USA Wrestling Instagram Takeover: Helen Maroulis

By Richard Immel USA Wrestling | April 14, 2014, 4:05 p.m. (ET)
USA Wrestling Instagram Takeover: Helen Maroulis

Instagram takeover has officially started!!! 
For my morning workout I got in some cardio and a lift. Being a week out from the US Open I'm focusing on keeping my body strong and healthy for competition so there is a big focus on core strength and proper body position. I've already put the work in now it's time to stay healthy and prepare for competition!!
After my workouts I always check my weight especially when I have a tournament coming up. Now I have one of two different reactions when I see what my weight is lol...I'm sure almost every wrestler knows how great it feels when your weight is good..n what it feels like when your weight is bad  #cuttingweight#wrestlingprobs #athletelife
Meal time!! Scrambled eggs with kale, broccoli and avocado, and a fruit salad (mango, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries). I love fruits and veggies and cooking with coconut oil. I try and eat organic whenever I can. Gotta keep the diet clean.. #prenationalsdiet #eatcleanlivewell#myonlyweaknessischocolate #notgonnalie
Afternoon practice!! Warm up led by my Canadian teammate and Jr World Champ @dlappage and then drilling with @skylordavis_125#trainingwithmycanadianfamily #sfu
Being goofy in the sauna..pretending like cutting weight is actually fun  #instagramtakeover#saunaparty #wrestlinglife
I'm really big on recovery, especially hitting up the cold tub. You definitely know you're a wrestler when u start play wrestling with your teammates everywhere..luckily@dlappage forgave me for messing with her. Plus she's a strong 63kg so I gotta watch out!#postpracticeactvities #recovery #coldtub#instagramtakeover
Just figured id show you guys what the view is like from my school...the university is on top of Burnaby mountain so we get some pretty awesome views#perks #canadianuniversity #ancouver #studentlife
Summing it up! Big thank you to USAWrestling and everyone for supporting me! I had a lot of fun doing the Instagram Takeover hope you all have a good night! -@helen_maroulis