Illinois defeats Michigan for Junior Duals Greco-Roman Championship

By Richard Immel USA Wrestling | June 27, 2013, 12:58 p.m. (ET)
PHOTO LEFT: Ray Shoaf -

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - Illinois continued its dominance at the Junior National Duals winning the Greco-Roman championship with a 37-28 victory over Michigan in the first place match.

Ricky Robertson put Illinois on the board first with a 4-1 decision over Michigan's Payne Hayden at 195 lbs. giving Illinois the early 3-1 lead.

Sage Hecox extended the Illinois lead to 7-2 after a commanding 10-2 performance over Jimmy Russell of Michigan.

Michigan's All-American Adam Coon gave the team its first victory of the day with a 10-1 technical fall. Coon won every match prior to the finals by fall.

Illinois would reel off four straight victories beginning with Kirk Johansen at 100 lbs. to take a commanding 25-8 lead. Miguel Silva Jr., Nate Smith and Tommy Pawelski were the other victors for Illinois during this key stretch run.

From then on it was a back and forth between the two squads with Cole Weaver, Zac Hall, and Logan Massa picking up wins for Michigan and Darius Henry, Nick Georgean and Xavier Montalvo victorious for Illinois.

With the championship secured Illinois would forfeit 170 lbs. and 182 lbs. to finish the dual.

Illinois was deducted a team point to leave the final tally at 37-28.

California edged a tough Utah squad for third place 36-32 in a thriller. Washington picked up the win over Minnesota in the fifth place match 46-20. Missouri finished in seventh after a 43-24 win over Georgia.

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At Oklahoma City, Okla. June 26-29

Greco-Roman Results

Gold/Silver Pool Results (Places 1-8)
1st place match
Illinois defeated Michigan Blue 37-28
3rd place match
California defeated Utah 36-32
5th place match
Washington defeated Minnesota Black 46-20
7th place match
Missouri defeated Georgia 43-21

FIRST PLACE - Illinois 37 Pennsylvania 28
100: Kirk Johansen (Illinois) over Dalton Roberts (Michigan Blue) TF 10-3
106: Miguel Silva Jr (Illinois) over Joe Garcia (Michigan Blue) TF 13-4
113: Nate Smith (Illinois) over Camden Bertucci (Michigan Blue) Pin 2:16
120: Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) over Kyle Noonan (Michigan Blue) TF 8-0
126: Cole Weaver (Michigan Blue) over Jon Marmolejo (Illinois) Dec 4-0
132: Darius Henry (Illinois) over Ken Bade(Michigan Blue) TF 7-0
138: Zac Hall(Michigan Blue) over John Gahagan (Illinois) Dec 6-5
145: Logan Massa (Michigan Blue) over Cullen Cummings (Illinois) TF 8-0
152: Nick Georgean (Illinois) over Jake Johnson (Michigan Blue) TF 11-0
160: Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) over Logan Marcicki (Michigan Blue) TF 8-0
170: Andrew Garcia (Michigan Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
182: Tyler Wildmo (Michigan Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
195: Ricky Robertson (Illinois) over Payne Hayden (Michigan Blue) Dec 4-1
220: Sage Hecox (Illinois) over Jimmy Russell (Michigan Blue) TF 10-2
285: Adam Coon (Michigan Blue) over Adarios Jones (Illinois) TF 10-1

THIRD PLACE - California 36 Utah 32
100: Cameron Hunsaker (Utah) over Andrew Nelms (California) TF 7-0
106: Joey Cisneros (California) over Brock George (Utah) Dec 6-0
113: Perez Perez (California) over Josh Jensen (Utah) Pin 4:44
120: Taylor LaMont (Utah) over Gionn Peralta (California) Pin 2:18
126: Zahid Valencia (California) over Antonio Meikel (Utah) TF 9-2
132: Matt Findlay (Utah) over Jimmy Felix (California) TF 7-0
138: Elijah Davis (California) over Jared Ewart (Utah) TF 8-0
145: Brooks Robinson (Utah) over Michael Longo (California) TF 9-1
152: Kevan Garcia (California) over Jordan Wengreen (Utah) Pin 2:21
160: Anthony Valencia (California) over Dalton Harmon (Utah) TF 8-0
170: Kimball Bastian (Utah) over Anthony Anderson (California) TF 7-0
182: Sohrab Movahedi (California) over Aaron Thomson (Utah) TF 11-3
195: Jeramy Sweany (California) over Micah Gill (Utah) TF 10-3
220: Roy Nash (Utah) over Trevor Smith (California) TF 8-1
285: Zac Dawe (Utah) over Derrick Jones (California) TF 9-2

FIFTH PLACE - Minnesota 20 Washington 46
100: Zac Hanson (Washington) over Nick Pastika (Minnesota Black) Dec 8-2
106: Paul Fitterer (Minnesota Black) over Jesse Torres (Washington) TF 8-0
113: Austin Anderly (Minnesota Black) over Trenton Skelton (Washington) TF 14-5
120: Glenn Robertson (Washington) over Skyler Petry (Minnesota Black) TF 12-5
126: Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota Black) over Cruz Velasquez (Washington) TF 8-0
132: Josh Newberg (Washington) over Louie Sanders (Minnesota Black) TF 9-0
138: Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Roman Wundrow (Minnesota Black) TF 7-0
145: Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota Black) over Joseph Grable (Washington) Dec 3-0
152: Dillon Harris (Washington) over Nikolaus Borchert (Minnesota Black) Pin 0:50
160: Tyler McLean (Washington) over Dayton Racer (Minnesota Black) Pin 1:53
170: Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Lucas Westrich (Minnesota Black) Pin 0:22
182: Aaron Dickson (Washington) over Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota Black) Dec 12-9
195: Tanner Orndorff (Washington) over Christian Dulaney (Minnesota Black) Pin 1:14
220: Matt Voss (Washington) over Nathan Preston (Minnesota Black) TF 11-4
285: Edwin Torres (Washington) over Jerrad Nieland (Minnesota Black) Dec 3-2

SEVENTH PLACE - Missouri 43 Georgia 24
100: Todd Small (Georgia) over Jet Tryon (Missouri) TF 8-0
106: Sydney Oliver (Missouri) over Paul Trey Paschal (Georgia) TF 8-0
113: Matt Barman (Missouri) over Adam Flatt (Georgia) TF 10-2
120: Isaiha Johnson (Missouri) over Hunter Kelley (Georgia) TF 8-0
126: John Erneste (Missouri) over Bryce Holloman (Georgia) Pin 1:51
132: Noah Teaney (Missouri) over Andrew Webb (Georgia) TF 9-1
138: Jake Hodges (Georgia) over Rodney Clevenger (Missouri) TF 7-0
145: Matthew Moody (Georgia) over Lawton Benna (Missouri) TF 8-0
152: Zach Enloe (Missouri) over Warren Cain (Georgia) TF 11-4
160: Khalil Abdushshakur (Georgia) over Tony Clinesmith (Missouri) TF 8-0
170: Austin Repp (Missouri) over Lavon Woods (Georgia) Inj 4:17
182: Michael Pixley (Missouri) over Deandre Sims (Georgia) TF 8-0
195: Joseph McClure (Georgia) over August Sobbing (Missouri) Pin 0:24
220: Matt McClimmens (Missouri) over Tyler Denova (Georgia) TF 8-0
285: Jacob Semple (Missouri) over Alex Ashley (Georgia) Pin 1:15

Bronze/Copper Pool Results (Places 9-16)
9th Place Match
Kansas defeated Iowa 53-17
11th Place Match
Florida Red over New Jersey 41-32
13th Place Match
Texas Blue defeated Florida 37-33
15th Place Match
New York defeated Pennsylvania 40-26

Red/Blue Pool Results (Places 17-24)
17th Place Match
Nebraska defeated South Dakota Blue 44-24
19th Place Match
Minnesota Blue defeated Colorado 60-8
21st Place Match
Michigan Red defeated North Dakota Red 39-28
23rd Place Match
Texas Red defeated North Carolina 44-22