Turkey’s Kaayalp wins fourth European title on opening night for Greco

By Bill May | April 05, 2014, 9:17 p.m. (ET)
Riza KALYAAP (TUR) celebrates moments after winning his fourth European Championship in Vantaa, Finland. Wrestlers from four different countries won titles on Saturday night (Armenia, Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey). (Photo: Martin Gabor, FILA-Official.com)

VANTAA, Finland (April 5) – World silver medalist Riza KAYAALP (TUR) racked up four one-sided wins and claimed his fourth title at the European senior wrestling championships as competition in Greco-Roman got under way Saturday in Greco-friendly Finland.

Kayaalp, a bronze medalist at the London 2012 Olympic Games, needed only two minutes to put away surprise finalist Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) with four consecutive gut wrenches in the 130kg final at Trio Areena in Vantaa.

In the other three weight categories contested on Day Five, Aleksandar KOSTADINOV (BUL) kept the 59kg crown in Bulgaria, Adam KURAK (RUS) collected Russia’s eighth gold of the tourney at 66kg, and Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) repeated at champion at 98kg.

Greco-Roman 59kg

Aleksandar KOSTADINOV (BUL), bronze medal winner at 55kg in 2012, snapped up a chest-to-chest bodylock off the whistle and launched Victor CIOBANU (MDA) for two points and followed quickly by another lift and back-arching throw for a commanding 6-0 lead in the first 30 seconds.

When Ciobanu attempted his own body tackle, Kostadinov whipped the Universiade silver medalist over to complete the technical fall.

The victory gives Bulgaria a European champion in Greco-Roman for a second year as Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) won the 60kg title in Tbilisi last year.

In the bronze medal matches, Golden Grand Prix Final winner Kamran MAMMADOV (AZE) converted in par terre for four points in first period and then held on for a 9-8 victory over former junior world champion Rahman BILICI (TUR).

World silver medalist Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS), the runner-up to Angelov in 2013, folded Kristian FRIS (SRB) over with a tight lock around the belt area and pressed for the fall.

Greco-Roman 66kg

In a controversial decision, last year’s runner-up Adam KURAK (RUS) won by disqualification with only three seconds remaining in the championship final. Former world champion Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) was disqualified for back-pedaling away from contact after having taken the lead on a back-arching throw.

World bronze medalist Frank STAEBLER (GER) lifted Dawid KARECINSKI (POL) for one point in the second period and made it stand for a hard-fought 1-0 victory and a bronze medal.

In a battle of former European champions, 2012 winner Istvan LEVAI (SVK) scrambled on top from the par terre position for two points and went on to claim a 3-0 win over 2011 champ and London 2012 silver medalist Revaz LASHKHI (GEO).

Greco-Roman 98kg

Defending champion and world silver medalist Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) converted twice in par terre to claim a 5-0 win over last year’s European bronze medalist Cenk ILDEM (TUR).

Fredrik SCHON (SWE), only 19th in the 2013 championships, capped his day with two big wins in repechage, including a 5-1 win over last year’s bronze medalist Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA), for his first European medal at any level.

Marthin Hamlet NIELSEN (NOR) forged an 8-2 win over Felix RADINGER (GER) for his first senior-level medal at the European championships while leaving the German in fifth place for a second straight year.

Greco-Roman 130kg

Riza KAYAALP (TUR), the European champion in 2010, 2012 and 2013, needed only one chance in par terre with last year’s fifth-place finisher Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) to execute four gut wrenches and technical fall at 1:56.

Johan EUREN (SWE) took advantage of par terre for a tilt, gut-gut combination and a quick 6-0 lead. The world and Olympic bronze medalist then set the match on cruise control for an 8-1 win over 2012 junior world champ Balint LAM (HUN).

Vasily PARSHIN (RUS) rolled his way to a 3-0 in the first period, but was launched for four points by Aleksander CHERNETSKI (UKR) to open the second period. The former junior European champion, however, recovered for a 5-4 win.


Greco-Roman 59kg (23 entries)

Championship Final
Aleksandar KOSTADINOV (BUL) df. Victor CIOBANU (MDA) by TF, 11-0, 1:37

Bronze Medal Finals
Kamran MAMMADOV (AZE) df. Rahman BILICI (TUR), 9-8
Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) df. Kristian FRIS (SRB) by fall, 1:43

Victor CIOBANU (MDA) df. Rahman BILICI (TUR), 2-0
Aleksandar KOSTADINOV (BUL) df. Kristian FRIS (SRB) by disq., 5:53

Kamran MAMMADOV (AZE) df. Denis MENEKSE (GER), 5-2
Jan HAAPAMAEKI (FIN) df. Karen ASLANYAN (ARM) by disq. 4:47

Victor CIOBANU (MDA) df. Kamran MAMMADOV (AZE), 3-2
Rahman BILICI (TUR) df.Attila LEVAI (SVK), 11-9
Aleksandar KOSTADINOV (BUL) df. Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS), 4-3
Kristian FRIS (SRB) df. Tonomir SOKOL (CRO), 7-0

Round of 16
Kamran MAMMADOV (AZE) df. Michal NOVAK (CZE), 5-0
Victor CIOBANU (MDA) df. Denis MENEKSE (GER), 10-7
Attila LEVAI (SVK) df. Soslan DAUROV (BLR) by TF, 9-1, 2:43
Rahman BILICI (TUR) df.Edward BARSEGJAN (POL), 6-0
Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) df. Ievgen MIAGKYI (UKR), 5-0
Aleksandar KOSTADINOV (BUL) df. Karen ASLANYAN (ARM), 3-3
Tonomir SOKOL (CRO) df. Tobias FONNESBEK (DEN), 1-0
Kristian FRIS (SRB) df. Illya TSARYUK (ISR) by TF, 8-0, 3:35

Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) df. Stig Andre BERGE (NOR), 4-2
Aleksandar KOSTADINOV (BUL) df. Jan HAAPAMAEKI (FIN), 10-6
Tonomir SOKOL (CRO) df. Alex ANECHITEI (ROU) by TF, 8-0, 2:59
Tobias FONNESBEK (DEN) df. Joaquin MARTINEZ (ESP), 4-0
Kristian FRIS (SRB) df. Lasha GOGITADZE (GEO), 8-3
Illya TSARYUK (ISR) df. Csongor KNIPLI (HUN), 2-0

Greco-Roman 66kg (27 entries)

Championship Final
Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Adam KURAK (RUS) by disq., 5:57

Bronze Medal Finals
Frank STAEBLER (GER) df. Dawid KARECINSKI (POL), 1-0
Istvan LEVAI (SVK) df. Revaz LASHKHI (GEO), 3-0

Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Dawid KARECINSKI (POL), 6-0
Adam KURAK (RUS) df. Istvan LEVAI (SVK) by TF, 10-2, 4:05

Frank STAEBLER (GER) df. Marius THOMMESEN (NOR), 8-1
Frank STAEBLER (GER) df. Vladimiros MATIAS (GRE) by fall, 2:36
Revaz LASHKHI (GEO) df. Benedikt PUFFER (AUT), 6-0
Revaz LASHKHI (GEO) df. Denys DEMYANKOV (UKR) by TF, 11-0, 5:50

Dawid KARECINSKI (POL) df. Konstantin STAS (BUL), 7-2
Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Vladimiros MATIAS (GRE), 8-1
Istvan LEVAI (SVK) df. Tero VALIMAKI (FIN) by fall, 2:18
Adam KURAK (RUS) df. Denys DEMYANKOV (UKR), 6-1

Round of 16
Dawid KARECINSKI (POL) df. Istvan KOZAK (HUN), 4-0
Konstantin STAS (BUL) df. Anders EKSTROM (DEN), 1-0
Vladimiros MATIAS (GRE) df. Davide CASCAVILLA (ITA) by TF, 9-0
Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Frank STAEBLER (GER) by TF, 9-0, 5:12
Tero VALIMAKI (FIN) df. Tomi HINOVEANU (ROU) by TF. 8-0, 3:52
Istvan LEVAI (SVK) df. Aram JULFALAKYAN (ARM) by TF, 9-1, 3:45
Denys DEMYANKOV (UKR) df. Edgaras VENCKAITIS (LTU) by TF, 10-1, 4:21
Adam KURAK (RUS) df. Benedikt PUFFER (AUT) by TF, 10-0, 2:53

Vladimiros MATIAS (GRE) df. Filip DUBSKY (CZE) by TF, 8-0
Frank STAEBLER (GER) df. Davor STEFANEK (SRB), 5-3
Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Marius THOMMESEN (NOR) by TF, 8-0
Tero VALIMAKI (FIN) df. Hugo PASSOS (POR) by TF, 8-0, 3:10
Tomi HINOVEANU (ROU) df. Yaroslav KARDASH (BLR) by fall, 3:31
Aram JULFALAKYAN (ARM) df. Atakan YUKSEL (TUR), 3-3
Istvan LEVAI (SVK) df. Dominik ETLINGER (CRO) by fall, 1:34
Denys DEMYANKOV (UKR) df. Mihail COSNICEAN (MDA), 6-4
Edgaras VENCKAITIS (LTU) df. Kristaps KALNAKARKLIS (LAT), 5-0
Benedikt PUFFER (AUT) df. Daniello DI FEOLA (SWE), 3-2
Adam KURAK (RUS) df. Revaz LASHKHI (GEO) by TF, 9-0, 5:35

Greco-Roman 98kg (25 entries)
Championship Final
Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) df. Cenk ILDEM (TUR), 5-0

Bronze Medal Finals
Fredrik SCHON (SWE) df. Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA), 5-1

Marthin Hamlet NIELSEN (NOR) df. Felix RADINGER (GER), 8-2

Cenk ILDEM (TUR) df. Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA), 4-2
Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) df. Marthin Hamlet NIELSEN (NOR) by TF, 9-0, 3:31

Fredrik SCHON (SWE) df. Vasil IMERLISHVILI (GEO) by TF, 8-0, 5:43
Volodymyr VASYLIEV (UKR) df. Sinisa HOGAC (CRO), 5-3
Felix RADINGER (GER) df. Volodymyr VASYLIEV (UKR), 3-1

Cenk ILDEM (TUR) df. Vasil IMERLISHVILI (GEO) by disq., 4:58
Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA) df. Balasz KISS (HUN), 9-5
Marthin Hamlet NIELSEN (NOR) df. Aleksander HRABOVIK (BLR), 1-0
Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) df. Felix RADINGER (GER) by TF, 9-0

Round of 16
Vasil IMERLISHVILI (GEO) cf. Daigoro TIMONCINI (ITA) by TF, 10-0
Cenk ILDEM (TUR) df. Fredrik SCHON (SWE), 2-1
Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA) df. Robert AVANESYAN (ISR), 3-0
Balasz KISS (HUN) df.Daniel GASTL (AUT), 11-8
Aleksander HRABOVIK (BLR) df. Vladislav METODIEV (BUL), 2-0
Marthin Hamlet NIELSEN (NOR) df. Alin ALEXUC-CIURARIU (ROU) by TF, 9-0
Felix RADINGER (GER) df. David LENGYEL (SVK), 3-0
Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) df. Sinisa HOGAC (CRO) by TF, 8-0, 3:35

Balasz KISS (HUN) df. Ardo ARUSAAR (EST), 1-0
Aleksander HRABOVIK (BLR) df. Shalva GADABADZE (AZE) by disq.
Vladislav METODIEV (BUL) df. Romas FRIDRIKAS (LTU) by disq.
Alin ALEXUC-CIURARIU (ROU) df. Marin CAZAC (MDA) by disq., 4:43
Marthin Hamlet NIELSEN (NOR) df. Timo KALLIO (FIN), 3-1
Felix RADINGER (GER) df. Musa EVLOEV (RUS), 4-2
David LENGYEL (SVK) df. Kountouratzis SPIRIDON (GRE) by TF, 8-0, 1:51
Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) df. Volodymyr VASYLIEV (UKR), 7-0
Sinisa HOGAC (CRO) df. Timur HAMIKOEV (MKD) by TF, 14-4, 3:53

Greco-Roman 130kg (15 entries)
Championship Final
Riza KAYAALP (TUR) df. Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) by TF, 9-0, 1:56

Bronze medal Finals
Johan EUREN (SWE) df. Balint LAM (HUN), 8-1
Vasily PARSHIN (RUS) df. Aleksander CHERNETSKI (UKR), 5-4

Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) df. Johan EUREN (SWE), 1-1
Riza KAYAALP (TUR) df. Vasily PARSHIN (RUS) by TF, 9-0, 3:53

Balint LAM (HUN) df. Tiberiu BARBAZAN (ROU) by fall, 1:41
Aleksander CHERNETSKI (UKR) df. Mindaugas MIZGAITIS (LTU) by fall, 0:42

Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) df. Tiberiu BARBAZAN (ROU) by TF, 8-0
Johan EUREN (SWE) df. Sabah SHARIATI (AZE) by disq., 5:30
Vasily PARSHIN (RUS) df. Kiril GRYSHCHANKA (BLR), 5-1
Riza KAYAALP (TUR) df. Mindaugas MIZGAITIS (LTU), 3-0

Lyubomir DIMITROV (BUL) df. Balint LAM (HUN) by TF, 10-1, 2:34
Johan EUREN (SWE) df. Eduard POPP (GER), 2-0
Sabah SHARIATI (AZE) df. Heiki NABI (EST) by disq.
Vasily PARSHIN (RUS) df. Vachik YEGHIAZARYAN (ARM), 5-0
Riza KAYAALP (TUR) df. Aleksander CHERNETSKI (UKR) by disq., 4:36
Mindaugas MIZGAITIS (LTU) df. Guram PHERSEKIDZE (GEO), 1-0

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