Host Kazakhstan wins two titles, Japanese women take team gold at Asian Championships

April 26, 2014, 6:36 p.m. (ET)
Nursultan TURSUNOV (KAZ) lifts Rustam ASSAKALOV (UZB) on his way to an 8-0 technical fall in the Greco-Roman finals at 85kg (Photo: T.R. Foley,

Story by T.R. Foley,

ASTANA, Kazakhstan (April 26) – Kazakhstani fans had plenty to cheer about Saturday night in Astana as Greco-Roman star Nursultan TURSUNOV and women’s stalwart Guzel MANYUROVA each took home gold.

Tursunov needed just 41 seconds to secure an 8-pt technical fall over Rustam ASSAKALOV of Uzbekistan. The Kazakhstani wrestler executed a four-point throw followed by successive high gut wrenches – all to the wild satisfaction of the local crowd.

For her part, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist and head women’s wrestling coach Manyurova squeaked past an emergent Feng ZHOU (CHN) 7-6 at 75kg. Manyurova was losing on criteria in the waning moments of the match but unleashed aggressive pressure to force a passivity and the one-point edge at 5:59 in the match.

With Manyurova’s win, action wrapped on the women’s freestyle wrestling with Japan taking top team honors with 66 points, followed by China with 64 and Mongolia in bronze with 57 team points.

Saturday’s best action came at 59kg where 2013 world champion Chol YUN WON (PRK) lost an incredible back-and-forth lift-or-be-lifted match against Japan’s Shinobu OTA, 10-6. Ota would fall in the finals to Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) who found a pair of lifts and managed to defend Ota’s impressive offense en route to earning the 10-2 technical fall victory.

Korea’s Jihyun JUNG took the 71kg weight class, earning a four point throw off the opening whistle and eventually slipping past Kazkhstan’s Maxat EREZHEPOV by criteria, 6-6.

The Indian Greco-Roman side was also impressive on their first day of competition, taking bronze with Yadav K K 71kg and Kumar MANOJ (IND) 85kg. Women’s freestyle Jyoti JYOTI also took home a bronze in that style’s final day of action.

The final day of the Asian Wrestling Championships start Sunday at 10am local time.

Women's Freestyle - 75kg
GOLD: Guzel MANYUROVA (KAZ) v. Feng ZHOU (CHN), 7-6
BRONZE: Joyti JOYTI (IND) df. Gulmira ISMATOVA (UZB) by TF, 13-3

Greco-Roman - 59kg
GOLD: Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Shinobu OTA (JPN) by TF, 10-2
BRONZE: Chol YUN WON (PRK) df. Teng Kuei YANG (TPE) by FALL

Greco-Roman - 71kg
GOLD: Jihyun JUNG (KOR) df. Maxat EREZHEPOV (KAZ) by criteria, 6-6
BRONZE: Yadav K K (IND) df. Nekruz MIRKHOJAEV (TJK), by DQ

Greco-Roman - 85kg
GOLD: Nursultan TURSUNOV (KAZ) df. Rustam ASSAKALOV (UZB) by TF, 8-0
BRONZE: Kumar MANOJ (IND) df. Kyyas ESENOV (TKM), 3-1


Greco-Roman - 59kg

Semifinal: Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Kanybek ZHOLCHUBEKOV (KGZ) by FALL
Semifinal: Shinobu OTA (JPN) df. Chol YUN WON (PRK), 10-6
1/4 Finale: Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Gyujin CHOI (KOR) by DQ, 8-2
1/4 Finale: Kanybek ZHOLCHUBEKOV (KGZ) df. Hajipour MOHSEN (IRI) by TF, 8-0
1/4 Finale: Shinobu OTA (JPN) df. Teng Kuei YANG (TPE) by TF, 8-0
1/4 Finale: Chol YUN WON (PRK) df. Singh RAUINDER (IND) by TF, 8-0
Qualifications: Gyujin CHOI (KOR) df. Rustam HAMRAYEV (TKM), 10-2
Qualifications: Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Baglan ZHAKANSHA (KAZ) by TF, 8-0
Qualifications: Kanybek ZHOLCHUBEKOV (KGZ) df. Azizbeki SHARIZODA (TJK) by TF,12-2
Qualifications: Hajipour MOHSEN (IRI) df. Sailike WALIHAN (CHN), 10-3
Qualifications: Shinobu OTA (JPN) df. Alsade MOHMMED (IRQ) by TF, 8-0
Repechages: Baglan ZHAKANSHA (KAZ) df. Gyujin CHOI (KOR) by forefeit, 0-0
Repechages: Teng Kuei YANG (TPE) df. Alsade MOHMMED (IRQ) by forfeit 0-0

Greco-Roman - 71kg
Semifinal: Maxat EREZHEPOV (KAZ) df. Kairat TUGOLBAEV (KGZ) by TF, 8-0
Semifinal: Jihyun JUNG (KOR) df. Yadav K K (IND) by TF, 8-0
1/4 Finale: Kairat TUGOLBAEV (KGZ) df. Dilshod TURDIEV (UZB), 3-3
1/4 Finale: Maxat EREZHEPOV (KAZ) df. Ri Dong ZHANG (CHN) by TF, 8-0
1/4 Finale: Jihyun JUNG (KOR) df. Nekruz MIRKHOJAEV (TJK) by TF, 9-0
1/4 Finale: Yadav K K (IND) df. Aseen TAHA (IRQ) by DQ
Qualifications: Dilshod TURDIEV (UZB) df. Tsutomu FUJIMURA (JPN) by TF, 13-4
Qualifications: Kairat TUGOLBAEV (KGZ) df. Karimi MOHAMMAD (IRI) by TF, 8-0

Greco-Roman - 85kg

Semifinal: Rustam ASSAKALOV (UZB) df. Azat BEISHEBEKOV (KGZ) by TF, 8-0
Semifinal: Nursultan TURSUNOV (KAZ) df. Kumar MANOJ (IND) by TF, 8-0
1/4 Finale: Azat BEISHEBEKOV (KGZ) df. Liang KONG (CHN) by DQ
1/4 Finale: Rustam ASSAKALOV (UZB) df. Ming Hsuan LIN (TPE) by FALL
1/4 Finale: Kumar MANOJ (IND) df. Manuchekhr ALAEV (TJK) by FALL
1/4 Finale: Nursultan TURSUNOV (KAZ) df. Kyyas ESENOV (TKM) by DQ
Qualifications: Liang KONG (CHN) df. Tsukasa TSURUMAKI (JPN) by TF, 11-1
Qualifications: Azat BEISHEBEKOV (KGZ) df. Seyeol LEE (KOR), 2-1
Qualifications: Rustam ASSAKALOV (UZB) df. Karimfar MOJITABA (IRI) by DQ
Repechages: Karimfar MOJITABA (IRI) df. Ming Hsuan LIN (TPE) by ST, 9-0

Women's Freestyle - 75kg

Semifinal: Feng ZHOU (CHN) df. Hiroe SUZUKI (JPN), 9-4
Semifinal: Guzel MANYUROVA (KAZ) df. Joyti JOYTI (IND) by TF, 10-0
Qualifications: Feng ZHOU (CHN) df. Urtnasan GAN OCHIR (MGL) by FALL
Qualifications: Hiroe SUZUKI (JPN) df. Eunju HWANG (KOR) by TF, 10-0
Qualifications: Guzel MANYUROVA (KAZ) df. Gulmira ISMATOVA (UZB) by FALL