Illinois beats Pennsylvania in Cadet National Greco Roman Duals final in Daytona Beach Fla

By Bryan Baumgartner USA Wrestling | June 17, 2013, 10:25 a.m. (ET)
DAYTONA BEACH - Fla. - Illinois dominated Pennsylvania 60-18 in the final of the 2013 Cadet National Greco-Roman Duals, winning 14 of the 17 bouts to claim the title.

Illinois jumped out to an early 12-0 lead behind light weight wins from Louie Hayes (by decision) at 88 lbs., Nolan Baker (by pin) at 94 lbs. and Jimmy Pawleski (by technical fall) at 100 lbs.

Cadet World Team member Spener Lee of Pennsylvania pinned Austin O'Connor in 3:52 at 106 lbs. to shorten Team Illinois's lead to 12-5. That was as close as Pennsylvania would get as defending champion Illinois won the next nine bouts to seal the win.

Picking up wins by pin for Illinois were Nolan Baker (94 lbs.), Larry Early (145 lbs.), Dru Worker (170 lbs.) and Romeo McNight (220 lbs.) while Gabe Townsell (120 lbs.), Jonathon Doyle (126 lbs.), Isaiah White (138 lbs.), Joey Gunther (152 lbs.), Kamal Bey (160 lbs.) and Allen Stallings (195 lbs.) all won by technical fall.

Also picking up wins for Illinois were Andrew McFall (113 lbs.) and Riley Beard (132 lbs.).

Drew Phillips of Pennsylvania defeated Andrew Marsden (pin 2:08) at 182 lbs. and Pennsylvania's Andrew Dunn picked up a 10-2 technical fall over Adam Lempke-Bell at 285 lbs. for the Keystone State's other victories.

Illinois and Pennsylvania met in the final after both competing in Pool B, in which Illinois defeated Pennsylvania 45-31 in the first place match.

The win came a week after the Illinois schoolboy squad was upset by Pennsylvania in the final match of the 2013 Schoolboy National Greco-Roman Duals.

Utah placed third after beating Georgia 41-34.

An exciting fifth place match saw New Jersey win on criteria over Maryland after the teams competed to a 37-37 draw. After a back and forth dual, the teams found themselves tied 32-32 after 15 bouts. Michael Smith came up big for Maryland, pinning DeMarco Woody in 0:34 to open up a five point lead in the team score. New Jersey's Davontae Randall came right back with a pin of his own over Garrett Wallace in 1:18 to score five clutch team points and bring the score to 37-37 before New Jersey was awarded the victory.

Washington defeated Pennsylvania's Blue squad 46-36 to place seventh.

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At Daytona Beach, Fla. June 12-15

Greco-Roman Results

Gold /Silver Pool Results (Places 1-8)
1st Place Match
Illinois defeated Pennsylvania Red 60-18.
3rd Place Match
Utah defeated Georgia Red 41-34.
5th Place Match
New Jersey defeated Maryland 37-37.
7th Place Match
Washington defeated Pennsylvania Blue 46-36.

FIRST PLACE - Team Illinois 60 Pennsylvania 18
88: Louie Hayes (Illinois) over Gavin Teasdale (Pennsylvania Red) Dec 4-0
94: Nolan Baker (Illinois) over Cole Manley (Pennsylvania Red) Pin 1:59
100: Jimmy Pawleski (Illinois) over Jose Morales (Pennsylvania Red) TF 7-0
106: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania Red) over Austin O`Connor (Illinois) Pin 3:52
113: Andrew McFall (Illinois) over Collin Glorioso (Pennsylvania Red) Dec 14-10
120: Gabe Townsell (Illinois) over Cameron Coy (Pennsylvania Red) TF 7-0
126: Jonathon Doyle (Illinois) over Evan Fidelibus (Pennsylvania Red) TF 7-0
132: Riley Beard (Illinois) over Jarod Verkleeren (Pennsylvania Red) Inj 4:46
138: Isiah White (Illinois) over Kaleb Young (Pennsylvania Red) TF 9-1
145: Larry Early (Illinois) over Dalton Ray (Pennsylvania Red) Pin 3:00
152: Joey Gunther (Illinois) over Dominic DeLauerentis (Pennsylvania Red) TF 12-5
160: Kamal Bey (Illinois) over Zach Graver (Pennsylvania Red) TF 9-0
170: Dru Worker (Illinois) over Josh Colello (Pennsylvania Red) Pin 2:16
182: Drew Phipps (Pennsylvania Red) over Andrew Marsden (Illinois) Pin 2:08
195: Allen Stallings (Illinois) over Michael Rogers (Pennsylvania Red) TF 9-2
220: Romeo McNight (Illinois) over Bryce Town (Pennsylvania Red) Pin 1:53
285: Andrew Dunn (Pennsylvania Red) over Adam Lempke-Bell (Illinois) TF 10-2

THIRD PLACE - Utah 41 Georgia 34
88: Brandon Meikel (Utah) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
94: Jaxon Cole (Utah) over Todd Small (Georgia Red) Pin 0:19
100: Jace Tilley (Utah) over Dalton Reese (Georgia Red) TF 11-3
106: Tanner Cox (Utah) over Justin George (Georgia Red) TF 8-0
113: Adam Flatt (Georgia Red) over Jayden Pentz (Utah) Dec 8-6
120: Jordan Pitt (Georgia Red) over Dallin Denton (Utah) TF 7-0
126: Taylor LaMont (Utah) over Greg Hilliard (Georgia Red) TF 8-0
132: Jordan McRae (Utah) over Marvin Cunningham (Georgia Red) Pin 0:11
138: Jake Adcock (Georgia Red) over David Kim (Utah) TF 8-0
145: Johnny O`Hearon (Utah) over Davis Ison (Georgia Red) TF 12-5
152: Taylor Lujan (Georgia Red) over Koy Wilkinson (Utah) TF 8-0
160: Spencer Heywood (Utah) over Demarco Gatti (Georgia Red) Dec 10-5
170: Elijah Kerr-Brown (Georgia Red) over Wyatt Koelling (Utah) Dec 13-8
182: Roberto Rivera (Georgia Red) over Will Lang (Utah) TF 8-0
195: Roderick Davis (Georgia Red) over Wade French (Utah) TF 8-1
220: Ben Bos (Utah) over McKenzie Martin (Georgia Red) TF 8-0
285: George Humphreys (Georgia Red) over Dalton Mortensen (Utah) Pin 2:25

FIFTH PLACE - New Jersey 37 Maryland 37
88: Joe Thomas (Maryland) over Mark DiGeronimo (New Jersey) TF 7-0
94: Daniel Percelay (New Jersey) over Cody Trybus (Maryland) TF 8-0
100: Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) over Peter Nace (New Jersey) Pin 1:52
106: Ty Agaisse (New Jersey) over Michael Doetsch (Maryland) Dec 11-5
113: Denzel Tovar (New Jersey) over Alexander Kline (Maryland) Pin 1:38
120: Owen McClave (New Jersey) over Quinn Devaney (Maryland) Dec 6-4
126: Brady Ford (New Jersey) over Marty Margolis (Maryland) Dec 11-9
132: Stephen Persaud (New Jersey) over Alexander Brown (Maryland) Pin 0:53
138: Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over Sam Morina (New Jersey) TF 7-0
145: Austin Kraisser (Maryland) over Alec Donovan (New Jersey) Dec 7-2
152: Christian Almony (Maryland) over Andrew Gombas (New Jersey) TF 7-0
160: Joe Grello (New Jersey) over Ian Park (Maryland) Pin 0:29
170: Jaron Smith (Maryland) over Kenny Long (New Jersey) TF 9-0
182: Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Kevin Mulligan (New Jersey) TF 7-0
195: Abraham Saavedra (New Jersey) over Mansur Abdul-Malik (Maryland) Dec 10-4
220: Michael Smith (Maryland) over DeMarco Woody (New Jersey) Pin 0:34
285: Davontae Randall (New Jersey) over Garrett Wallace (Maryland) Pin 1:18

SEVENTH PLACE - Washington 46 Pennsylvania Blue 36
88: Joe Galian (Pennsylvania Blue) over David Espinoza (Washington) Pin 0:43
94: William Kaldes (Pennsylvania Blue) over Chase Wickman (Washington) TF 14-6
100: Wyatt Long (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jeremy Nygard (Washington) Pin 3:55
106: Hunter Bair (Washington) over Angelo Barberio (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 7-0
113: Eric Hong (Pennsylvania Blue) over Brenten Goodwater (Washington) Pin 2:42
120: Jarrette Carter (Pennsylvania Blue) over Brandon Forster (Washington) Dec 7-5
126: Darren Harris (Washington) over Curt Decker (Pennsylvania Blue) Pin 0:38
132: Joey Escobar (Washington) over Garrett Kyner (Pennsylvania Blue) Pin 4:01
138: Tom Strassenberg (Washington) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
145: D J Hollingshead (Pennsylvania Blue) over Corde` Ferreira (Washington) TF 14-7
152: Garrett Hoffman (Pennsylvania Blue) over Rich Bondurant (Washington) TF 8-0
160: Mitchell Owens (Washington) over Deyshawn Carr (Pennsylvania Blue) Pin 1:07
170: Derek Dragon (Pennsylvania Blue) over Falani Gill (Washington) Pin 3:35
182: Easton Edwards (Washington) over Cory Dreibelbis (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 13-5
195: Garret Arrona (Washington) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220: Dallas Goodpaster (Washington) over Jake Rugis (Pennsylvania Blue) Pin 0:40
285: Tate Orndorff (Washington) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Bronze/Copper Pool Results (Places 9-16)
1st Place Match
California defeated Florida Red 55-24.
3rd Place Match
Missouri defeated Indiana 43-37.
5th Place Match
Texas defeated Virginia 47-27.
7th Place Match
Kansas defeated Florida Blue 67-11.

Red/Blue Pool Results (Places 17-24)
1st Place Match
Michigan Blue defeated Michigan Red 62-16.
3rd Place Match
Oklahoma defeated North Carolina 57-21.
5th Place Match
This match has not been wrestled yet.
7th Place Match
New Mexico defeated Georgia Blue 31-30.