Wickman, Mcleod and Findlay were double champions at Western Junior Regionals

By Chris Casper | April 19, 2014, 12:28 a.m. (ET)
LAS VEGAS, Nev. - The 2014 Western Junior Regional finals was an explosive one, filled with many close matches and a lot of action. The enthusiastic audience definitely got their money’s worth while watching these matches, which featured some of the finest wrestlers in the country.

The 106 lbs. finals match, between Chase Wickman of Washington and Connor Brown of Missouri, led off the afternoon of exciting competition. The match seemed to be going Brown’s way when suddenly Wickman flipped Brown onto his back, pinning him with a fall time of 2:13.

“I was down 8 to 2 and it really wasn’t one of my best matches, but in the end I got the pin and the win,” Wickman said, “Winning both styles, Greco-Roman and freestyle, felt really good. It’s a fun tournament.”

In the 138 lbs. weight class, Matthew Findlay of Utah made short work of his opponent, Brett Kasprzyk of Arizona, with a technical fall of 10-0 in the finals. Findlay went into his match with full confidence that things would turn out the way he anticipated.

Another dominant showing came in the 182 lbs. match, as double champ Seth Mcleod of Idaho won by a technical fall over Justin Harbison of Montana.

Mcleod’s game plan for both the freestyle and¬ Greco-Roman competitions was to go out and dominate his opponent immediately — with no hesitation.

“It feels good to win and see all the hard work I put in pay off at one of these tournaments,” Mcleod said, “One thing coming into this tournament I wanted to improve on was my lack of confidence in my throws—and myself.”

Another champions who won by a fall was Dylan Schulte of Montana at 132 lbs., who pinned Jason Chavez of Boise in 1:03.

Champions to win by technical fall in the finals were Randon Miranda from California at 100 lbs., Michael Reyes of Arizona at 113 lbs., Austin Lister of Oregon at 126 lbs., Johnny O’Hearon of Utah at 145 lbs., Colston DiBlasi of Missouri at 160 lbs., Chris Weiler of Pennsylvania at 170 lbs., and Nour Abdullatif of California at 285 lbs.

Rounding out champions row were Randon Miranda at 110 lbs., Nolan Hellickson at 120 lbs., Chase Straw at 152, Christian Boyles at 220 lbs. and Gabe Gonzalez at 195 lbs.

At Las Vegas, Nev., April 18

Freestyle results

Men - 100
1st Place - Randon Miranda of California
2nd Place - Jet Tryon of Missouri
3rd Place - Zack Murillo of Connecticut
4th Place - Trevor Cluff of Utah
5th Place - Daniel Manier of Michigan
Round 1 - Trevor Cluff (Utah) won by decision over Daniel Manier (Michigan) (Dec 11-9)
Round 1 - Randon Miranda (California) won by tech fall over Zack Murillo (Connecticut) (TF 26-16)
Round 2 - Randon Miranda (California) won by decision over Jet Tryon (Missouri) (Dec 15-6)
Round 2 - Zack Murillo (Connecticut) won by fall over Daniel Manier (Michigan) (Fall 0:26)
Round 3 - Jet Tryon (Missouri) won by tech fall over Zack Murillo (Connecticut) (TF 11-1)
Round 3 - Randon Miranda (California) won by tech fall over Trevor Cluff (Utah) (TF 12-2)
Round 4 - Jet Tryon (Missouri) won by tech fall over Trevor Cluff (Utah) (TF 10-0)
Round 4 - Randon Miranda (California) won by tech fall over Daniel Manier (Michigan) (TF 10-0)
Round 5 - Jet Tryon (Missouri) won by fall over Daniel Manier (Michigan) (Fall 1:38)
Round 5 - Zack Murillo (Connecticut) won by tech fall over Trevor Cluff (Utah) (TF 10-0)

Men - 106
1st Place - Chase Wickman of Washington
2nd Place - Connor Brown of Missouri
3rd Place - Jack Skudlarczyk of Texas
4th Place - Coby Vandertoolen of Utah
5th Place - Jesus Urquidez of Arizona
6th Place - A J Villiatora of Team Vegas Mustangs
1st Place Match - Chase Wickman (Washington) won by fall over Connor Brown (Missouri) (Fall 2:17)
3rd Place Match - Jack Skudlarczyk (Texas) won by tech fall over Coby Vandertoolen (Utah) (TF 18-7)
5th Place Match - Jesus Urquidez (Arizona) won by tech fall over A J Villiatora (Team Vegas Mustangs) (TF 14-4)

Men - 113
1st Place - Michael Reyes of Arizona
2nd Place - Eustacio Banda of Arizona
3rd Place - Tanner Rohweder of Iowa
4th Place - Jake Hegel of Montana
5th Place - Braiden Parker of Utah
6th Place - Randy McDonald of Washington
1st Place Match - Michael Reyes (Arizona) won by tech fall over Eustacio Banda (Arizona) (TF 15-5)
3rd Place Match - Tanner Rohweder (Iowa) won by tech fall over Jake Hegel (Montana) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Braiden Parker (Utah) won by tech fall over Randy McDonald (Washington) (TF 16-5)

Men - 120
1st Place - Nolan Hellickson of Iowa
2nd Place - Tray Libolt of Oregon
3rd Place - Chandler Strand of Utah
4th Place - Andrew Ibarra of California
5th Place - Ty Schilling of Oregon
6th Place - Alexander Carrillo of Arizona
1st Place Match - Nolan Hellickson (Iowa) won by decision over Tray Libolt (Oregon) (Dec 6-4)
3rd Place Match - Chandler Strand (Utah) won by decision over Andrew Ibarra (California) (Dec 11-4)
5th Place Match - Ty Schilling (Oregon) won by injury default over Alexander Carrillo (Arizona) (Inj. 0:00)

Men - 126
1st Place - Austin Lister of Oregon
2nd Place - C Bamman of Missouri
3rd Place - Owen Lawrie of Nevada
4th Place - Tyler Felix of California
5th Place - Jose Acosta of Wisconsin
6th Place - Carlos Herrera of California
1st Place Match - Austin Lister (Oregon) won by tech fall over C Bamman (Missouri) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Owen Lawrie (Nevada) won by fall over Tyler Felix (California) (Fall 2:55)
5th Place Match - Jose Acosta (Wisconsin) won by decision over Carlos Herrera (California) (Dec 11-6)

Men - 132
1st Place - Dylan Schulte of Montana
2nd Place - Jason Chavez of Boise
3rd Place - Keegan Shaw of Iowa
4th Place - Angel Laurente of Nevada
5th Place - Yoshito Funakoshi of California
6th Place - Christopher Walters of Iowa
1st Place Match - Dylan Schulte (Montana) won by fall over Jason Chavez (Boise) (Fall 1:03)
3rd Place Match - Keegan Shaw (Iowa) won by decision over Angel Laurente (Nevada) (Dec 20-14)
5th Place Match - Yoshito Funakoshi (California) won by decision over Christopher Walters (Iowa) (Dec 6-4)

Men - 138
1st Place - Matthew Findlay of Utah
2nd Place - Brett Kasprzyk of Arizona
3rd Place - Aaron Meyer of Iowa
4th Place - Ethan Karsten of Missouri
5th Place - Will Clark of North Carolina
6th Place - Evan Wick of California
1st Place Match - Matthew Findlay (Utah) won by tech fall over Brett Kasprzyk (Arizona) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Aaron Meyer (Iowa) won by fall over Ethan Karsten (Missouri) (Fall 2:10)
5th Place Match - Will Clark (North Carolina) won by decision over Evan Wick (California) (Dec 8-4)

Men - 145
1st Place - Johnny OHearon of Utah
2nd Place - Keegan McCormick of Missouri
3rd Place - Trevor Hoffmier of New York
4th Place - Dewey Krueger of Wisconsin
5th Place - Joshua Cortez of California
6th Place - Jesse Jeffries of Missouri
1st Place Match - Johnny OHearon (Utah) won by tech fall over Keegan McCormick (Missouri) (TF 12-2)
3rd Place Match - Trevor Hoffmier (New York) won by tech fall over Dewey Krueger (Wisconsin) (TF 16-6)
5th Place Match - Joshua Cortez (California) won by injury default over Jesse Jeffries (Missouri) (Inj. 5:41)

Men - 152
1st Place - Chase Straw of Iowa
2nd Place - Canten Marriott of Missouri
3rd Place - Collbran Meeker of Oregon
4th Place - Joseph Dominguez of California
5th Place - Johnny Blankenship of Missouri
6th Place - Anthony Wokasch of Arizona
1st Place Match - Chase Straw (Iowa) won by decision over Canten Marriott (Missouri) (Dec 13-10)
3rd Place Match - Collbran Meeker (Oregon) won by tech fall over Joseph Dominguez (California) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Johnny Blankenship (Missouri) won by injury default over Anthony Wokasch (Arizona) (Inj. 0:00)

Men - 160
1st Place - Colston DiBlasi of Missouri
2nd Place - Vincent Darpino of New York
3rd Place - Ethan Tursini of Arizona
4th Place - Spencer Heywood of Utah
5th Place - Dominick Huerta of California
6th Place - Cj McKinnis of Oregon
1st Place Match - Colston DiBlasi (Missouri) won by tech fall over Vincent Darpino (New York) (TF 12-0)
3rd Place Match - Ethan Tursini (Arizona) won by tech fall over Spencer Heywood (Utah) (TF 15-4)
5th Place Match - Dominick Huerta (California) won by injury default over Cj McKinnis (Oregon) (Inj. 0:00)

Men - 170
1st Place - Chris Weiler of Pennsylvania
2nd Place - Anthony Anderson of California
3rd Place - Payton Mair of Utah
4th Place - Casey Brown of Wyoming
5th Place - Bridger Barker of Idaho
6th Place - Aaron Wu of California
1st Place Match - Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) won by tech fall over Anthony Anderson (California) (TF 18-8)
3rd Place Match - Payton Mair (Utah) won by decision over Casey Brown (Wyoming) (Dec 15-14)
5th Place Match - Bridger Barker (Idaho) won by tech fall over Aaron Wu (California) (TF 12-2)

Men - 182
1st Place - Seth Mcleod of Idaho
2nd Place - Justin Harbison of Montana
3rd Place - Joshua Roetman of Alaska
4th Place - Tanner Harvey of Oregon
5th Place - Brayden Nuffer of Utah
6th Place - Jeremiah B. Imonode of Arizona
1st Place Match - Seth Mcleod (Idaho) won by tech fall over Justin Harbison (Montana) (TF 11-0)
3rd Place Match - Joshua Roetman (Alaska) won by tech fall over Tanner Harvey (Oregon) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Brayden Nuffer (Utah) won by injury default over Jeremiah B. Imonode (Arizona) (Inj. 0:00)

Men - 195
1st Place - Gabe Gonzalez of Arizona
2nd Place - Micah T Gill of Utah
3rd Place - Brian Barnes of Oregon
4th Place - Ruben Mendez of Arizona
5th Place - Jacob Feldman of Connecticut
6th Place - Davit Stepanyan of Birmingham
1st Place Match - Gabe Gonzalez (Arizona) won by forfeit over Micah T Gill (Utah) (FF)
3rd Place Match - Brian Barnes (Oregon) won by tech fall over Ruben Mendez (Arizona) (TF 17-4)
5th Place Match - Jacob Feldman (Connecticut) won by forfeit over Davit Stepanyan (Birmingham) (FF)

Men - 220
1st Place - Christian Boyles of Missouri
2nd Place - Jaydn Wilson of Montana
3rd Place - Dallas Goodpaster of Washington
4th Place - Graham Grant of California
5th Place - Matt Doggett of Pennsylvania
6th Place - John Harris Scoville of Arizona
1st Place Match - Christian Boyles (Missouri) won by decision over Jaydn Wilson (Montana) (Dec 12-9)
3rd Place Match - Dallas Goodpaster (Washington) won by fall over Graham Grant (California) (Fall 4:38)
5th Place Match - Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) won by tech fall over John Harris Scoville (Arizona) (TF 11-0)

Men - 285
1st Place - Nour Abdullatif of California
2nd Place - Nathan Eldridge of Arizona
3rd Place - Collin Braun of Missouri
4th Place - Roberto Coronel of Washington
5th Place - Gary Miltenberger of California
6th Place - Christian Rebottaro of California
1st Place Match - Nour Abdullatif (California) won by tech fall over Nathan Eldridge (Arizona) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Collin Braun (Missouri) won by fall over Roberto Coronel (Washington) (Fall 1:45)
5th Place Match - Gary Miltenberger (California) won by tech fall over Christian Rebottaro (California) (TF 11-0)