Mattsson returns to Winner’s Circle on Day Two of European Championships

By Bill May | April 02, 2014, 8:53 p.m. (ET)
Johanna MATTSSON (SWE) returned to the top of the awards stand Wednesday in Vantaa. The Swedish wrestler claimed her first European Championship since 2009, battling past 2013 senior world silver medalist Taybe YUSEIN (BUL) on her way to the gold.

VANTAA, Finland (April 2) – Johanna MATTSSON (SWE) returned to the top of the medals podium at the European senior wrestling championships after three years of struggling with knee problems including four knee operations.

Mattsson, the 2009 champion at 59kg in Vilnius, defeated 2013 junior world champion Svetlana LIPATOVA (RUS) and 2013 senior world silver medalist Taybe YUSEIN (BUL) on her way to winning the 60kg crown in women’s freestyle.

Three new champions were also crowned on the second day of wrestling at Trio Areena, but world champion Bekhan GOYGEREEV (RUS) was frustrated in his bid to win the 61kg crown by Universiade bronze medalist Haji ALIEV (AZE).

Russia, however, added a fourth gold medal to its freestyle haul as Maria GUROVA (RUS) rallied late to defeat Maria PREVOLARAKI (GRE) for the women’s 53kg title.

Vladimir KHINCHEGASHVILI (GEO), meanwhile, finally reached the top of the medals podium at the senior European championships -- after a silver in 2011 and a bronze in 2013 -- with a 5-1 win over 35-year-old veteran Ghenadi TULBEA (MON) in the men’s 57kg class.

Men’s Freestyle 57kg

Vladimir KHINCHEGASHVILI (GEO) scored with a single-leg attack and drop to the back for a 5-1 triumph in the final. Ghenadi TULBEA (MON), formerly a two-time European champion for Moldova, earned his new home of Monaco their first-ever continental crown in wrestling.

Zoheir EL OUARRAGE (FRA) forced a late penalty point on Yarygin Grand Prix champion Rustam AMPAR (RUS) for a 3-3 win on criteria, while Garik BARSEGHYAN (ARM) went behind Andrei DUKOV (ROU) with a duck-under in the second period for a 3-1 win.

Men’s Freestyle 61kg

Haji ALIEV (AZE) had world champion Bekhan GOYGEREEV (RUS) on the defensive with slick leg attacks throughout their championship bout, breaking open a 4-3 nail-biter with single-legs and a clean double-leg to win going away 12-5.

Andrei PERPELITA (MDA) closed the first period with a go-behind to gut wrench combination for four points on his way to a 6-3 win over Krzysztof BIENKOWSKI (POL), 6-3. Vasyl SHUPTAR (UKR) racked up six points in the final minute of the bout for a 12-5 win over Alexander SEMISOROW (GER).

Women’s Freestyle 53kg

Maria GUROVA (RUS) gave up the lead, 1-2, to Maria PREVOLARAKI (GRE) with 50 seconds remaining in the championship bout, but answered with a double-leg lift and drop to the back for four points and her first European championship title.

Natalia BUDU (MDA) rebounded from shaky start to rally and pin Mediterranean Games silver medalist Burcu KEBIC (TUR) for a bronze medal while Ana Marie PAVAL (ROU) edged Patimat BAGOMEDOVA (AZE) on criteria for the other.

Women’s Freestyle 60kg

Johanna MATTSSON (SWE) grabbed a front headlock and cranked 2013 European bronze medalist Hafize SAHIN (TUR) over for the fall and her first European championship since 2009.

“I didn’t know any of these wrestlers before today, so I was a little nervous,” Mattsson said. “But, Fari (coach Fariborz Besarati) made some suggestions and I was relaxed and patient.”

Olga BUTKEVICH (GBR), 2012 world bronze medalist, ran over a takedown attempt by Nadezhda MIKHALOVA (BLR) and pressed for the fall only 18 seconds into the bronze medal final.

Taybe YUSEIN (BUL) opened up in a second period with her unorthodox style with a go-behind and gut wrench against Svetlana LIPATOVA (RUS), then cranked the junior world champ over for the fall at 5:58.

Final Results from the 2014 European Championships

Women’s freestyle 53kg (19 entries)

Championship final
Maria GUROVA (RUS) df. Maria PREVOLARAKI (GRE), 6-2

Bronze medal finals
Natalia BUDU (MDA) df. Burcu KEBIC (TUR) by fall, 1:23
Ana Maria PAVAL (ROU) df. Patimat BAGOMEDOVA (AZE), 1-1 (0-1 cautions)

Maria GUROVA (RUS) df. Natalia BUDU (MDA), 5-0
Maria PREVOLARAKI (GRE) df. Ana Maria PAVAL (ROU) by TF, 12-1, 2:11

Burcu KEBIC (TUR) df. Evelina NIKOLOVA (BUL), 7-5
Patimat BAGOMEDOVA (AZE) df. Francesca MORI (ITA) by TF, 10-0, 4:46

Natalia BUDU (MDA) df Vania GUERREIRO (POR) by TF, 12-1
Maria GUROVA (RUS) df. Evelina NIKOLOVA (BUL) by TF, 10-0, 3:13
Maria PREVOLARAKI (GRE) df. Patimat BAGOMEDOVA (AZE) by fall, 2:23
Ana Maria PAVAL (ROU) df. Katarzyna KRAWCZYK (POL), 4-4

Round of 16
Vania GUERREIRO (POR) df. Janika VAKKILA (FIN), 8-2
Natalia BUDU (MDA) df. Tatiana DEBIEN (FRA), 4-4
Maria GUROVA (RUS) df. Burcu KEBIC (TUR) by fall, 2:16
Evelina NIKOLOVA (BUL) df. Liliya HORISHNA (UKR) by fall, 5:00
Patimat BAGOMEDOVA (AZE) df. Laura MERTENS (GER), 7-2
Maria PREVOLARAKI (GRE) df. Francesca MORI (ITA), 10-4
Ana Maria PAVAL (ROU) df. Dorina PETER (AUT) by TF, 10-0
Katarzyna KRAWCZYK (POL) df. Nadeshda SHUSHKO (BLR) by TF, 11-1

Ana Maria PAVAL (ROU) df. Nadine TOKAR (SUI) by TF, 10-0, 5:16
Nadeshda SHUSHKO (BLR) df. Lenka MARTINAKOVA (CZE) by fall, 2:09
Katarzyna KRAWCZYK (POL) df. Karalina TJAPKO (LAT) by TF, 10-0, 2:07

Men’s freestyle 57kg (15 entries)
Championship final
Vladimir KHINCHEGASHVILI (GEO) df. Ghenadie TULBEA (MON), 5-1

Bronze medal finals
Garik BARSEGHYAN (ARM) df. Andrei DUKOV (ROU), 3-1
Zoheir EL OUARRAGE (FRA) df. Rustam AMPAR (RUS), 3-3 (technique with greater value)

Ghenadie TULBEA (MON) df. Andrei DUKOV (ROU), 6-3
Vladimir KHINCHEGASHVILI (GEO df. Rustam AMPAR (RUS), 6-4

Garik BARSEGHYAN (ARM) df. Galib ALIEV (AZE), 4-1
Zoheir EL OUARRAGE (FRA) df. Georgi VANGELOV (BUL), 6-5

Ghenadie TULBEA (MON) df. Galib ALIEV (AZE) by fall, 2:53
Andrei DUKOV (ROU) df. Vladislav ANDREEV (BLR), 5-4
Rustam AMPAR (RUS) df. Sezer AKGUL (TUR), 8-3

Ghenadie TULBEA (MON) df. Garik BARSEGHYAN (ARM), 14-13
Vladislav ANDREEV (BLR) df. Jozsef MOLNAR (HUN) by TF, 11-0
Andrei DUKOV (ROU) df. Levan METREVELI (ESP), 4-1
Zoheir EL OUARRAGE (FRA) df Manuel WOLFER (GER), 11-6
Sezer AKGUL (TUR) df. Clim GREC (MDA), 7-2
Rustam AMPAR (RUS) df. Sergey RATUSHNY (UKR), 8-0

Women’s freestyle 60kg (10 entries)
Championship final
Johanna MATTSSON (SWE) df. Hafize SAHIN (TUR)

Bronze medal finals
Olga BUTKEVYCH (GBR) df. Nadzeya MIKHALKOVA (BLR) by fall, 0:18
Taybe YUSEIN (BUL) df. Svetlana LIPATOVA (RUS) by fall, 5:58

Hafize SAHIN (TUR) df. Olga BUTKEVYCH (GBR), 15-14
Johanna MATTSSON (SWE) df. Taybe YUSEIN (BUL), 7-0

Olga BUTKEVYCH (GBR) df. Georgiana FILIP (ROU) by fall, 1:20
Hafize SAHIN (TUR) df. Nadzeya MIKHALKOVA (BLR) by fall, 2:03
Johanna MATTSSON (SWE) df. Svetlana LIPATOVA (RUS), 8-3
Taybe YUSEIN (BUL) df. Yuliya RATKEVICH (AZE), 8-4

Taybe YUSEIN (BUL) df. Oksana HERHEL (UKR) by TF, 13-2
Yuliya RATKEVICH (AZE) df. Ramona GALAMBOS (HUN), 6-2

Men’s freestyle 61kg (15 entries)
Championship final
Haji ALIYEV (AZE) df. Bekhan GOYGEREEV (RUS), 12-5

Bronze medal finals
Andrei PERPELITA (MDA) df. Krzysztof BIENKOWSKI (POL), 6-3
Vasyl SHUPTAR (UKR) df. Alexander SEMISOROW (GER), 12-5

Bekhan GOYGEREEV (RUS) df. Andrei PERPELITA (MDA), 8-4
Haji ALIYEV (AZE) df. Vasyl SHUPTAR (UKR) by fall

Krzysztof BIENKOWSKI (POL) df. Jasin REDZALARI (MKD) by TF, 13-2
Alexander SEMISOROW (GER) df. Beka LOMTADZE (GEO) by TF, 15-4, 4:00

Andrei PERPELITA (MDA) df. Vladimir DUBOV (BUL), 6-5
Bekhan GOYGEREEV (RUS) df. Jasin REDZALARI (MKD) by TF, 12-1
Vasyl SHUPTAR (UKR) df. Recep Munir AKTAS (TUR), 3-0
Haji ALIYEV (AZE) df. Beka LOMTADZE (GEO), 12-6

Andrei PERPELITA (MDA) df. Aleksei BASKAKOV (EST) by TF, 10-0, 1:20
Jasin REDZALARI (MKD) df. Sarunas JURCYS (LTU), 13-10
Bekhan GOYGEREEV (RUS) df. Krzysztof BIENKOWSKI (POL) by TF, 16-3
Vasyl SHUPTAR (UKR) df. Ronny RANNALA (FIN) by TF, 10-0, 5:32
Recep Munir AKTAS (TUR) df. Surkho RASHITKHANOV (BLR), 8-2
Beka LOMTADZE (GEO) df. Narek SANOYAN (ARM), 14-9
Haji ALIYEV (AZE) df. Alexander SEMISOROW (GER) by TF, 14-4

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