Seeds set and brackets drawn for WCWA Women’s College Nationals

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Feb. 11, 2016, 9:12 p.m. (ET)
Defending WCWA national champion Cody Pfau received the No. 1 seed at 109. Photo by Austin Bernard.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – The seeding meeting has been set, and the brackets have been drawn for the WCWA Women’s College Nationals, which begin on Friday at the Freede Center on the campus of Oklahoma City University.

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All four of the returning champions have received No. 1 seeds: junior Cody Pfau of Oklahoma City at 109, sophomore Kayla Miracle of Campbellsville at 136, senior Victoria Francis of Lindenwood at 170 and junior Tiara Scott of Campbellsville at 191.

Miracle competed much of the year at 130 pounds, but moved back up to 136, where she won her WCWA title last year as a freshman. Pfau, Francis and Scott are also at the same weights where they won national titles last season.

Another athlete who has changed weight and received a No. 1 seed was Hanna Grisewood of King, who has dropped down to 116 pounds. Grisewood has competed at 123 pounds previously. She was a WCWA runner-up in 2015 at 123 pounds.

Other top seeds were senior Ashley Illif of King at 101, freshman Becka Leathers of Oklahoma City at 123, junior Natalia Hinojo of Oklahoma City at 130, sophomore Mallory Velte of Simon Fraser at 143 and freshman Jessika Rottier of the University of the Cumberlands at 155.

Some of the teams had athletes change weight classes from where they competed during the season. The defending team champion is King, which has won the last two WCWA team titles. In 2015, Campbellsville placed second, Oklahoma City was third, Simon Fraser was fourth and Lindenwood was fifth.

There was an interesting seeding decision at 170 pounds. Freshman Alyssa LaFrancis from the University of the Cumberlands dropped from 191 down to 170. She was ranked No. 4 at 191 in the most recent WCWA rankings at 191. Because she had no matches against the 170 pounders up for seed, she was not seeded. LaFrancis was a four-time California state champion and a past Cadet World Team member. She was drawn into the tournament, and will face No. 4 seed Brittany Marshall, a freshman from Wayland Baptist in the opening match.

One of the top freshmen wrestlers, No. 2 ranked Maya Nelson of the Univ. of the Cumberlands, did not enter at 130. She was unable to compete due to injury.

Two alternates were chosen at each weight. Athletes weigh in on Friday morning. In weights where a seeded athlete does not make weight, the brackets will be redrawn.


1 Ashley lllif Sr. King University
2 Marina Doi So. King University
3 Darby Huckle Sr. Simon Fraser University
4 Sara Allen Jr. The University of the Cumberlands
5 Regina Doi So. King University
6 Hiba Salem Fr. Menlo College
7 Christina Bautista Sr. Missouri Valley College
8 Harmonie Roberts Fr. Life University
Alternate 1Maia Phanthadara So. The University of the Cumberlands
Alternate 2. Kayla Walker Fr. McKendree

1 Cody Pfau Jr. Oklahoma City University
2 Breonnah Neal Jr. King University
3 Daisy Santos So. King University
4 Arielle Hernandez So. McKendree
5 Rhonda Johnson Fr. Wayland Baptist University
6 Kait Fitzpatrick Campbellsville University
7 Arelys Valles So. The University of the Cumberlands
8 Tori Degginger So. Lindenwood University
Alternate 1. Nicki Weidman So. Life University
Alternate 2. Taylor Resuriz Jr. McKendree University

1 Hanna Grisewood Jr. King University
2. Rachel Archer Jr. Oklahoma City University
3. Samantha Kingel RSSr. King University
4. Abby Lloyd So. Simon Fraser University
5. Cady Chessin Jr. Menlo College
6. Shelby Morrison Sr. Oklahoma City University
7. Lindsay Spjut Jr. Mckendree University
8. Dajan Treder Jr. University of Jamestown
Alternate 1. Jennifer Juarez Fr. Life University
Alternate 2: Alanda Nguyen So. Life University

1 Becka Leathers Fr. Oklahoma City University
2, Montana Drum Jr. Missouri Baptist University
3. Megan Black So. Mckendree Univeristy
4. Jennifer Anderson Jr. Simon Fraser University
5. Dominique Parrish Fr. Simon Fraser University
6. Hailee Lilly Sr. Mckendree Univeristy
7. Cassidy Jasperson So. Oklahoma City University
8. Jathiya Isaac Wayland Baptist
Alternate 1 Taylor Alva So. Lyon College
Alternat 2: Sadie Bailey Fr. Southwest Oregon CC

1 Natalia Hinojo Jr. Oklahoma City University
2 Rosemary Flores Jr. Campbellsville University
3 Carla Ponce Jr. Oklahoma City University
4 Shelby Hall Jr. Campbellsville University
5 Koral Sugiyama Fr. Campbellsville University
6 Gabrielle Weyrich McKendree University
7 Erika Mihalca Jr. Missouri Baptist
8 Samantha Higa Missouri Valley
Alternate 1 Rachel Coleck Fr. Waldorf College
Alternate 2 Kristin Yamasaki University of the Cumberlands

1 Kayla Miracle So. Campbellsville University
2 Hanna Jewell Fr. King University
3 Monica Ramirez Sr. Lindenwood University
4 Jessi Kee So. King University
5 Francesca Giogio So. Simon Fraser University
6 Rachel Young Sr, Oklahoma City University
7. Jasmine Bailey So. Mckendree University
8 Cassy Herkelman So. Mckendree Univeristy
Alternate 1: Sara Bollinger Sr. Missouri Baptist University
Alternate 2: Alyssa Batiste So. Lyon College

1 Mallory Velte So. Simon Fraser University
2 Olivia Seppinni So. Mckendree University
3 Alexis Porter So. Mckendree Univeristy
4 Hanna Gladden So. Campbellsville University
5. Rachael Butler Fr. Oklahoma City University
6. Marina Briceno Fr. Wayland Baptist University
7 Maggie Douma So. Oklahoma City University
8. Keira Gabaldon Warner Pacific
Alternate 1. Carly Jaramillo So. Southwest Oregon Community College
Alternate 2 Bailey Martinez Jr. Pacific University

1 Jessika Rottier Fr. The University of the Cumberlands
2 Forrest Molinari Jr. King University
3. Niauni Hill So. Lindenwood -Belleville University
4. Michelle Organ Jr. Campbellsville University
5 Mary Westman Jr. University of Jamestown
6 Iman Kazem Fr. Menlo College
7 Anna Naylor So. University of Jamestown
8 Alyssa Hernandez Fr. Oklahoma City University
Alternate 1. Liza Gonzalez Jr. Lindenwood University
Alternate 2. Yvonne Galindo Jr. Oklahoma City University

1 Victoria Francis Sr. Lindenwood University
2 Hanna Hall Jr. Campbellsville University
3 Nahiela Magee So. Wayland Baptist University
4 Brittany Marshall Fr. Wayland Baptist University
5 Nadine Fiege Fr. Life University
6 Clarc Walker So. The University of the Cumberlands
7 Courtney Tomkins So. The University of the Cumberlands
8 Kendall Reusing Fr Simon Fraser University
Alternate 1: Janelle Fuamoto So. Southwest Oregon CC
Alternate 2: Solove Naufa Fr. Menlo College

1 Tiara Scott Jr. Campbellsville University
2 Payten Smith So. Simon Fraser
3 Jackie Williams So. King University
4 Kierra Boyce Jr. Wayland Baptist University
5 Paige Baynes Fr. Lindenwood University
6 Rene Samano Sr. University of Jamestown
7 Gabriela Guzman Jr. Lindenwood University
8 Monica Mason Fr. Oklahoma City University
Alternate 1 Monica Gonzales So. Menlo College
Alternate 2 Jacklyn Fields Fr. Life University