Powerful Illinois tops Ohio to win 4th straight Cadet National Duals Greco title

By Craig Sesker USA Wrestling | June 12, 2014, 4:38 p.m. (ET)

Marcus Povlick of Ilinois (in red) battles Brandon Lucas of Ohio Red in the Cadet National Duals Greco-Roman finals on Thursday in Daytona Beach, Fla. Jason Bryant photo.


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Illinois wrestler Allen Stallings provided the spark. 

And his talented teammates followed suit.

The chiseled and powerful 220-pound Stallings opened the dual with a quick technical fall to boost Team Illinois to a 43-31 win over Ohio Red in the Cadet National Duals Greco-Roman finals. 

Stallings was unbeaten and did not allow a point in the two-day Greco competition, which concluded on Thursday afternoon at the Ocean Center Exhibition Hall.

Illinois won its fourth straight Cadet National Duals Greco championship and fifth in the last six years. 

“I’m kind of used to it, but it feels great to win it two years in a row,” Stallings said. “I did a lot better this year. It’s great to be a part of this team. We’ve been wrestling together for a long time and we’re all friends. It’s great to win another title. I tried to go out and set the tempo for our team.”

Following his win, Stallings was approached by U.S. Assistant National Coach Momir Petkovic, an Olympic gold medalist. 

“It was great to have a chance to meet him and talk to him,” said Stallings, who wrestles for Illinois powerhouse Oak Park River Forest High School. “It was actually very exciting for me.”

Illinois wrestler Kamal Bey put on a show, hitting two spectacular five-point throws in winning by technical fall at 170. 

“This was awesome,” Illinois coach Bryan Medlin said. “The kids did a fantastic job. The last dual was the best they wrestled all day and that’s what you want.”

Pennsylvania Red downed Washington 41-34 in the third-place match. 

Oklahoma Blue defeated New Jersey 43-37 in the fifth-place match.

California topped Florida Red 50-30 in the seventh-place dual. 

The Cadet National Duals for freestyle will be held on Friday and Saturday in Daytona Beach. Illinois also is the defending champion in freestyle. Stallings said he will compete in freestyle as well.

Cadet wrestlers are born in 1998 and 1999.

Cadet National Duals Greco-Roman
June 12, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Fla.

First-place dual
Illinois 43, Ohio Red 31

220 Allen Stallings (Ilinois) over Wyatt Hillard (Ohio Red) TF 12-0
285 Kevin Vough (Ohio Red) over Brian Ditchman (Ilinois) TF 12-2
88 Trey Keeley (Ilinois) over Jordan Crace (Ohio Red) TF 10-0
94 Peter Ogunsanya (Ilinois) over Dylan D`Emilio (Ohio Red) TF 14-1
100 Marcus Povlick (Ilinois) over Brandon Lucas (Ohio Red) TF 10-0
106 Dack Punke (Ilinois) over Nick Henneman (Ohio Red) TF 11-0
113 Jason Renteria (Ilinois) over Carsen Speelman (Ohio Red) TF 12-1
120 Austin O`Connor (Ilinois) over Garrett Lambert (Ohio Red) TF 13-2
126 Corey Shie (Ohio Red) over Dylan Duncan (Ilinois) Dec 10-1
132 Jamie Hernandez (Ilinois) over Noah Mattin (Ohio Red) Dec 8-0
138 Dominic Demas (Ohio Red) over Logan Gruska (Ilinois) Dec 9-4
145 Georgio Poulas (Ohio Red) over Anthony Cheloni (Ilinois) Dec 9-7
152 Nick Vestal (Ohio Red) over Jonathon Doyle (Ilinois) TF 18-8
160 Jacob Warner (Ilinois) over Tyler Wiederholt (Ohio Red) TF 15-5
170 Kamal Bey (Ilinois) over James Handwerk (Ohio Red) TF 10-0
182 JT Brown (Ohio Red) over Jordan Shahrikian (Ilinois) Fall 1:13
195 Matt Stencil (Ohio Red) won by forfeit

Third-place dual
Pennsylvania Red 41, Washington 34

220 Dallas Goodpaster (Washington) over Cole Nye (Pennsylvania Red) TF 11-0
285 Hunter Mullins (Washington) over Andrew Gunning (Pennsylvania Red) Dec 1-0
88 Jaret Lane (Pennsylvania Red) over Brandon Kaylor (Washington) Dec 3-2
94 Ryan Green (Pennsylvania Red) over Jacob Howerton (Washington) Fall 3:38
100 Matt Parker (Pennsylvania Red) over TJ Baun (Washington) Fall 1:16
106 Jack Davis (Pennsylvania Red) over Clai Quintanilla (Washington) Dec 12-7
113 Chase Wickman (Washington) over Ellis Popiolkowski (Pennsylvania Red) TF 14-3
120 Dalton Young (Washington) over Colby Kenderdine (Pennsylvania Red) Fall 1:55
126 Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania Red) over Michael Soler (Washington) Fall 4:20
132 Andy Pham (Washington) over Chris Hisey (Pennsylvania Red) Fall 1:38
138 Eric Hong (Pennsylvania Red) over Logan Pine (Washington) Dec 13-7
145 Riley Seward (Washington) over Vincent Stabilito (Pennsylvania Red) Dec 1-0
152 Nick Vestal (Ohio Red) over Jonathon Doyle (Ilinois) TF 18-8
160 Drew Peck (Pennsylvania Red) over Trey Meyer (Washington) TF 12-0
170 Zane Black (Pennsylvania Red) over Mason McDaniel (Washington) Dec 16-13
182 Hakim Coles (Pennsylvania Red) over Bo Campbell (Washington) Fall 3:53
195 Holden Miller (Washington) over Dymir Davis-Carruth (Pennsylvania Red) Fall 4:10

Fifth-place dual
Oklahoma Blue 43, New Jersey 37

220 Delvin Jordan (Oklahoma Blue) won by forfeit
285 Nevin Henson (Oklahoma Blue) over Jamie Bailey (New Jersey) TF 17-5
88 Billy Simpson (Oklahoma Blue) over Michael Colaiocco (New Jersey) Fall 0:55
94 Rett Golowenski (Oklahoma Blue) over Michael Kelly (New Jersey) TF 11-1
100 PJ Gohn (New Jersey) over Wes Ahrberg (Oklahoma Blue) TF 12-2
106 Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma Blue) over Zach Sherman (New Jersey) Fall 2:18
113 Andrew Merola (New Jersey) over Jet Taylor (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 0:44
120 Daton Fix (Oklahoma Blue) over Garrett Beam (New Jersey) TF 12-0
126 Reggie Thompson (Oklahoma Blue) over Nick Farro (New Jersey) TF 11-0
132 Kris Lindemann (New Jersey) over Beau Bratcher (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 2:20
138 Jaryn Curry (Oklahoma Blue) over Aidan Monteverdi (New Jersey) Dec 13-5
145 Payton Scott (Oklahoma Blue) over TJ Calas (New Jersey) TF 15-5
152 Michael Ilic (New Jersey) over Zane Basma (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 2:00
160 Luke Drugac (New Jersey) over Bear Hughes (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 0:27
170 Dean Drugac (New Jersey) over Drew Hinkle (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
182 Brandon Dallavia (New Jersey) over Dan Baker (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
195 Kendall Anderson (Oklahoma Blue) over James Potts (New Jersey) TF 15-3

Seventh-place dual
California 50, Florida Red 30

220 Dustin Dukleth (California) over Kyle Mann (Florida Red) Fall 1:24
285 Gavin Nye (California) over Robert Valverde (Florida Red) Fall 0:22
88 Andrew Valverde (Florida Red) won by forfeit
94 Izaak Olejnik (California) won by forfeit
100 Chase Zollmann (California) over Blake Fuller (Florida Red) Fall 0:33
106 Kai Guingona (California) over Devin Kohn (Florida Red) Dec 6-6
113 Navonte Demison (California) over Tyler DiFiore (Florida Red) TF 16-6
120 Jose Figueroa (California) over Anthony Vizciano (Florida Red) Dec 14-13
126 Lysander Mahilum (California) over Bryce Marcus (Florida Red) TF 10-0
132 Clay Shropshire (California) over Todd Perry (Florida Red) TF 15-5
138 Anthony Artalona (Florida Red) over Andrew Alvarez (California) TF 14-3
145 Max Wohlabaugh (Florida Red) over James Quintana (California) Dec 9-1
152 Ricardo Gonzalez (California) over Leonardo Tarantino (Florida Red) TF 22-12
160 Sam Loera (California) won by forfeit
170 Laurence Kosoy (Florida Red) over Andrew Cervantez (California) Fall 1:42
182 Chei Hill (Florida Red) over Kobe Rosas (California) Dec 16-13
195 Caleb Calhoun (Florida Red) over Bonifacio Escobar (California) Fall 1:49