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USA Wrestling

NCEP Certification

Copper Certification

A basic introduction to the principles of coaching and wrestling technique.

Volunteer coaches, parents, entry level coaches.

One course consisting of a 3 hour classroom clinic and a one hour on the mat technique clinic. The Rookie Coaches Wrestling Guide will be used as the course manual. Coaches will complete a take home test and return it to USA Wrestling for grading and processing.

Any club leader, coach, or administrator. Application to host a Copper Clinic will be made by completing contacting the NCEP Coordinator at USA Wrestling. State Chairpersons will be notified of all clinics within their state.

Instructor Resources
Copper Course Instructor Guide
Copper Course Video

Course Materials
Clinic participants will receive a copy of the Rookie Coaches Wrestling Guide. The cost of this guide is $8.95. Clubs or organizations that host a clinic will purchase the guide from USAW. Any guides not used at the clinic may be returned to USAW, provided that they are in excellent condition.

Course Fee
Clubs or hosting organizations will be provided the materials to host the clinic. The Instructor's Guide and Course Video must be returned within one month of completion of the clinic.

Cost of the Copper Course video is $119.00 and cost of the Instructor's Guide is $35.00

The cost of the course for coaches attending the clinic is to be determined by the club or hosting organization. The suggested course fee is $25.

Rookie Coaches Guide $8.95
USAW Administration Fee $6.05
USAW Testing Fee $10.00

Coaches completing the Copper Test will submit the $10.00 Test fee when they mail their test for grading to USA Wrestling.

Applicants successfully completing the test at an 80% or higher level will be Copper Certified Coaches in the National Coaches Education Program.

Coaches will receive the Copper Certificate and Copper Coaches Card by mail, please allow 3-4 weeks for processing and delivery of these awards.

Bronze Certification

A comprehensive coaching education program for wrestling coaches who are committed to expanding their knowledge in the art and science of the coaching of wrestling. This is the first of a three part advanced coaching education program. The ensuing two parts are Silver and Gold level certification.

Volunter, high school, collegiate, and elite international coaches who are looking to improve their knowledge and ability. Professional coaches who wish to continue their knowledge of the Sports Sciences, Sports First Aid, and Wrestling Technique and Tactics. For all coaches who aspire to be national team (all age groups included) coaches.

Copper is not a pre-requisite for the Bronze; however, it may be valuable to those coaches that do not have advanced formal coaching education.

Bronze Certification Course attendance at a 6 hour clinic plus self study of the USA Wrestling Coach's Guide to Excellence and self study test. The clinic will emphasize group interaction facilitated by a USAW approved instructor.

All instructors must be USAW Bronze Level Certified and above.

Instructor Resources
Bronze Course Instructor's Guide
Bronze Course Instructor's Video (optional for classroom assistance)
USA Wrestling's Coaches Guide to Excellence
Freestyle/Greco-Roman Wrestling Syllabus for instruction of Techniques and Tactics (optional)

Course Materials
The course materials for the Bronze Certification Clinic will be USA Wrestling's Coach's Guide to Excellence along with self testing materials. The materials for the Technique and Tactics portion will include the use of USA Wrestling's Freestyle and Greco-Roman Video Syllabus. All course materials must be purchased through USAW.

Course Sites and Dates
USA Wrestling will coordinate with the State Associations a minimum of 1 clinic per state per year. Times and dates are up to the discretion of the State Associations and Certified instructors. Climic times and dates may be published in USA Wrestling publications and web-sites.

Course Fee
Clinic fees are determined by the host of the clinic.

Upon course completion, the tests will be graded and processed by USAW's NCEP staff. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing. Participants who successfully complete the self-study test at an 80% or better rate will be Bronze Certified.

Bronze Certified Coaches will receive a certificate, Bronze level Coach's Card, and a NCEP Bronze Certified Coach's shirt.

Silver Certification
This is the second of a three part advanced coaching education program. It provides coaches with extensive information aobut the practical applications of coaching theory and provides them with an opportunity to apply their knowledge through research in the field of wrestling.

For coaches who have completed the Bronze level and who wish to become superior coaches. For coaches who have considerable coaching experience and desire additional formal training in coaching.

Curriculum & Requirements
Coaches must attend a 5-day Coaches College. The site and date will be determined by USA Wrestling. Coaches Colleges will be held 1-2 times annually. Announcement of upcoming Coaches Colleges will be made through USA Wrestling publications and related wrestling web-sites.

Coaches will receive advanced instruction regarding diet and nutrition, the psychology of wrestling, peak performance principles, risk management, and other wrestling related curriculum.

Coaches will be required to submit to USAW 8 out of 20 task criterion. The task criterion will be broken down into 4 areas in which there will be 5 tasks within each area. These areas are:

1. Planning the development of the athlete. (i.e. integrate physiological, technical and tactical factors into an annual training program for elite wrestlers.)
2. Instituting the physiological development of the athlete. (i.e. plan, conduct, and evaluate a training program to meet the energy demands of wrestling.)
3. Establishing the psychological development of the athlete. (i.e. develop a psychological profile and plan the mental development of an athlete.)
4. Instituting the Technical development of the athlete. (i.e. plan, develop, and analyze a technical instruction progression chart as a part of a season plan.)

Coaches are required to complete at least one task from each of these sections. Specific tasks are set by USAW. Silver Level Certification Requirements

The Technical Certification will be done through the Coaches College in association with a USAW age group developmental camp. At the Silver Level, a coach can be certified in either Freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling. Silver Level technical certification may be granted as a result of meeting one or more of the following criterion.:

1. Having been a World Level Tourney (FILA 'A' Continental, World, or Olympic top ten placer.)
2. Having been a member of a senior level national team and achieving a ranking of third or better.
(Criteria must have been met within 5 years of Silver Level Application.)

Finally, to complete the Silver Level all coaches will host a Bronze Certification Course of at least 10 participants. Arrangements for the course will be approved by USAW and the corresponding State Association

All course instruction will be provided by USA Wrestling approved instructors.

Instructor Resources
All pertinent instructional materials as required by course instructors will be provided by USA Wrestling.

Course Materials
Coaches Colleges dates and locations will be determined by USA Wrestling. Information relating to Coaches Colleges will be provided through USA Wrestling publications and associated web-sites.

Course Fee
The cost of the Coaches College will be determined by USA Wrestling. Any other fees associated with Silver Level Certification will be outlined upon application.

Upon attendance at a USAW Coaches College, satisfactory completion of 8 Silver Level Tasks, and instruction of a Bronze Certification Course applicants will be recognized as a Silver Certified Coach.

For this level of high achievement in coaching of wrestling Silver Level Coaches will receive a Silver Level Certificate, Silver Level Coaches Card, and Silver Certified special edition watch.

Gold Certification
Gold Certification is the highest level of certification with the National Coaches Education Program. It represents years of previous education and a long term commitment to excellence in the sport of wrestling.

The Gold Level program is for advanced coaches with extensive involvement within the coaching profession. Coaches must be Silver certified to be eligible for application into the Gold program. Coaches should contact USA Wrestling's NCEP Coordinator for formal application into the Gold Level program.

Coaches will be required to complete the remaining 12 task criterion as outlined in the Silver Level certification program.

A coach will also be required to present, as an instructor, an area of specialization at the Coaches College. This area will be approved by USA Wrestling's NCEP Coordinator prior to instruction at the Coaches College. (The cost of instruction at the Coaches College will be covered by USA Wrestling.)

A coach will be required to have no less than 5 years coaching experience.

The Technical Certification will be completed by attendance at a senior level World Team training camp and subsequent evaluation by a USAW approved coach, athlete, or instructor. Gold Level Technical Certification in Freestyle or Greco-Roman may be granted as a result of meeting one or more of the following criterion.

1. Having been a World tourney competitor in Freestyle or Greco-Roman.
2. Having been a World level tourney (FILA 'A' or higher) top 6 place winner.
(Criteria must have been met within 5 years of Gold Level application.)

Course Sites and Dates
Sites and dates will be determined by USA Wrestling.

Course Fee
Any Gold Level Certification fees not covered by USA Wrestling will be outlined upon application.

Upon completion of the Gold Level Tasks and teaching at the Coaches College, applicants will be certified with the highest level of achievement in the National Coaches Education Program, and will thereby be recognized as a Gold Certified Coach.

Additionally, Coaches will have the option of purchasing at a reduced cost a special edition Gold Certified coaches ring. In place of the ring coaches may choose to receive a Gold Certified Coaches warm-up at no additional cost.