Coon, Beazley and Stanghill among top stars at FILA Junior Greco-Roman Nationals

By Chris Casper | April 18, 2014, 12:38 a.m. (ET)
Barrett Stanghill of the NYAC on the way to the 74 kg FILA Junior Greco-Roman title. He was named Outstanding Wrestler. Photo by John Sachs –

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Fans were looking forward to the heavyweight finals at FILA Junior Greco-Roman Nationals on Thursday, but if were not paying attention, you may have missed it.

The showdown featured Adam Coon, defending champion against Junior World bronze medalist Sam Stoll. The athletes have a history, as Stoll beat Coon at the Junior World Trials, while Coon returned the favor at the Junior Nationals.

Coon came out on top in the finals with a fall at 1:31 over Stoll, countering a throw attempt to put away his opponent.

Coon had a plan for this final match.

“Going into this match, I knew Stoll wanted to hit that throw. He’s been hitting that throw on people all day, so I was ready for it,” Coon said, “It was defiantly a redemption match for me after having gained momentum from beating him in Fargo.”

Another exciting weight class bracket to watch was 96 kg, which featured numerous top athletes, including

Returning FILA Junior Greco-Roman champion Kevin Beazley of Virginia Beach, who wrestles for Old Dominion, who faced FILA Cadet World Team member and Utah high school star Roy Nash in the finals.

Beazley also made quick order of his finals bout, earning a:fall of 1:12. He is seeking to earn as spot on the Junior World Team again this year.

Beazley’s win was a satisfying accomplishment of a personal goal.

“My goal today was to dominate. In the past I had been winning my matches by 1 or 2 points—my goal today was to send a message: hey, I am the best in this weight class and you’re going to have to beat me to win,” Beazley said.

The Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament went to Barrett Stanghill of NYAC, who won his 74 kg finals match by a technical fall of 8-0 over Anthony Valencia of Team Tribal Wrestling.Stanghill competes at the USOEC program at Northern Michigan.

Other wrestlers to win by tech-fall were Arthur Carmona of the USOEC at 55 kg, Alejandro Sancho of the NYAC at 66 kg and Mason Manville of Blair Academy at 70 kg.

Manville, a high school star who is just eligible to enter this age-division, took out Nick Tarpley of CSOTC in an 8-0 technical fall. Manville hopes to make the 2016 Olympic team in Greco-Roman , even though he will still be in high school at the time.

First place at 84 kg was Richard Carlson of the Minnesota Storm, who placed fifth last year in this tournament, who beat Preston Lehmann of the Bison WC in a wild 14-11 shootout. He was very pleased with his performance, which was a result of a year’s tough training.

“I trained really hard for this tournament, and to come back after last year’s performance—it feels really good,” Carlson said.

Also winning national titles were Josiah Seaton at 50 kg, Joshua Rodriguez of 60 kg, Colt Schilling at 63 kg and Austin Dewey at 79 kg.

More than 129 wrestlers took to the mat today attempting to win a 2014 FILA Junior National gold medal.

At Las Vegas, Nev., April 17

Greco-Roman results

Men - 50 KG / 110.25 lbs
1st Place - Josiah Seaton of Bonner Springs High School Wre
2nd Place - Michael Beck of TEAM Penguin
3rd Place - Kirk Johansen of Izzy Style Wrestling
4th Place - Matthew Schmitt of team missouri
5th Place - Bryce Brimhall of SYRACUSE
1st Place Match - Josiah Seaton (Bonner Springs High School Wre) won by tech fall over Michael Beck (TEAM Penguin) (TF 15-4)
3rd Place Match - Kirk Johansen (Izzy Style Wrestling) won by decision over Matthew Schmitt (team missouri) (Dec 7-6)
5th Place Match - Bryce Brimhall (SYRACUSE)

Men - 55 KG / 121.25 lbs
1st Place - Arthur Carmona of USOEC
2nd Place - Trey Andrews of Bear Cave WC
3rd Place - Vito Pasone of AppStateRTC
4th Place - Kyndall Rutz of USOEC
5th Place - Tirso Lara of Bison WC
6th Place - Brock George of SYRACUSE
7th Place - Ibrahim Bunduka of Patriot Elite Wrestling Club
8th Place - Raymond Woodward of Clackamas WC
1st Place Match - Arthur Carmona (USOEC) won by tech fall over Trey Andrews (Bear Cave WC) (TF 12-1)
3rd Place Match - Vito Pasone (AppStateRTC) won by fall over Kyndall Rutz (USOEC) (Fall 3:55)
5th Place Match - Tirso Lara (Bison WC) won by tech fall over Brock George (SYRACUSE) (TF 8-0)
7th Place Match - Ibrahim Bunduka (Patriot Elite Wrestling Club) won by decision over Raymond Woodward (Clackamas WC) (Dec 6-3)

Men - 60 KG / 132.25 lbs
1st Place - Joshua Rodriguez of Bison WC
2nd Place - Victor Trujillo of Swisher Shooters
3rd Place - Travis Rice of USOEC
4th Place - Cameron Perry of Gilmer Bobcat Wrestling
5th Place - Thomas Walton of Tech Team Wrestling Club
6th Place - Jarred Oftedahl of Minnesota Storm
7th Place - Ty Pelot of X-Factor Elite
8th Place - Anthony Hernandez of Marvel Wrestling Academy
1st Place Match - Joshua Rodriguez (Bison WC) won by decision over Victor Trujillo (Swisher Shooters) (Dec 5-2)
3rd Place Match - Travis Rice (USOEC) won by decision over Cameron Perry (Gilmer Bobcat Wrestling) (Dec 6-4)
5th Place Match - Thomas Walton (Tech Team Wrestling Club) won by decision over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota Storm) (Dec 12-12)
7th Place Match - Ty Pelot (X-Factor Elite) won by fall over Anthony Hernandez (Marvel Wrestling Academy) (Fall 3:27)

Men - 63 KG / 138.75 lbs
1st Place - Colt Schilling of Cal Poly
2nd Place - Blake Clevenger of Greater Heights Wrestling
3rd Place - Dante Rodriguez of Team RodCo
4th Place - Paul Rodriguez of USOEC
5th Place - Joseph Moita of NYAC
6th Place - Anthony McHugh of Rocky Mountain Regional Traini
7th Place - Mitchell Friedman of Bison WC
8th Place - Chris Caldwell of suples wrestling club
1st Place Match - Colt Schilling (Cal Poly) won by decision over Blake Clevenger (Greater Heights Wrestling) (Dec 9-6)
3rd Place Match - Dante Rodriguez (Team RodCo) won by decision over Paul Rodriguez (USOEC) (Dec 12-6)
5th Place Match - Joseph Moita (NYAC) won by decision over Anthony McHugh (Rocky Mountain Regional Traini) (Dec 4-0)
7th Place Match - Mitchell Friedman (Bison WC) won by fall over Chris Caldwell (suples wrestling club) (Fall 1:50)

Men - 66 KG / 145.5 lbs
1st Place - Alejandro Sancho of NYAC
2nd Place - Brett Stolarzyk of Unattached
3rd Place - Zahid Valencia of Team Tribe Wrestling
4th Place - Devin Vasquez of Adams State University
5th Place - Sahid Kargbo of Patriot Elite Wrestling Club
6th Place - Daniel Sanchez of Terrapin Wrestling Club
7th Place - Jimmy Felix of Los Banos Wrestling
8th Place - Terrance McKinney of Unattached
1st Place Match - Alejandro Sancho (NYAC) won by tech fall over Brett Stolarzyk (Unattached) (TF 11-0)
3rd Place Match - Zahid Valencia (Team Tribe Wrestling) won by tech fall over Devin Vasquez (Adams State University) (TF 12-4)
5th Place Match - Sahid Kargbo (Patriot Elite Wrestling Club) won by fall over Daniel Sanchez (Terrapin Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:39)
7th Place Match - Jimmy Felix (Los Banos Wrestling) won by decision over Terrance McKinney (Unattached) (Dec 14-9)

Men - 70 KG / 154.25 lbs
1st Place - Mason Manville of Blair Academy
2nd Place - Nick Tarpley of CSOTC
3rd Place - Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer of Buffalo Grapplers Wrestling Cl
4th Place - Markus Scheidel of NYAC
5th Place - Jose Felipe of USOEC
6th Place - Ryan Gartner of Ringers
7th Place - Carlos Apodaca of Rio Rico
8th Place - Jerry McGinty of Rocky Mountain Regional Traini
1st Place Match - Mason Manville (Blair Academy) won by tech fall over Nick Tarpley (CSOTC) (TF 8-0)
3rd Place Match - Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer (Buffalo Grapplers Wrestling Cl) won by decision over Markus Scheidel (NYAC) (Dec 8-4)
5th Place Match - Jose Felipe (USOEC) won by tech fall over Ryan Gartner (Ringers) (TF 8-0)
7th Place Match - Carlos Apodaca (Rio Rico) won by tech fall over Jerry McGinty (Rocky Mountain Regional Traini) (TF 10-0)

Men - 74 KG / 163 lbs
1st Place - Barrett Stanghill of NYAC
2nd Place - Anthony Valencia of Team Tribe Wrestling
3rd Place - Tyrel White of Shamrock 570
4th Place - Xavier Johnson of Cal Poly Wrestling Club
5th Place - Travis Berridge of Cal Poly
6th Place - Jon Chavez of suples wrestling club
7th Place - Kyle Bateman of Clackamas WC
8th Place - Patrick Davis of Patriot Elite Wrestling Club
1st Place Match - Barrett Stanghill (NYAC) won by tech fall over Anthony Valencia (Team Tribe Wrestling) (TF 8-0)
3rd Place Match - Tyrel White (Shamrock 570) won by decision over Xavier Johnson (Cal Poly Wrestling Club) (Dec 13-7)
5th Place Match - Travis Berridge (Cal Poly) won by injury default over Jon Chavez (suples wrestling club) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Place Match - Kyle Bateman (Clackamas WC) won by fall over Patrick Davis (Patriot Elite Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:18)

Men - 79 KG / 174 lbs
1st Place - Austin Dewey of Bronco WC
2nd Place - Khalil Shakur of Life Running Eagles Wrestling
3rd Place - Ryan Harman of Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club
4th Place - Zachary Lowen of Bronco WC
5th Place - Mitchell Anderson of Eagle Wrestling Club
6th Place - Jordan Newman of Askren Wrestling Academy
7th Place - Tyler White of Clackamas WC
8th Place - Juan Rosales of Lemoore Farm boyz
1st Place Match - Austin Dewey (Bronco WC) won by decision over Khalil Shakur (Life Running Eagles Wrestling) (Dec 4-0)
3rd Place Match - Ryan Harman (Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club) won by injury default over Zachary Lowen (Bronco WC) (Inj. 3:56)
5th Place Match - Mitchell Anderson (Eagle Wrestling Club) won by fall over Jordan Newman (Askren Wrestling Academy) (Fall 6:00)
7th Place Match - Tyler White (Clackamas WC) won by fall over Juan Rosales (Lemoore Farm boyz) (Fall 0:48)

Men - 84 KG / 185 lbs
1st Place - Richard Carlson of Minnesota Storm
2nd Place - Preston Lehmann of Bison WC
4th Place - Zachary Martinez of Patriot Elite Wrestling Club
4th Place - Nich Corba of NEORTC
5th Place - Daniel Hawkins of Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club
6th Place - Marcus Johnson of AppStateRTC
7th Place - Brandon Marshall of USOEC
8th Place - Jason Zecchini of Visalia
1st Place Match - Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm) won by decision over Preston Lehmann (Bison WC) (Dec 14-11)
3rd Place Match - Nich Corba (NEORTC) won by decision over Zachary Martinez (Patriot Elite Wrestling Club) (Dec 8-4)
5th Place Match - Daniel Hawkins (Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club) won by tech fall over Marcus Johnson (AppStateRTC) (TF 8-0)
7th Place Match - Brandon Marshall (USOEC) won by tech fall over Jason Zecchini (Visalia) (TF 13-5)

Men - 96 KG / 211.5 lbs
1st Place - Kevin Beazley of Virginia Beach RTC
2nd Place - Roy Nash of Ruiz Combat Grappling
4th Place - Danny Chaid of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
4th Place - Tommy Petersen of Bison WC
5th Place - Matthew Hopkins of Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
6th Place - Parker Hines of Rocky Mountain Regional Traini
7th Place - Matthew Meadows of Patriot Elite Wrestling Club
8th Place - Trae Story of Husky Wrestling Club
1st Place Match - Kevin Beazley (Virginia Beach RTC) won by fall over Roy Nash (Ruiz Combat Grappling) (Fall 1:12)
3rd Place Match - Tommy Petersen (Bison WC) won by injury default over Danny Chaid (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) (Inj. 1:29)
5th Place Match - Matthew Hopkins (Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club) won by tech fall over Parker Hines (Rocky Mountain Regional Traini) (TF 10-2)
7th Place Match - Matthew Meadows (Patriot Elite Wrestling Club) won by decision over Trae Story (Husky Wrestling Club) (Dec 1-1)

Men - 120 KG / 264.5 lbs
1st Place - Adam Coon of CKWC
2nd Place - Sam Stoll of Minnesota Storm
4th Place - Gaylen Edmo of Bronco WC
4th Place - Denzel Dejournette of AppStateRTC
5th Place - Brandon Johnson of Clackamas WC
6th Place - Sean Twigg of Terrapin Wrestling Club
7th Place - PJ Shuler of AppStateRTC
1st Place Match - Adam Coon (CKWC) won by fall over Sam Stoll (Minnesota Storm) (Fall 1:31)
3rd Place Match - Gaylen Edmo (Bronco WC) won by decision over Denzel Dejournette (AppStateRTC) (Dec 5-1)
5th Place Match - Brandon Johnson (Clackamas WC) won by fall over Sean Twigg (Terrapin Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:55)
7th Place Match - PJ Shuler (AppStateRTC)