International Wrestling News website launched May 1, covering all aspects of global wrestling

By Amateur Wrestling News | May 01, 2013, 12:36 p.m. (ET)
A new website focusing on all aspects of international wrestling has been launched on May 1, the first day of World Wrestling Month.

International Wrestling News has been developed by Amateur Wrestling News, one of the world's top wrestling magazines and websites based in the United States.

Fans can enjoy this new website at:

The website covers all three Olympic styles of wrestling, on both the Senior and age-group levels. Content includes event coverage, features, videos, photos, results, rankings, forums and more. The website will feature stories from the international wrestling federation FILA as well as from journalists around the world. Amateur Wrestling News will also devote its respected staff of journalists to creating regular content for this website.

"We have a big world of wrestling. In our country, we mostly focus on a small but exciting part of it. It is not the whole picture. Most people don't follow international wrestling because they don't know the athletes. The excitement comes from knowing the matchups and the stories of the athletes. This website will benefit us in the USA, but will also have an impact worldwide. Internationally, nothing like this has been done before. What people do in wrestling around the world is interesting. It is a great business opportunity and will help grow the sport internationally" said Ray Brinzer of Amateur Wrestling News.

This initiative is one of the many things that Amateur Wrestling News is doing to support the Keep Olympic Wrestling movement.

"USA Wrestling applauds Amateur Wrestling News for making a substantial commitment to cover international wrestling" said USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender. "Their brand of quality journalism will make a difference in the promotion of wrestling across the world, as well as here in the USA."

"The International Wrestling News website is an excellent addition for the fans and readers of wrestling around the world. This site will help the sport worldwide, without a doubt" said Bob Condron, FILA Press Officer.