Jones, Garcia, Alo and Rosario repeat as Body Bar FILA Cadet National champions in Texas

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | May 17, 2014, 10:09 p.m. (ET)
Body Bar FILA Cadet Nationals Outstanding Wrestler Teshya Alo of Hawaii receives her award from Assistant National Women’s Coach Erin Tomeo.

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IRVING, Texas – Four talented athlete repeated as champions at the Body Bar FILA Cadet Nationals on Saturday, winning best-of-three championship series in the finals.

Repeating as champions were Sariyah Jones of California at 46 kg, Gabrielle Garcia of California at 52 kg, Teshya Alo of Hawaii at 52 kg and Taylor Rosario of Texas at 78 kg.

In one of the most anticipated finals, Alo, a 2013 Cadet World bronze medalist, had to go three matches to defeat Maya Nelson of Colorado. Both Alo and Nelson were 2013 Junior National champions at different weight classes.

Nelson won the first bout, 9-4, but Alo rebounded with a pin in 2:55 to take bout two. In the deciding third match, Alo scored late in the final period to escape with a hard-fought 6-2 win. Alo was named Outstanding Wrestler for her victory.

Jones, also a 2013 U.S. FILA Cadet World Team member, also needed three matches to take the gold. Jones won the first match on a 3-3 criteria, but fell in bout two by a pin in 45 seconds. In the deciding third match, Jones won the criteria in a 1-1 tie to take the series.

Garcia and Rosario swept their championship series in two bouts. Garcia stopped fellow Californian Angelica Llanes in two technical falls, 10-0 and 11-0. Rosaria scored a pair of pins over fellow Texan Avery Sims in 0:20 and 1:03.

Garcia will return to the Cadet World Championships for the second straight year. Rosario competes in a weight division which is not included in the Cadet World Championsships

Champions in the nine World Championships weights earn a spot on the U.S. FILA Cadet World Team, which will compete in the FILA Cadet World Championships in Snina, Slovakia, July 15-20.

Three other series went the full three matches, and in all three of them, the athlete who lost the first match rallied to win the final two matches and take the championship series.

At 60 kg, Koral Sugiyama of Idaho lost the first match to 2013 FILA Cadet runner-up Arian Carpio of Washington, 4-8. She rallied with two technical falls, scoring numerous turns from the mat, winning bout two, 10-0 and bout three 14-4.

The champion at 65 kg was Katerina Lobsinger of California, who fell in round one to Jessika Rottier of Wisconsin, 11-6. Lobsinger turned on the offense the rest of the series, taking a pin in round two in 3:03 then taking the deciding third match, 12-6. Both were third at last year’s FILA Cadet Nationals in different weight classes.

The 84 kg title went to Emily Huerta of Washington, who came from behind to beat Bryanna Perkins of Texas. Perkins scored a 7-1 win in their first bout. Huerta came back with a pin in 1:02 and a 9-2 victory in bout three.

Other individual champions were Haley Cox of Utah at 40 kg, Theresa Rankin of Michigan at 49 kg, Kendall Reusing of California at 70 kg and Haley Gladden of Alabama at 100 kg.

Competition was also held at the Schoolgirl, Kids Division II and Kids Division I age levels on Saturday. The Body Bar FILA Cadet Nationals will be held on Sunday.

At Irving, Texas, May 17, 2014

FILA Cadet results

40 kg / 88 lbs.
1st Place - Tory Marrufa of Texas

43 kg / 94.75 lbs
1st Place - Hailey Cox of Utah
2nd Place - Naomi Chavez of Texas
3rd Place - Brooke Thurber of Wisconsin
4th Place - Ronetta Green of New York
5th Place - Jayda Bordeaux of Texas
Championship Series Bout One – Hailey Cox (Utah) over Naomi Chavez (Texas), TF 10-0
Championship Series Bout Two – Hailey Cox (Utah) over Naomi Chavez (Texas), TF 10-0

46 kg / 101.25
1st Place - Sariyah Jones of California
2nd Place - Ronna Heaton of South Dakota
3rd Place - Hailey Horton of Georgia
4th Place - Diona Freitas of California
5th Place - Katherine Sumner of new york
6th Place - Camille Camarata of Texas
Championship Series Bout One – Sariyah Jones (California) over Ronna Heaton (South Dakota) Dec 3-3
Championship Series Bout Two – Ronna Heaton (South Dakota) over Sariyah Jones (California), pin 0:45
Championship Series Bout Three – Sariyah Jones (California) over Ronna Heaton (South Dakota), Dec 1-1
3rd - Hailey Horton (Georgia) over Diona Freitas (California) Fall 3:16
5th - Katherine Sumner (New York) over Camille Camarata (Texas) TF 10-0

49 kg / 108 lbs.
1st Place - Theresa Rankin of Michigan
2nd Place - Jennifer Juarez of New York
3rd Place - Aleeah Gould of California
4th Place - Mckenzie Bacich of California
5th Place - Annastassia Ramirez of California
6th Place - Makayla Groth of Florida
Championship Series Bout One - Theresa Rankin (Michigan) over Jennifer Juarez (New York) Fall 1:36
Championship Series Bout Two - Theresa Rankin (Michigan) over Jennifer Juarez (New York) Fall 0:57
3rd - Aleeah Gould (California) over Mckenzie Bacich (California) Dec 9-0
5th - Annastassia Ramirez (California) over Makayla Groth (Florida) TF 14-4

52 kg / 114.5 lbs.
1st Place - Gabrielle Garcia of California
2nd Place - Angelica Llanes of California
3rd Place - Teniya Alo of Hawaii
4th Place - Victoria Smith of California
5th Place - Ashlyn White of Florida
6th Place - Cierra Foster of Idaho
Championship Series Bout One - Gabrielle Garcia (California) over Angelica Llanes (California) TF 10-0
Championship Series Bout One - Gabrielle Garcia (California) over Angelica Llanes (California) TF 11-0
3rd - Teniya Alo (Hawaii) over Victoria Smith (California) Dec 12-7
5th - Ashlyn White (Florida) over Cierra Foster (Idaho) Dec 5-2

56 kg / 123.25 lbs.
1st Place - Teshya Alo of Hawaii
2nd - Place - Maya Nelson of Colorado
3rd Place - Andribeth Rivera of Puerto Rico
4th Place - Ricki Liang of California
5th Place - Brittany Bates of Louisiana
6th Place - Hailey Huerta of Washington
Championship Series Bout One - Maya Nelson (Colorado) over Teshya Alo (Hawaii) Dec 9-4
Championship Series Bout Two – Teshya Alo (Hawaii) over Maya Nelson (Colorado) Fall 2:55
Championship Series Bout Three - Teshya Alo (Hawaii) over Maya Nelson (Colorado) Dec 6-2
3rd - Andribeth Rivera (Puerto Rico) over Ricki Liang (California) Dec 6-3
5th - Brittany Bates (Louisiana) over Hailey Huerta (Washington) Fall 3:08

60 kg / 132.25 lbs.
1st Place – Koral Sugiyama of Idaho
2nd Place Arian Carpio of Washington
3rd Place - Hannah Jewell of Michigan
4th Place - Jenna Elmlinger of Wyoming
5th Place - Ashlynn Ortega of Colorado
6th Place - Samantha Ouye-gonzalez of new york
Championship Series Bout One - Arian Carpio (Washington) over Koral Sugiyama (Idaho) Dec 8-4
Championship Series Bout Two - Koral Sugiyama (Idaho) over Arian Carpio (Washington) TF 10-0
Championship Series Bout Three - Koral Sugiyama (Idaho) over Arian Carpio (Washington) over) TF 14-4
3rd - Hannah Jewell (Michigan) over Jenna Elmlinger (Wyoming) TF 10-0
5th - Ashlynn Ortega (Colorado) over Samantha Ouye-gonzalez (new york) Dec 13-4

65 kg / 143.25 lbs.
1st Place - Katerina Lobsinger of California
2nd Place - Jessika Rottier of Wisconsin
3rd Place - Skylar Grote of New Jersey
4th Place - Tiana Roy of Massachusetts
5th Place - Kayla Marano of Oklahoma
6th Place - Ilania Keju of Texas
Championship Series Bout One- Jessika Rottier (Wisconsin) over Katerina Lobsinger (California) Dec 11-6
Championship Series Bout Two- Katerina Lobsinger (California) over Jessika Rottier (Wisconsin) Fall 3:03
Championship Series Bout Three- Katerina Lobsinger (California) over Jessika Rottier (Wisconsin) Dec 12-6
3rd - Skylar Grote (New Jersey) over Tiana Roy (Massachusetts) TF 11-0
5th - Kayla Marano (Oklahoma) over Ilania Keju (Texas) TF 14-2

70 kg / 154.25 lbs.
1st Place - Kendall Reusing of California
2nd Place - Kenya Spencer of Michigan
3rd Place - Alexis Bleau of new york
4th Place - Rachel Watters of Iowa
5th Place - Alana Quackenbush of Wisconsin
6th Place - Nicole Diaz of California
Championship Series Bout One - Kendall Reusing (California) over Kenya Spencer (Michigan) Fall 0:31
Championship Series Bout Two - Kendall Reusing (California) over Kenya Spencer (Michigan) TF 14-3
3rd - Alexis Bleau (New York) over Rachel Watters (Iowa) Dec 4-4
5th - Alana Quackenbush (Wisconsin) over Nicole Diaz (California) Dec 6-4

78 kg / 170 lbs.
1st Place - Taylor Rosario of Texas
2nd Place - Avery Sims of Texas
3rd Place - Olivia Toth of New Hampshire
4th Place - Jaclyn Fields of California
5th Place - Latiana Tauaese of Washington
6th Place - Shania Williams of Texas
Championship Series Bout One - Taylor Rosario (Texas) over Avery Sims (Texas) Fall 0:20
Championship Series Bout Two - Taylor Rosario (Texas) over Avery Sims (Texas) Fall 1:03
3rd - Olivia Toth (New Hampshire) over Jaclyn Fields (California) Dec 5-3
5th - Latiana Tauaese (Washington) over Shania Williams (Texas) Fall 0:58

84 kg / 185 lbs.
1st Place – Emily Huerta of Washington
2nd Place - Bryanna Perkins of Texas
3rd Place - Lishawntwanette Bennett of Texas
Championship Series Bout One - Bryanna Perkins (Texas) over Emily Huerta (Washington) Dec 7-1
Championship Series Bout Two - Emily Huerta (Washington) over Bryanna Perkins (Texas) Fall 1:02
Championship Series Bout Three - Emily Huerta (Washington) over Bryanna Perkins (Texas) Dec 9-2
Other Round Robin Matches
Emily Huerta (Washington) over Lishawntwanette Bennett (Texas) Fall 1:58
Bryanna Perkins (Texas) over Lishawntwanette Bennett (Texas) Fall 0:13

100 kg / 220 lbs.
1st Place - Haley Gladden of Alabama
2nd Place - Callie Clark of Texas
3rd Place - Mackenzie Turner of Indiana
4th Place - Isabella Baudhuin of Texas
Championship Series Bout One – Haley Gladden (Alabama) over Callie Clark (Texas), Dec 10-4
Championship Series Bout Two – Haley Gladden (Alabama) over Callie Clark (Texas), pin 1:38

When the runner-up and the third place wrestler did not compete, a True Second match is held to determine the alternate for the Cadet World Team and to set the National Team rankings.

46 kg / 101.25 - Ronna Heaton of South Dakota over Hailey Horton of Georgia, Pin 0:20
49 kg / 108 lbs. - Jennifer Juarez of New York over Aleeah Gould of California, 7-6
52 kg / 114.5 lbs. Angelica Llanes of California over Teniya Alo of Hawaii, 8-7
56 kg/123.25 lbs. Maya Nelson of Colorado by forfeit over Andribeth Rivera of Puerto Rico

Schoolgirls –

1st Place - Tilynne Vasquez of Montana
2nd Place - Nichole Moore of Kansas

1st Place - Kierstien Bush of Utah
2nd Place - Kylie Pierce of California

1st Place Match - Macey Kilty (Wisconsin) over Angel Rios (Colorado) Dec 7-5
3rd Place Match - Alice Todryk (Wisconsin) over Trinity Oredina (California) Fall 3:09
5th Place Match - Payton Jenks-Recker (Wisconsin) over Kaden Campbell (Colorado) ID

1st Place - Xochitl Mota-pettis of Texas

1st Place - Alexandra Baudhuin of Texas
2nd Place - Lilliana Story of Texas

1st Place - Kinley Link of Alberta
2nd Place - Alyssa Mendoza of Texas

1st Place - Kylee Heaton of South Dakota
2nd Place - Daisha ann Kahoalii-kalilikane of Hawaii
3rd Place - Kaitlyn Dishman of North Carolina
4th Place - Nevaeh Evered of Montana

1st Place - Alexandria Liles of Texas
2nd Place - Adelyhda Perez of Texas
3rd Place - Emily Cue of Colorado
Round Robin Matches
Adelyhda Perez (Texas) over Emily Cue (Colorado) Dec 3-2
Alexandria Liles (Texas) over Adelyhda Perez (Texas) TF 10-0
Alexandria Liles (Texas) over Emily Cue (Colorado) Dec 8-0

1st Place - Morgan Taylor of Kansas
2nd Place - Angel Castello of Texas

Girls Div II
1st Place - Samara Chavez of Texas
2nd Place - Sterling Dias of Nevada

1st Place - Isabella Mcguire of Arkansas
2nd Place - Erin Geary of South Dakota

1st Place - Dianna Holmes of Georgia
2nd Place - Megan Filippo of Texas

1st Place - Anayka Delano of Kansas
2nd Place - Hallie Fernandez of California

1st Place - Ashondra Valencia of Oklahoma
2nd Place - Olivia Roberts of California

1st Place - Devin Patton of Texas
2nd Place - Alenaalena Pike of Oklahoma

1st Place - Madison Montoya of Montana

118 Results
1st Place - Katja Osteen of California

Girls Div I

1st Place - Avery Beckman of Texas
2nd Place - Harley Stringer of Texas