FILA establishes a Scientific Commission, and calls for abstracts for the Scientific Congress in Budapest

By FILA | July 11, 2013, 1:03 p.m. (ET)
FILA, the international wrestling federation, has established a Scientific Commission, and has announced that the group will meet at a Scientific Congress alongside the 2013 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, September 17-19.

One of the members of the FILA Scientific Commission is Dr. David Curby of the United States, who has been a leader within the wrestling scientific community for many years.

The other commission members are Ioannis Barbas of Greece, Bahman Mirzeai of Iran, Boris Podlivaev of Russia and Harold Tünnemann of Germany.

A call for abstracts for the Congress has been made, with a July 20 deadline for their receipt. Information is below, and in the pdf linked from this page.

Download Scientific Congress information from FILA website

FILA President Nenad Lalovic congratulated the group for its work in the past, and how it will affect the sport in the future.

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the International Network of Wrestling Researchers for its excellent work and the remarkable growth of your membership with a truly world-wide representation. Your publication, the International Journal of Wrestling Science is a scholarly work that is contributing to an understanding of all facets of wrestling. The affiliation between the FILA and the INWR has contributed to the establishment of a Scientific Commission within FILA. I believe that from our recent challenges, we in wrestling have reacted in the in a positive manner that is something of a rebirth. FILA looks to the scientists and sport professionals from the INWR to continue this phenomenon through providing scientific expertise in presenting solutions to the modern problems we face. Your work can improve international collaboration and will be used to advance the development of our sport in all areas of the world. Bravo!" said Lalovic.

FILA Scientific Commission - Scientific Congress
Held in Conjunction with the Senior World Wrestling Championships - Budapest
Lá¡szlό Papp Sportarena, September 17-19, 2013


Tuesday, September 17th 9:00-12:00
Welcome by Scientific Commission: Ioannis Barbas, David Curby, Bahman Mirzeai, Boris Podlivaev & Harold Tünnemann
Moderators: Szabolcs Molná¡r (HUN) & Dr.Mehmet Ozal (TUR)
Keynote Lecture 1: Dr. Tibor Barna (HUN) Back to the Future? Training Adjustments for the New Match Structure
Moderator: Dr. Ramazan Savranbasi (TUR)
Keynote Lecture 2: Dr. Georgiy Korobeynikov (UKR) Psychophysiological Diagnostics of the Functional States in Wrestlers
Moderator: Dr. Ioannis Barbas (GRE)
Keynote Lecture 3: Prof. Boris Podlivaev (RUS) & Prof. Alexander Korjenevsky (RUS) The Level of Functional Preparedness and the Performance of Top Greco-Roman Wrestlers

Wednesday, September 18th 9:00-12:00
Welcome and Introduction-Dr. Ioannis Barbas (GRE)
Mr. Daoulet Turlykhanov (KAZ - FILA Bureau member) FILA & Science
Moderators: Dr. Mario Baic (CRO) & Dr. Aleksey Shevstov (RUS)
Keynote Lecture 4: Professor Vahur Ӧöpik (EST) Optimal Recovery From the Making Weight Process For Wrestlers
Moderator: Dr. Fikrat Kerimov (UZB)
Keynote Lecture 5: David Lopez (MEX) Match Analysis Techniques
Moderator: Georgy Bryusov (RUS) Vice-President of the European Council of Associated Wrestling (CELA) and General Secretary of Russian Wrestling Federation
Keynote Lecture 6: Dr. David Curby (USA) Sunrise to Sunset - Growth, Development & Maturational Issues in the Lifespan of the Wrestler

Thursday, September 19th 9:00-12:00
Prof. Milorad Dokmanac (SRB) presents President Nenad Lalovic
Remarks by FILA President Nenad Lalovic: "Wrestling in 2020"
Moderator: Dr. Elena Abaeva (UZB)
Keynote Lecture 7: Professors Tian Ye and Zihong He (CHN): Monitoring Overtraining in Women Wrestlers
Panel Discussion: Response of Women to Wrestling Training with Professor Kazuhito Sakae (JPN) & Professor Bruno Hartmann (AUT)
Moderator: Prof. Mehmet Turkmen (TUR)
Keynote Lecture 8: Dr. Abdulkadir Mu'azu (NIG) Wrestling in the Emerging Countries of Africa-What is the Role of Sport Science? Roundtable Discussion: How Best to Preserve Traditional Wrestling and at the Same Time Develop International Wrestlers? Dr.Turkmen, Dr. Mu'azu, Dr. Sylvia Bakalova (BUL), Khashayar Sarrafi (Pahlavani Wrestling Research Institute) & Timothy Foley (USA) Wrestling Roots
Moderators and Panelists: Dr. Mindaugas Ezerskis (LTU), Mr. Stan Dziedzic (USA - FILA Vice President), & Prof. Stephan Kazarian (FILA Technical Commission)
Keynote Lecture 9: Prof. Dr. Harold Tunnemann (GER) Evolution and Adjustments for the New Rules-Some Interesting Video Examples
Panel Discussion: The Rules of Wrestling
Closing Comments by Mr. Csaba Hegedus (Pres. of Hungarian Wrestling Federation & FILA Bureau Member)
Distribution of Diplomas and Photos

The FILA Scientific Commission Announces a Call for Posters/Abstracts for the Scientific Congress to be held in conjunction with the Senior World Wrestling Championships, Budapest, Hungary at the Lá¡szlό Papp Sportarena, September 16-22, 2013

Topics to include training science, physiology, psychology, sports medicine, biomechanics, pedagogy, history, sociology, sport nutrition, and sports management.
□ Original Papers
□ Review Articles
□ Technique Analysis
□ Scoring Analysis
□ Case Studies/Profiles
Papers covering every aspect of wrestling science are welcomed

Abstracts accepted through July 20, 2013. While there will be a viewing time with authors present, authors will NOT be required to be present in Budapest to have their abstract accepted. Posters can be mailed to:

Hungarian Wrestling Federation
Attention: FILA Scientific Congress
H-1146 Budapest, Istvá¡nmezei út 1-3.

Rules for Submission of Abstracts
1) All authors must approve the submitted abstract.
2) The final acceptance decision is the exclusive right of the FILA Scientific Commission.
3) The primary focus and substance of the submitted abstract/case must be novel. The abstract must not have been published as an abstract or as a full paper in a scientific, medical, or professional publication at the time of submission. Abstract data may not be presented prior to the FILA Scientific Congress.
4) Human studies must comply with either the ACSM Policy Statement Regarding the Use of Human Subjects and Informed Consent (1998), or the Declaration of Helsinki Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects (Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2000).
5) To ensure consistency and clarity, it is directed that authors utilize the units of measurement of the Systeme International de'Unite (SI).
6) Senior researchers and clinicians may be affiliated with or have financial interest in commercial entities that may have a bearing on the subject matter of an abstract presentation. The prospective audience must be made aware of the affiliation/financial interest by an acknowledgment in the final program. This Statement of Disclosure is listed at the end of the abstract.
7) Abstract submissions are only being accepted electronically and must be submitted no later than July 20, 2013 to Dr. Bahman Mirzaei at:
8) You will be notified electronically of the acceptance/rejection of your abstract by July 31, 2013.
9) Please indicate in your email whether or not you will be in attendance.

Preparing the Abstract
Accepted abstracts will be published in the September (World Championship) Issue of the International Journal of Wrestling Science. You are limited to 2,300 characters in Times New Roman, 10 point font. (not including spaces, title, or author block). If including table, chart, or graph, your text character count will be limited to accommodate your graphic. Do not use brand names in the abstract. Indicate grant funding information at the bottom of the abstract in the Statement of Disclosure.
Title: The title should be brief (limit to 15 words).
Authors: The first and last names of the authors will be included in the author block. Do not include degrees, as this affects online search functions.
Institutions: Institutions of all authors will be included. Do not include departments.
Text: The abstract must be informative, including a statement of the study's specific PURPOSE, METHODS, summary of RESULTS, and CONCLUSION statement using these headings. It is unsatisfactory to state, "The results will be discussed." Abstracts of experimental studies must include data to substantiate the conclusions being drawn. It is not satisfactory to simply describe what was found verbally in general terms. The lack of inclusion of experimental data may result in the abstract being rejected. The abstract must be written in English.
Character Limit-Limited to 2,300 characters (not including spaces). If including a table, chart or graph, the character limit will be approximately 1,700 characters depending on the size of the object.
Nonconforming abstracts will be rejected.