Reece Humphrey Instagram Takeover

By Richard Immel USA Wrestling | Feb. 25, 2014, 6:10 p.m. (ET)

Two-Time World Team Member Reece Humphrey took over the USA Wrestling Instagram account last Monday to give you a glimpse into his world. Take a look at a day in the life of Reece Humprey. If you enjoyed Reece's Instagram takeover give him a shout out at @ReeceHump60kg on both Instagram and Twitter. Be sure follow USA Wrestling on Instagram at @USAWrestling for a deeper look inside the USA Wrestling world.

"I'm taking over!! @reecehump60kg let's goooo! Every day is #HumpDay"

"Warming up for strength and conditioning with my coach Dustin Myers #GutCheck"

"Hit some squats with Olympian Tervel Dlagnev this morning... 
-@ReeceHump60kg #HumpDay"

"Also hit some push-ups with Coach Tom Ryan's (@Buckeye158) son @Juke_Ryan 
-@ReeceHump60kgTakeover #HumpDay"

"Morning workout done! 45 seconds at 3.5mph 15% incline with 53lb kettle bells, 
1:15 sprint (1/4 mile) at 12mph, lunges (~20-25) w/80lb med ball, max pull ups. 
3 rounds followed by strength circuit +ab work. Workout by @OldSchoolGymOH
For more workouts like this, check out!"

"Then I refuel with @MusclePharm supplements. Thanks to @MusclePharmPres for the hookup!
 -@ReeceHump60kg Takeover #HumpDay"

"Pic of the Humphrey Fam @MereHump48kg :) S/O to my sponsors @CMPWrestling 
and @FlipsWrestlingThese guys know how to take care of the wrestling family! #CMPClothing #FlipsFamily #HumpDayFam#BabyandWifeCauliflowerEar 

"Group of 3 on the @wrestlingbucks day off. With@_logiebear_ & @HunterStieber! #StieberFever -@ReeceHump60kg Takeover #HumpDay"

"Can anybody do any of these? Handstand push-ups (w/o using the wall)
 -@ReeceHump60kg Takeover"

"Humphrey Family Tree! 3 generations! 
-@ReeceHump60kg Takeover #HumpDay"

"That's it for me on the @reecehump60kg takeover! Thanks for all the likes and comments today! 
If you liked what you saw, hook me up with a follow on Insta, Twitter and Vine! 
Help me get to a billion followers! Ready...Go! Thanks everybody!"