Page named Outstanding Wrestler at University Women’s Nationals in Oklahoma City

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | March 30, 2014, 1:09 a.m. (ET)
Photos of Women’s University Nationals champion and Outstanding Wrestler Jennifer Page courtesy of Geri Bruggink

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Jennifer Page of the Titan Mercury WC won the Women’s University Nationals for the second straight year, and was named its Outstanding Wrestler on Saturday at Oklahoma City University.

Page, a 2013 Junior World bronze medalist, battled Junior World teammate Jenna Burkert of the New York AC, 14-7 at 60 kg/132 lbs. After a close first period, Page opened up her offense in the second for the win. Both athletes train fulltime at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The champions of each weight class qualify to compete for the United States at the 2014 World University Championships in Pecs, Hungary, July 6-12. Page was the only member of the 2013 University World Team to repeat as champion.

Making her second University World Team was Julia Salata of King University, who scored a 10-0 technical fall over Victoria Francis of Titan Mercury WC in the finals, 10-0. Salata was a member of the 2012 University World Team.

Qualifying for her first University World Team was three-time Junior World medalist Erin Golston of NYAC who defeated her 2013 Junior World teammate Cody Pfau of OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC, 12-9 at 48 kg /105.5 lbs.

King University featured three champions. Joining Salata on champions row from King were Samantha Klingel at 55 kg/121 lbs. and Amanda Hendey at 63 kg/138.75 lbs.

Other individual champions were Amy Fearnside of Titan Mercury WC at 53 kg/116 lbs., Jacarra Winchester of Mission Valley WC at 58 kg/128 lbs. and Erin Clodgo of the Sunkist Kids at 69 kg/152 lbs.

Fearnside competed for Jamestown Univ. and Winchester was with Missouri Valley College. Clodgo is a U.S. Olympic Training Center resident athlete.

At Oklahoma City, Okla., March 29

Final results

48 KG / 105.5 lbs.
1st - Erin Golston (NYAC) over Cody Pfau (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) Dec 12-9
3rd - Emily Webster (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) over Breonnah Neal (Campbellsville University) Fall 1:17
5th - Amy Hou (Titan Mercury WC) over Paulina Biega (Mission Valley WC) Dec 8-2

53 KG / 116.8 lbs Results
1st - Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury WC) over Shelby Morrison (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) Dec 5-3
3rd - Kalin Knight-alvarez (MBU Wrestling) over Michelle Lomas (Campbellsville University) Dec 14-12
5th - Haley Moreno (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) over Maddy Tung (Titan Mercury WC) Dec 12-8

55 KG / 121 lbs Results
1st - Samantha Klingel (King University) over Tamara Tillman (Titan Mercury WC) Dec 5-5
3rd - Hanna Grisewood (King University) over Bree Rapoza (MBU Wrestling) Fall 1:31
5th - Rachel Archer (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) over Hailee Lily (Bearcat WC) Fall 5:08

58 KG / 127.9 lbs Results
1st - Jacarra Winchester (Mission Valley WC) over Tarkyia Mensah (Wayland Baptist University) Fall 2:48
3rd - Katie Germain (King University) over Kennon Henderson (CSOTC) Dec 4-1
5th - Rosemary Flores (Campbellsville University) over Mayra Franco (Wayland Baptist University) Dec 7-5

60 KG / 132.3 lbs Results
1st - Jennifer Page (Titan Mercury WC) over Jenna Burkert (NYAC) Dec 14-7
3rd - Brieana Delgado (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) over Kayla Brendlinger (King University) Dec 10-2
5th - Beatrize Martinez (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) over Sonia Beri (Bearcat WC) Dec 5-2

63 KG / 138.9 lbs Results
1st - Amanda Hendey (King University) over Shai Mason (Titan Mercury WC) TF 13-3
3rd - Monica Ramirez (Lindenwood Women`s WC) over Cheyenne Youngblood (MBU Wrestling) Dec 6-5
5th - Hanna Hall (Campbellsville University) over Madison Haycraft (University of the Cumberlands) Fall 1:00

69 KG / 152.1 lbs Results
1st - Erin Clodgo (Sunkist Kids) over Tamyra Mensah (Titan Mercury/Wayland Baptist) TF 12-2
3rd - Brittany David (Lindenwood Women`s WC) over Kayla Aggio (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) Dec 14-10
5th - Forrest Molinari (MBU Wrestling) over Kaleigh Jennings (University of the Cumberlands) Fall 3:57

75 KG / 165.3 lbs
1st - Julia Salata (King University) over Victoria Francis (Titan Mercury WC) TF 10-0
3rd - Mary Westman (Jimmie WC) over Sherese Thomas (OKCU Gator Women/Men RTC) Dec 6-2
5th - Amy Spafford (Lindenwood Women`s WC) over Gabriela Guzman (Lindenwood Women`s WC) TF 10-0

Winner become alternates to World University Team. These matches are held when runner-up and third place finishers at University Nationals did not meet during the tournament.

53 kg - Shelby Morrison of OKCU Gator RTC pin Kalin Knight-Alvarez of MBU Wrestling, 0:31

60 kg - Jenna Burkert of Titan Mercury WC won by forfeit over Briena Delgado of OKCU Gator RTC

63 kg - Shai Mason of Titan Mercury WC tech. fall Monica Ramirez of Lindenwood Women`s WC

69 kg - Tamyra Mensah of Titan Mercury/Wayland Baptist dec. Brittany David of Lindenwood Women`s WC, 9-6