USA wins four titles in women’s freestyle at Pan American Cadet Championships in Brazil

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | May 03, 2014, 10:47 p.m. (ET)
RECIFE, Brazil – Led by four individual champions, the United States placed third as a team in women’s freestyle at the Pan American Cadet Championships on Saturday.

The four individual champions for Team USA were Hailey Cox of Mapleton, Utah at 43 kg, Jennifer Juarez of Queens, N.Y. at 49 kg, Maya Nelson of Denver, Colo. at 56 kg and Jessika Rottier of Little Suamico, Wis. at 65 kg

All four of the American champions won four-athlete roundrobins with perfect 3-0 records.

Only the United States and champion Venezuela had four individual women’s freestyle champions in the tournament.

Team USA also had a pair of bronze medalists, Gabrielle Garcia of Merced, Calif. at 52 kg and Arian Carpio of Federal Way, Wash. at 60 kg. Garcia finished with an impressive 3-1 record, while Carpio went 1-1 on the day.

Four weight classes in this competition were qualifiers for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), which will be held in Nanjing, China August 25-27. The weight classes which are YOG qualifiers are 46 kg, 52 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg. Only champions initially qualify their nation for the Youth Olympic Games. No nation may bring more than one athlete in each style to Nanjing.

The United States did not have a champion or a runner-up in the four Youth Olympic Games weight classes and did not qualify a weight class for the competition. It is not likely that the USA will end up with an athlete at the Youth Olympic Games in women’s freestyle.

In the team standings, Venezuela won the championship trophy with 84 points, Canada took the second place trophy with 74 points and the USA won the third place trophy with 64 points.

The men’s freestyle competition will be held on Sunday. The same athletes who competed in Greco-Roman for the USA at this event on Friday will also wrestle in freestyle. The wrestlers have weighed in and received their draws.

At Recife, Brazil, May 3

Women’s freestyle medalists

38 kg

Gold – Egilana Pena (Venezuela)

40 kg
Gold – Gilmary Marquez (Venezuela)
Silver – Karah Bulaqui (Canada)
Bronze – Luana Santos (Brazil)

43 kg
Gold – Hailey Cox (USA)
Silver – Diane Farias (Brazil)
Bronze – Dailyn Velasquez (Venezeula)

46 kg **
Gold – Adrianny Castillo Castillo (Venezuela)
Silver – Obed Perez Solis (Mexico)
Bronze – Katherine Gonzalez (Puerto Rico)
Bronze – Jade Marie Dufour (Canada)

49 kg
Gold – Jennifer Juarez (USA)
Silver – Hannah Little (Canada)
Bronze – Eliana Toledo (Venezuela)

52 kg **
Gold – Elianny Primera Estilda (Venezuela)
Silver – Tianna Kennett (Canada)
Bronze – Thalia Lopes da Silva (Brazil)
Bronze – Gabrielle Garcia (USA)

56 kg
Gold – Maya Nelson (USA)
Silver – Taylor Cartwright (Canada)
Bronze – Florangel Bravo (Venezuela)

60 kg **
Gold – Sandy Parra Parra (Colombia)
Silver – Fatima Crisanto Ayil (Mexico)
Bronze – Arian Carpio (USA)
Bronze – Michiela McNeil (Canada)

65 kg
Gold – Jessika Rottier (USA)
Silver – Keagin Collie (Canada)
Bronze – Vanessa Herrera (Venezuela)

70 kg **
Gold – Leonela Ayovi Parraga (Ecuador)
Silver – Angie Orta (Venezuela)
Bronze – Cyntia Duenas Nava (Mexico)
Bronze – Katherin Gongora Zambrano (Colombia)

U.S. Women’s Freestyle results

43 kg: Hailey Cox (Mapleton, Utah.), 1st
WIN Diane Farias (Brazil), 12-2
WIN Dailyn Velasquez (Venezeula), 8-6
WIN Tiana Dykstra (Canada), 6-0

46 kg: Sariyah Jones (Modesto, Calif), 9th
LOSS Jade Marie Dufour (Canada), pin

49 kg: Jennifer Juarez (Queens, N.Y.), 1st
WIN Thuilla Peixota (Brazil), 9-2
WIN Eliana Toledo (Venezuela), 10-0
WIN Hannah Little (Canada), 10-0

52 kg: Gabrielle Garcia (Merced, Calif.), 3rd
WIN Alexandra Toledo Montano (Ecuador), 10-0
LOSS Tianna Kennett (Canada), pin
WIN Luisa Gamarro (Guatemala) 10-0
WIN Evelin Sosa (Argentina), 10-0

56 kg: Maya Nelson (Denver, Colo.), 1st
WIN Beatriz Andrade (Brazil), 12-0
WIN Florangel Bravo (Venezuela), 10-0
WIN Taylor Cartwright (Canada), 5-0

60 kg: Arian Carpio (Federal Way, Wash.), 3rd
LOSS Fatima Crisanto Ayil (Mexico), pin
WIN Beatriz Maldonado (Bolivia), 10-0

65 kg: Jessika Rottier (Little Suamico, Wis.), 1st
WIN Vanessa Herrera (Venezeula), 20-6
WIN Keagin Collie (Canada), 8-8
WIN Thais Oliveira (Brazil), 7-4

70 kg: Alana Quackenbush (Lake Mills, Wis.), 5th
LOSS Angie Orta (Venezuela), 0-6
LOSS Cyntia Nava Duenas (Mexico), pin

Team Standings
1. Venezuela, 84 pts
2. Canada, 74
3. USA, 64
4. Brazil, 57
5. Mexico, 30
6. Ecuador, 26
7. Colombia, 24
8. Puerto Rico, 8
9. Bolivia, 8
10. Panama, 8
11. Peru, 7
12. Argentina, 6
13. Dominican Republic, 5
14. El Salvador, 1
15. Guatemala, 0

Men’s freestyle first-round draws

42 kg: Cody Phippen (Basehor, Kan.)
Vs. Christian Carvajal (Venezuela)

46 kg: Cade Olivas (Fontana, Calif)
Vs. David Oliveira (Brazil)

50 kg: Kaden Gfeller (Jones, Okla.)
Vs. the winner of Crishan Keifer (Ecuador) and Alexander Fernandez Pena (Dominican Republic)

54 kg: Daton Fix (Sand Springs, Okla)
Vs. Daniel Andi Andi (Ecuador)

58 kg: Nick Lee (Evansville, Ind.)
Vs. Jese Rivera (El Salvador)

63 kg: Taylor LaMont (Mapleton, Utah.)
Vs. Agustin Destribats (Argentina)

69 kg: Mason Manville (Blairstown, N.J)
Vs. Walter Junior (Brazil)

76 kg: Spencer Heywood (Heber City, Utah.)
Vs. Antonio Loredo (Mexico)
85 kg: Tyler Johnson (Oswego, Ill)
Vs. Ameen Aghamirian (Caanda)

100 kg: Michael Smith Jr. (Mt. Airy,M.D.)
Vs. Jimsher Singh Sidhu (Canada)