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USA Wrestling

#KeepOlympicWrestling COUNTDOWN - 5 days

Sept. 03, 2013, 8:24 a.m. (ET)
5 days until the IOC vote in Buenos Aires...

5 - Hamid Sourian (Iran), 5 WORLD TITLES, 1x Olympic champ
5 - Georgi Kogouashvili (Russia), 5 WORLD TITLES
5 - Nikolai Balboshin (Soviet Union), 5 WORLD TITLES, 1x Olympic champ
5 - Nikola Hartmann (Austria), 5 WORLD TITLES
5 - Alexander Tomov (Bulgaria), 5 WORLD TITLES
5 - Valeri Rensanchev (Soviet Union), 5 WORLD TITLES, 2x Olympic champ
5 - Xiue Zhong (China), 5 WORLD TITLES
5 - Ali Aliev (Soviet Union), 5 WORLD TITLES
5 - Leri Khabelov (Russia), 5 WORLD TITLES, 1x Olympic champ
5 - Makharbek Khadartsev (Russia), 5 WORLD TITLES, 2x Olympic champ
5 - Abdullah Movahed (Iran), 5 WORLD TITLES, 1x Olympic champ
5 - Shoko Yoshimura (Japan), 5 WORLD TITLES
5 - Dong Feng Liu (China), 5 WORLD TITLES
5 - Viktor Igumenov (Russia), 5 WORLD TITLES

Fact - Wrestling was a featured sport in the ancient Olympic Games in Greece, which were held from 776 BC through 394 AD. The two most successful wrestlers were Milo of Croton and Hipposthenes of Sparta, both who won six Olympic wrestling titles.

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Editor's Note: For 10 days, leading up to September 8, USA Wrestling will be doing a countdown until the IOC General Assembly vote concerning wrestling remaining on the Olympic program. The entire wrestling community is asked to be very active in its support of wrestling in social media and other platforms.