cabrera, junior (Menlo College)
8. Tabetha Golt, senior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)

82 kg/180.25 lbs.
1. Carrie Clark, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
2. Teri Milkoff, freshman (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
3. Ana Hernandez, sophomore (Missouri Valley College)
4. Venus Barron, freshman (Missouri Valley College)
5. Brittany Caoile, freshman (Menlo College)
6, Megan Richardson, junior (Pacific Univ.)
7. Kiele Lehel, sophomore (Univ. of Hawaii)

95 kg/209 lbs.
1. Karon Scott, freshman (Oklahoma City Univ.)
2. Leah Paige. sophomore (Missouri Valley College)
3. Martil Ford, freshman (Menlo College)
4. Theresa Fennell, senior (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
6. Larissa Hamilton, freshman (Univ. of the Cumberlands)
7. Aubree Sutherland, freshman (Missouri Valley College)

Tentative ranking dates: Oct. 16, Nov. 19, Dec. 17, Jan. 21, Feb. 18, March 17