USA goes 1-2 at Women’s World Cup, to face Mongolia for fifth place

By USA Wrestling | March 15, 2014, 2:07 p.m. (ET)
Photos of USA wrestlers at Women’s World Cup courtesy of Ikuo Higuchi of the Japanese Wrestling Federation.

TOKYO, Japan – The United States went 1-2 in pool A competition, and has qualified for the fifth-place match at the Women’s World Cup, the world dual meet championships in women’s freestyle.

The USA lost to host Japan, 3-5, then stopped Hungary 7-1. In the final dual, Team USA fell to China, 5-3.

2012 World champion Adeline Gray was the top U.S. performer, going 3-0 in her matches at 75 kg, and defeating two World champions. She stopped five-time World champion Kyoko Hamaguchi of Japan, 5-0 in the opening dual, then defeated 2013 World champion Zhang Fengliu of China, 10-1.

Going 2-0 in her bouts was 2012 World silver medalist Helen Maroulis at 53 kg, who defeated opponents from Japan and China.

Scoring a big win at 60 kg was Jennifer Page, who beat 2013 World champion Marianna Sastin of Hungary, 6-1 at 58 kg. Page completed the first day with a 2-1 record. Also going 2-1 was 2012 World champion and three-time World medalist Elena Pirozhkova at 63 kg.

Against Japan, USA winners were Maroulis, Pirozhkova and Gray.

Joining Page, Pirozhkova and Gray as winners against Hungary were Victoria Anthony (48 kg), Whitney Conder (53 kg), Alli Ragan (58 kg) and Veronica Carlson (69 kg).

Winning against China were Maroulis, Page and Gray.

Japan will face Russia in the first-place bout. China will battle Canada for third. The USA will go against Mongolia for fifth. Ukraine and Hungary will wrestle for seventh place.

At Tokyo, Japan, March 15

Pool A results

Japan 5, USA 3

48kg Eri Tosaka (Japan) tech. Alyssa Lampe (USA), 13-2
53kg Helen Maroulis (USA) pin Nanami Irie (Japan)
55kg Chiho Hamada (Japan) dec. Kelsey Campbell (USA), 4-3
58kg Risako Kawai (Japan) tech fall Alli Ragan (USA), 10-0
60kg Katsuki Sakagami (Japan) tech fall Jennifer Page (USA), 10-0
63kg Elena Pirozhkova (USA) pin Rio Watari (Japan), 5:07
69kg Sara Dosho (Japan) tech. fall Veronica Carlson (USA), 11-0
75kg Adeline Gray (USA) dec. Kyoko Hamaguchi (Japan), 5-0

USA 7, Hungary 1
48kg Victoria Anthony (USA) dec. Mercedesz Denes (Hungary), 10-1
53kg Whitney Conder (USA) tech fall Zsanett Egyed (Hungary), 10-0
55kg Emese Barka (Hungary) pin Kelsey Campbell (USA), 5:09
58kg Alli Ragan (USA) dec. Ramona Galambos (Hungary), 8-3
60kg Jennifer Page (USA) dec. Marianna Sastin (Hungary), 6-1
63kg Elena Pirozhkova (USA) tech. fall Gabriella Sleisz (Hungary), 12-0
69kg Veronica Carlson (USA) won by forfeit
75kg Adeline Gray (USA) pin Zsanett Nemeth (Hungary), 2:27

China 5, USA 3
48kg Sun Yanan (China) tech. fall Alyssa Lampe (USA), 10-0
53kg Helen Maroulis (USA) dec. Zhong Xuechun (China), 11-5
55kg Guan Yajing (China) inj. dft. Kelsey Campbell (USA), 2:00
58kg Zhou Zhangtingi (China) tech. fall Alli Ragan (USA), 11-2
60kg Jennifer Page (USA) dec. Han Yingyan (China), 8-7  
63kg Xi Louzhouma (China) dec. Elena Pirozhkova (USA), 6-4
69kg Zhou Feng (China) dec. pin Veronica Carlson (USA), 1:35
75kg Adeline Gray (USA) dec. Zhang Fengliu (China), 10-1

Other Pool A bouts
Japan 7, Hungary 1
Japan 7, China 1
China 7, Hungary 1

Pool B matches
Mongolia 8, Ukraine 0
Russia 5, Canada 3
Canada 8, Ukraine 0
Russia 6, Mongolia 2
Canada 5, Mongolia 3
Russia 7, Ukraine 1

Finals pairings

1st - Japan vs. Russia
3rd - China vs. Canada
5th - USA vs. Mongolia
7th - Ukraine vs. Hungary