Iran wins six of eight freestyle golds to capture Asian Championships title

April 24, 2014, 3:56 p.m. (ET)
Masoud ESMAILPOUR (IRI) looks for a takedown Thursday night against India's BAJRANG at 61kg. The 2013 world bronze medalist won his second Asian Championships as his teammates and coaches picked up the team title, winning six of eight freestyle weights. (Photo: T.R. Foley,

Story by T.R. Foley,

ASTANA, Kazakhstan (April 24) – The Iranian men’s freestyle team completed their domination of the 2014 Asian Wrestling Championships on Thursday, winning three more weight classes to capture the team title over second-place Mongolia, 70-63.

The Iranian side was lead by veteran competitor and 2013 world bronze medalist Masoud ESMAEILPOUR at 61kg who took the finals by technical fall 11-0 over an outmatched BAJRANG of India. At 70kg it was Hosinkhary MOSTAFA (IRI) who won his first Asian Championship, earning a injury default against Somirsho VOKHIDOV (TJK) who was injured in his semifinal win over Kumar DHAKAR AMIT (IND).

Paemami REZA EFZALY closed out the Iranians championship run with a hard fought 7-1 win over Mongolia’s Parevjav UNURBAT.

The Mongolian team finished in second place with 63 points, crowning their first champion of the tournament with 97kg star Dorjikhand KHUDERBULGA. The Mongolian upper weight used an early four-point throw to make it past Kyrgyzstan’s Magomed MUSAEV and held on late as Musaev looked for a series of gut wrenches on the edge.

Kazakhstan brought home its second gold of the championships on Thursday when Tatyana AMANZHOL made it past Mongolia’s Narangerel ERDENESUKH, 4-1 at 48kg in women’s freestyle. Though the match was low scoring it was complete with bloody noses, chippy out-of-bounds maneuvering and high-level exchanges. The local fans doused Amanzhol with affection after her win.

Friday’s action will start at 10am local time and focus entirely on the women who will wrestle their remaining six weight classes.

Medal Placements
Men's Freestyle - 61kg

GOLD: Masoud ESMAEL POUR (IRI) df. Bajneesh BAJRANG (IND), 11-0
BRONZE: Nazmomdakh LHAMGARMAA (MGL) df. Seungchul LEE (KOR) by Inj. Def.

Men's Freestyle - 70kg
GOLD: Hosinkhary MOSTAFA (IRI) df. Somirsho VOKHIDOV (TJK) by Inj Def. in 0:00.
BRONZE: Ibrokhim NURIDDINOV (UZB) df. Haiwei LING (CHN), 10-4

Men's Freestyle - 74kg
GOLD: Paemami REZA EFZALY (IRI) df. Parevjav UNURBAT (MGL), 7-1
BRONZE: Inkoentiev INOKENTIEV (KGZ) df. Ibrokhim NURIDDINOV (UZB), 10-1

Men's Freestyle - 97kg
GOLD: Dorjikhand KHUDERBULGA (MGL) df. Magomed MUSAEV (KGZ), 7-5
BRONZE: Satiwart KADIAN (IND) df. Alihan DJUMAEV (KAZ) by criteria, 5-5
BRONZE: Rustam ISKANDARI (TJK) v. Salah Mejeed AHMED (IRQ), 14-4

Women's Freestyle - 48kg
GOLD: Tatyana AMANZHOL (KAZ) df. Narangerel ERDENESUKH (MGL), 4-1
BRONZE: Noriyuki TAKATSUKA (JPN) df. Yuan LI (CHN), 3-2
BRONZE: Yuimi LEE (KOR) df. Vinesh VINESH (IND), 9-6


Men's Freestyle - 61 KG

Semifinal: Bajneesh BAJRANG (IND) df. Nazmomdakh LHAMGARMAA (MGL), 7-1
Semifinal: Masoud ESMAEL POUR (IRI) df. Daulet NIAZBEKOV (KAZ), 14-10
1/4 Finale: Bajneesh BAJRANG (IND) df. Noriyuki TAKATSUKA (JPN), 7-4
1/4 Finale: Nazmomdakh LHAMGARMAA (MGL) df. Nikolay NOEV (TJK), 10-7
1/4 Finale: Daulet NIAZBEKOV (KAZ) df. Dilshod MANSOUROV (UZB), 7-3
1/4 Finale: Masoud ESMAEL POUR (IRI) df. Bazar BUZARGURUEV (KGZ), 7-4
Qualifications: Bajneesh BAJRANG (IND) df. Seungchul LEE (KOR), 7-4
Qualifications: Noriyuki TAKATSUKA (JPN) df. Ryonghak HWANG (PRK), 4-2
Qualifications: Nazmomdakh LHAMGARMAA (MGL) df. The Anh NGUYEN (VIE) by TF, 13-3
Qualifications: Nikolay NOEV (TJK) df. Cunjun MA (CHN), 12-10
Repechages: Seungchul LEE (KOR) df. Noriyuki TAKATSUKA (JPN) by criteria, 4-4

Men's Freestyle - 70 KG
Semifinal: Hosinkhary MOSTAFA (IRI) df. Ikhtiyor NAVRUZOV (UZB) by TF, 10-0
Semifinal: Somirsho VOKHIDOV (TJK) df. Kumar DHAKAR AMIT (IND), 5-3
1/4 Finale: Hosinkhary MOSTAFA (IRI) df. Du CAN THAT (VIE) by TF, 12-1
1/4 Finale: Ikhtiyor NAVRUZOV (UZB) df. Azamat OMIRZHANOV (KAZ), 10-5
1/4 Finale: Somirsho VOKHIDOV (TJK) df. Ken HOSAKA (JPN), 12-7
1/4 Finale: Kumar DHAKAR AMIT (IND) df. Man Ho OH (KOR), 7-0
Qualifications: Du CAN THAT (VIE) df. Oraberol SHABERDIYEV (TKM), 6-2
Qualifications: Hosinkhary MOSTAFA (IRI) df. Haiwei LING (CHN) by TF, 12-1
Qualifications: Ikhtiyor NAVRUZOV (UZB) df. Uulu Elman DOKSURBEK (KGZ) by inj. def., 7-6
Qualifications: Azamat OMIRZHANOV (KAZ) df. Buyanjav BATZORIG (MGL) by criteria, 5-5
Repechages: Haiwei LING (CHN) df. Du CAN THAT (VIE), 4-0

Men's Freestyle - 74 KG
Semifinal: Parevjav UNURBAT (MGL) df. Inkoentiev INOKENTIEV (KGZ), 3-2
Semifinal: Paemami REZA EFZALY (IRI) df. Yad ZHANG CHONG (CHN), 9-0
1/4 Finale: Inkoentiev INOKENTIEV (KGZ) df. Parveen RANA (IND), 10-9
1/4 Finale: Parevjav UNURBAT (MGL) df. Ibrokhim NURIDDINOV (UZB), 9-2
1/4 Finale: Paemami REZA EFZALY (IRI) df. Ryoichi YAMANKA (JPN) by TF, 10-0
1/4 Finale: Yad ZHANG CHONG (CHN) df. Yeh Chang KAO (TPE), 5-0
Qualifications: Parveen RANA (IND) df. Baba OVEZGELDYEV (TKM) by injury default, 11-2
Qualifications: Inkoentiev INOKENTIEV (KGZ) df. Sangkyu LEE (KOR), 2-1
Qualifications: Parevjav UNURBAT (MGL) df. Azamht SUFIEV (TJK), 9-6
Qualifications: Ibrokhim NURIDDINOV (UZB) df. Mohsin Kadhim AHMED (IRQ), 8-6
Qualifications: Ryoichi YAMANKA (JPN) df. Akzhurek TANATAROV (KAZ) by FALL
Repechages: Ibrokhim NURIDDINOV (UZB) df. Azamht SUFIEV (TJK) by PP, 8-3

Men's Freestyle - 97 KG
Semifinal: Magomed MUSAEV (KGZ) df. Alihan DJUMAEV (KAZ), 5-3
Semifinal: Dorjikhand KHUDERBULGA (MGL) df. Salah Mejeed AHMED (IRQ) by TF, 10-0
1/4 Finale: Alihan DJUMAEV (KAZ) df. Telebizarrinkamar HAMED (IRI), 7-4
1/4 Finale: Magomed MUSAEV (KGZ) df. Satiwart KADIAN (IND), 3-0
1/4 Finale: Dorjikhand KHUDERBULGA (MGL) df. Rustam ISKANDARI (TJK), 8-2
1/4 Finale: Salah Mejeed AHMED (IRQ) df. Nuryagdy KAPHTHEB (TKM) by FALL
Qualifications: Alihan DJUMAEV (KAZ) df. Shinichi NAKAI (JPN) by TF, 10-0
Qualifications: Telebizarrinkamar HAMED (IRI) df. Xueyi ZHANG (CHN) by TF, 10-0
Qualifications: Satiwart KADIAN (IND) df. Umidjon ISMANOV (UZB), 7-3
Qualifications: Magomed MUSAEV (KGZ) df. Chanuk YOON (KOR), 5-0
Repechages: Satiwart KADIAN (IND) df. Chanuk YOON (KOR) by PO, 7-0

Women's Freestyle - 48 KG

Semifinal: Narangerel ERDENESUKH (MGL) df. Yuimi LEE (KOR), 3-2
Semifinal: Tatyana AMANZHOL (KAZ) df. Anna IWAMURE (JPN), 5-0
1/4 Finale: Tatyana AMANZHOL (KAZ) df. Yuan LI (CHN), 5-1
1/4 Finale: Anna IWAMURE (JPN) df. Hang VU THI (VIE), 8-4
Qualifications: Narangerel ERDENESUKH (MGL) df. I Hsuan YEH (TPE) by TF, 10-0
Qualifications: Vinesh VINESH (IND) df. Mi PAK YONG (PRK), 8-6
Repechages: Vinesh VINESH (IND) df. I Hsuan YEH (TPE), 8-0