Leathers named Outstanding Wrestler at Body Bar FILA Junior Nationals in Texas

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | May 18, 2014, 8:56 p.m. (ET)
Body Bar FILA Junior Naitonals Outstanding Wrestler Becka Leathers of Oklahoma receives the Outstanding Wrestler Award from five-time World Champion Seiko Nagashima.

IRVING, Texas – High school star Becka Leathers of Oklahoma won a loaded 55 kg/121 lbs. division and was named Outstanding Wrestler at the Body Bar FILA Junior Nationals on Sunday.

Leathers, a 2013 Cadet World Team member, defeated past Junior World Team member and Cadet World champion Haley Augello, who competes for the New York AC and King College in two straight matches in the championship series. Leathers won the first bout 10-1 and the second bout 6-2.

Leathers was seventh at the 2013 FILA Cadet World Championships, which was her first international event.

Champions in the eightWorld Championships weights earn a spot on the U.S. FILA Junior World Team, which will compete in the FILA Junior World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia, August 5-10.

All nine of the championship best-of three series were finished in two straight matches.

Qualifying for the U.S. Junior World Team for the second straight year was Cody Pfau of the Gator Women’s RTC, the champion at 48 kg/105.75 lbs. Pfau, who was fifth at the FILA Junior World Championships last year, won in the finals in two straight bouts over Amy Hou of the USOTC. In bout one, Pfau won a wild 11-10 decision, but came back in bout two to score a pin in 1:17. Pfau attends Oklahoma City University.

It was a rematch of last year’s Junior Nationals finals, also won by Pfau.

Qualifying for her second U.S. age-group World Team of the year was Amy Fearnside of the Titan Mercury WC, the college star from Jamestown University at 51 kg / 112.25 lbs. Fearnside scored a pair of technical falls in the finals, stopping New Jersey’s Sierra Blasone in the finals 10-0 and 12-2. Fearnside also earned a spot on the 2014 U.S. University World Team with a victory at the University Nationals earlier this spring.

In addition to Leathers, there were two other members of the 2013 FILA Cadet World Team members who made this year’s FILA Junior World Team, Marina Doi of California at 44 kg / 97 lbs. and Alexis Porter of New York at 63 kg / 138.75 lbs.

Doi defeated her twin sister Regina Doi of California in the championship finals in two straight bouts, 7-0 in bout one and by injury default in bout two. Marina Doi was third at the 2013 Cadet World Championships and was a 2012 Cadet World champion.

Porter defeated Olivia Seppinni of California in the championship series, 5-2 and 11-4. Porter, who competes for the New York AC, was a 2012 and 2013 Junior Nationals champion, while Seppinni placed fourth at the 2014 U.S. Senior Open.

Perhaps the most dominant performance of the day came from 2012 Cadet World silver medalist Kayla Miracle of the Sunkist Kids, a high school star from Indiana, who defeated Gabrielle Weyhrich of Nebraska in the championship series, with a pin in 3:56 and an 11-0 technical fall.

Two other college stars earned World Team spots with finals series victories, Kayla Aggio of California at 67 kg/147.5 lbs. and Victoria Francis of Illinois at 72 kg/158.75 lbs. Both were dominant in their championship series wins.

Aggio, who attends Oklahoma City University, scored a two-match victory over New Jersey high school star Skylar Grote, with a pin in 2:00 and an 11-0 technical fall.

Francis, a star at Lindenwood University, beat Texan Heiley Garcia with a 10-0 technical fall and a pin in 39 seconds.

There is one weight class in the tournament which is not contested at the World Championships, 79.5 kg / 175 lbs., which was captured by Ashley Miles of Texas, who competes for McKendree University, who defeated Mikayla Matthews, a wrestler from Lindenwood University in the finals. Miles won convincingly, with a fall in 1:26 and a 14-4 technical fall.

At Irving, Texas, May 18

FILA Junior results

44 kg / 97 lbs.
1st Place - Marina Doi of California
2nd Place - Regina Doi of California
3rd Place - Maia Phanthadara of Hawaii
4th Place - Cassidy Ferrell of Pennsylvania
5th Place - Kim Cardenas of new york
6th Place - Dominique Lopez of Texas
7th Place - Ruby Ariosa of Texas
Championship Series Bout One - Marina Doi (California) over Regina Doi (California) Dec 7-0
Championship Series Bout Two - Marina Doi (California) over Regina Doi (California) inj. dft
3rd - Maia Phanthadara (Hawaii) over Cassidy Ferrell (Pennsylvania) Dec 14-11
5th - Kim Cardenas (New York) over Dominique Lopez (Texas) TF 14-4
7th - Ruby Ariosa (Texas)

48 kg / 105.75 lbs.
1st Place - Cody Pfau of Colorado
2nd Place - Amy Hou of Colorado
3rd Place - Sarah Allen of Ohio
4th Place - Daisy Santos of Tennessee
5th Place - Tayler Resuriz of Texas
6th Place - Annabeth Cerdas of Wisconsin
7th Place - Rose Heurtelou of Massachusetts
8th Place - Mallory Dagg of Florida
Championship Series Bout One - Cody Pfau (Colorado) over Amy Hou (Colorado) Dec 11-10
Championship Series Bout Two - Cody Pfau (Colorado) over Amy Hou (Colorado) Fall 1:17
3rd Place Match - Sarah Allen (Ohio) over Daisy Santos (Tennessee) Fall 2:05
5th Place Match - Tayler Resuriz (Texas) over Annabeth Cerdas (Wisconsin) TF 16-5
7th Place Match - Rose Heurtelou (Massachusetts) over Mallory Dagg (Florida) Dec 9-3

51 kg / 112.25 lbs.
1st Place - Amy Fearnside of North Dakota
2nd Place - Sierra Blasone of New Jersey
3rd Place - Darlene Julian of California
4th Place - Julie Mata of Texas
5th Place - Isabella Silva of Washington
6th Place - Emily Pinson of Georgia
7th Place - Haley Moreno of Texas
8th Place - Alesha Zappitella of Ohio
Championship Series Bout One- Amy Fearnside (North Dakota) over Sierra Blasone (New Jersey) TF 10-0
Championship Series Bout Two - Amy Fearnside (North Dakota) over Sierra Blasone (New Jersey) TF 12-2
3rd Place Match - Darlene Julian (California) over Julie Mata (Texas) TF 11-0
5th Place Match- Isabella Silva (Washington) over Emily Pinson (Georgia) ID
7th Place Match - Haley Moreno (Texas) over Alesha Zappitella (Ohio) Dec 11-8

55 kg / 121.25 lbs.
1st Place - Becka Leathers of Oklahoma
2nd Place - Haley Augello of Tennessee
3rd Place - Meagan Black of Tennessee
4th Place - Hanna Grisewood of Tennessee
5th Place - Cady Chessin of California
6th Place - Maddy Tung of California
7th Place - Grace Paxton of Indiana
8th Place - Montana Drum of Missouri
Championship Series Bout One - Becka Leathers (Oklahoma) over Haley Augello (Tennessee) Dec 10-1
Championship Series Bout Two - Becka Leathers (Oklahoma) over Haley Augello (Tennessee) Dec 6-2
3rd - Meagan Black (Tennessee) over Hanna Grisewood (Tennessee) Dec 4-2
5th - Cady Chessin (California) over Maddy Tung (California) Fall 1:02
7th - Grace Paxton (Indiana) over Montana Drum (Missouri) Fall 2:35

59 kg / 130 lbs,
1st Place - Kayla-Colleen Miracle of Kentucky
2nd Place - Gabrielle Weyhrich of Nebraska
3rd Place - Tanalei Louis of Hawaii
4th Place - Francesca Giorgio of Pennsylvania
5th Place - Rachel Hale of Vermont
6th Place - Dajan Treder of Alaska
7th Place - Shelby Hall of Ohio
8th Place - Areana Villaescusa of Arizona
Championship Series Bout One - Kayla Miracle (Kentucky) over Gabrielle Weyhrich (Nebraska) Fall 3:56
Championship Series Bout Two - Kayla Miracle (Kentucky) over Gabrielle Weyhrich (Nebraska) TF 11-0
3rd Place Match- Tanalei Louis (Hawaii) over Francesca Giorgio (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-0
5th Place Match - Rachel Hale (Vermont) over Dajan Treder (Alaska) Dec 10-7
7th Place Match- Shelby Hall (Ohio) over Areana Villaescusa (Arizona) Dec 10-9

63 kg / 138.75 lbs.
1st Place - Alexis Porter of New York
2nd Place - Olivia Seppinni of California
3rd Place - Cheyenne Youngblood of Missouri
4th Place - Jessica Kee of North Carolina
5th Place - Monica Ramirez of Missouri
6th Place - Angelica Hernandez of Texas
7th Place - Natalia Hinojo of Texas
8th Place - Lindsay Villarmia of Hawaii
Championship Series Bout One - Alexis Porter (new york) over Olivia Seppinni (California) Dec 5-2
Championship Series Bout Two - Alexis Porter (new york) over Olivia Seppinni (California) Dec. 11-4
3rd Place Match- Cheyenne Youngblood (Missouri) over Jessica Kee (North Carolina) Dec 4-4
5th Place Match - Monica Ramirez (Missouri) over Angelica Hernandez (Texas) Fall 3:00
7th Place Match - Natalia Hinojo (Texas) over Lindsay Villarmia (Hawaii) Fall 2:52

67 kg / 147.5 lbs
1st Place - Kayla Aggio of California
2nd Place - Skylar Grote of New Jersey
3rd Place - Forrest Molinari of California
4th Place - Michelle Organ of Kentucky
5th Place - Shamera Mctier of Florida
6th Place - Hannah Gladden of Alabama
7th Place - Yvonne Galindo of Texas
8th Place - Katerina Lobsinger of California
Championship Series Bout One – Kayla Aggio (California) over Skylar Grote (New Jersey) Fall 2:00
Championship Series Bout Two - Kayla Aggio (California) over Skylar Grote (New Jersey) TF 11-0
3rd Place Match - Forrest Molinari (California) over Michelle Organ (Kentucky) Fall 2:15
5th Place Match - Shamera Mctier (Florida) over Hannah Gladden (Alabama) TF 12-1
7th Place Match - Yvonne Galindo (Texas) over Katerina Lobsinger (California) ID

72 kg / 158.5 lbs.
1st Place - Victoria Francis of Illinois
2nd Place - Heiley Garcia of Texas
3rd Place - Mary Westman of new york
4th Place - Renee Samano of North Dakota
5th Place - Eva Reyna of Tennessee
6th Place - Aviance Waters of Texas
7th Place - Audrey Bucher of Wisconsin
8th Place - Anastasia Lobsinger of California
Championship Series Bout One - Victoria Francis (Illinois) over Heiley Garcia (Texas) TF 10-0
Championship Series Bout Two - Victoria Francis (Illinois) over Heiley Garcia (Texas) Fall 0:39
3rd Place Match - Mary Westman (new york) over Renee Samano (North Dakota) Dec 8-1
5th Place Match - Eva Reyna (Tennessee) over Aviance Waters (Texas) Dec 7-4
7th Place Match - Audrey Bucher (Wisconsin) over Anastasia Lobsinger (California) ID

79.5 kg / 175 lbs.
1st Place - Ashley Miles of Texas
2nd Place - Mikayla Mathews of Missouri
3rd Place - Gabriela Guzman of Missouri
4th Place - Olivia Toth of New Hampshire
5th Place - Destane Garrick of new york
6th Place - Jesse Grubbs of Texas
7th Place - Clarc Walker of Texas
8th Place - Kendall Reusing of California
Championship Series Bout One - Ashley Miles (Texas) over Mikayla Mathews (Missouri) Fall 1:26
Championship Series Bout Two - Ashley Miles (Texas) over Mikayla Mathews (Missouri) TF14-4
3rd Place Match - Gabriela Guzman (Missouri) over Olivia Toth (New Hampshire) Fall 2:51
5th Place Match - Destane Garrick (new york) over Jesse Grubbs (Texas) Fall 1:53
7th Place Match - Clarc Walker (Texas) over Kendall Reusing (California) ID

When the runner-up and the third place wrestler did not compete, a True Second match is held to determine the alternate for the Junior World Team and to set the National Team rankings.

55 kg / 121.25 lbs. – Megan Black (Tennessee) pin Haley Augello (Tennessee), 2:53
63 kg / 138.75 lbs. - Olivia Seppinni of California pin Cheyenne Youngblood of Missouri, 2:29
72 kg / 158.5 lbs. - Mary Westman of New York pin Heiley Garcia of Texas, 0:52
79.5 kg / 175 lbs - Mikayla Mathews of Missouri inj. dft. over Gabriela Guzman of Missouri