King Univ. remains No. 1 team in WCWA Women’s College National Rankings

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | Dec. 18, 2013, 4:47 p.m. (ET)

Photos of Simon Fraser's Helen Maroulis, competing at the 2013 World Wrestling Championships for the USA, from Tony Rotundo/Wrestlers Are Warriors.

King University remains the No. 1 ranked team in the WCWA Women’s College National Rankings, released December 18.

Led by three No. 1 wrestlers and a strong performance in dual meets, Jason Moorman’s Tornado team holds the top spot heading into the last month of the women’s college season.

Archie Randall’s Oklahoma City jumps to No. 2, after being in a tie with Simon Fraser for No. 2 in the last poll. Mike Jones’ Simon Fraser team, the defending WCWA National champion, comes in at No. 3.

No. 4 Wayland Baptist and No. 5 Lindenwood remain in the same ranking as last poll. Rounding out the top 10 are a tie at No. 6 with Missouri Baptist and Campbellsville, a tie at No. 8 with Univ. of the Cumberlands and Missouri Valley College and No. 10 Waldorf College.

Three different athletes earned No. 1 individual rankings this time: Helen Maroulis of Simon Fraser (123), Rachel McFarland of Oklahoma City (130) and Jenna McLatchy of Simon Fraser (190).

Maroulis, a three-time WCWA national champion and past Senior World silver medalist, was not in the previous ranking, and neither was McFarland. McLatchy, a past national champion, was ranked No. 2 the last time.

The WCWA Women’s College National Championships are set for Missouri Baptist Univ. in St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 24-25.


101 pounds

1. Emily Webster, Jr., Oklahoma City Univ.
2. Darby Huckle, Jr., Simon Fraser Univ.
3. Vanessa Smith, Fr., Wayland Baptist Univ.
4. Brianna Rahall, Sr., Oklahoma City Univ.
5. Sara Allen, Fr., Univ. of the Cumberlands
6. Shannon Constantine, Sr. King Univ.
7. Ashley Illif, So., King Univ.
8. Taylor Reuriz, Fr., McKendree Univ.
9. Lily Trinh, Fr., NW Kansas Tech
10. Stephanie Martinez, Fr., Oklahoma City Univ.

109 pounds
1. Victoria Anthony, Sr., Simon Fraser Univ.
2. Cody Pfau, Fr., Oklahoma City Univ.
3. Kristi Garr, Sr., Oklahoma City Univ.
4. Breonnah Neal, Fr., Campbellsville Univ.
5. Daisy Santos, Fr., King University
6. Gracy Paxton, Fr., Univ. of the Cumberlands
7. Michelle Guerrero, Fr., Wayland Baptist Univ
8. Taylor Zboray, So., Midland Univ.
9. Cheyenn Kemp, So., Wayland Baptist Univ.
10. Michiko Araki, Sr., Simon Fraser Univ.

116 pounds
1. Haley Augello, Fr., King Univ.
2. Jessica Fresh, Jr., Waldorf College
3. Nikkie Brar, Jr., Simon Fraser Univ.
4. Samantha Klingel, Jr., King Univ.
5. Shelby Morrison, So., Oklahoma City Univ.
6. Bree Rapoza, Fr., Missouri Baptist Univ.
7. Amy Fearnside, So., Univ. of Jamestown
8. Rachel Archer, Fr., Oklahoma City Univ.
9. Sherri Berube, Jr., Univ. of the Cumberlands
10. Michele Lomas, Fr., Campbellsville Univ.

123 pounds
1. Helen Maroulis, Sr., Simon Fraser Univ.
2. Sarah Hildebrandt, Jr., King Univ.
3. Jacarra Winchester, Jr., Missouri Valley College
4. Kayla Brendlinger, Jr., King Univ.
5. Tam Tillman, Jr., Univ. of the Cumberlands
6. Diaysha Moore, So., Lindenwood Univ.
7. Breanna Delgado, Jr., Oklahoma City Univ.
8. Cady Chessin, Fr., Menlo College
9. Kayla Bartosh, Sr., King Univ.
10. Montana Drum, Fr., Missouri Baptist Univ.

130 pounds
1. Rachel McFarland, So., Oklahoma City Univ.
2. Cheyenne Youngblood, So., Missouri Baptist Univ.
3. Rosemary Flores, Fr., Campbellsville Univ.
4. Gina Carpenter, Sr., Simon Fraser Univ.
5. Rachael Factora, Jr., Lindenwood Univ.
6. Carla Ponce, Fr., Oklahoma City Univ.
7. Megan Black, So., King Univ.
8. Tarkyia Mensah, Jr., Wayland Baptist Univ.
9. Rachael Young, So., Oklahoma City Univ.
10. Gabrielle Wehyrich, Fr., McKendree Univ.

136 pounds
1. Alli Ragan, Sr., King Univ.
2. Samantha Villegas, Jr., Wayland Baptist Univ.
3. Monica Ramirez, So., Lindenwood Univ.
4. Mallory Velt, Fr., Simon Fraser Univ.
5. Beatrize Martinez, Sr., Oklahoma City Univ.
6. Alyssa Michael, So., Univ. of the Cumberlands
7. Dakota Heisinger, Fr., Lindenwood Univ.
8. Gabby Klein, Jr., Waldorf College
9. Kerstin Harmon, Sr., Univ. of the Cumberlands
10. Natalia Hinojo, Fr., Oklahoma City Univ.

143 pounds
1. Tamyra Mensah, Jr., Wayland Baptist Univ.
2. Amanda Hendey, Jr., King Univ.
3. Stephanie Geltmacher, Sr., Oklahoma City Univ.
4. Forrest Molinari, Fr., Missouri Baptist Univ.
5. Frances Efiong, Sr., Missouri Valley College
6. Kayla Aggio, So., Oklahoma City Univ.
7. Brittany David, Sr., Lindenwood
8. Shai Mason, Jr., Univ. of Jamestown
9. Stacy Martin, Sr., King Univ.

155 pounds
1. Julia Salata, Jr., King Univ.
2. Amy Spafford, So., Lindenwood Univ.
3. Demi Strub, Jr., Oklahoma City Univ.
4. Valerie Rosales, Jr., Wayland Baptist Univ
5. Michele Organ, Fr., Campbellsville Univ.
6. Hailey Garcia, Fr., Oklahoma City Univ.
7. Renee Samano, Fr., Univ. of Jamestown
8. Monika Podgoski, So., Simon Fraser Univ.
9. Angelica Hernandez, Jr., Univ. of the Cumberlands
10. Rachael Chin, Fr., Menlo College

170 pounds
1. Justina Distasio, Sr., Simon Fraser Univ.
2. Lorrie Ramos, Jr., King Univ
3. Ruth Ledger, Jr., Lindenwood Univ.
4. Gaby Guzmann, Fr., Lindenwood Univ.
5. Brittany Jones, Sr., Missouri Valley College
6. Kerri Bumpers, Jr., King Univ.
7. Kayla Violin, Sr., Univ. of Jamestown
8. Brenda Mendoza, Sr., Wayland Baptist Univ.
9. Sherese Thomas, So., Oklahoma City Univ.
10. Lillia Gudzyuk, So., Univ. of Jamestown

191 pounds
1. Jenna McLatchy, Sr., Simon Fraser Univ.
2. Malexis McAdoo, So., King Univ.
3. Heather O’Connor, Jr. Oklahoma City Univ.
4. Leya Luafelemana, Sr., Northwest Kansas Tech.
5. Angela Vyborny, Sr., Wayland Baptist Univ.
6. Amanda Allen, Fr., Univ. of the Cumberland
7. Kierra Boyce, Fr., Wayland Baptist Univ.
8. Nina Wyre, Fr., Wayland Baptist Univ.
9. Lachae Bynun-Banks, Fr., Missouri Valley College
10. Magen Freeman, Fr., Lindenwood Univ.

Team Rankings
Rank/Team/Division/points/last poll

1. King University, Div. II, 124 pts., 1 last poll
2. Oklahoma City University, NAIA, 103 pts., 2 tie last poll
3. Simon Fraser Univ., Div. II, 100 pts., 2 tie last poll
4. Wayland Baptist University, NAIA, 54 pts., 4 last poll
5. Lindenwood Univ., Div. II, 48 pts., 5 last poll
6. (tie) Missouri Baptist University, NAIA, 21 pts., 6 tie last poll
6. (tie) Campbellsville, NAIA, 21 pts., 10 last poll
8. (tie) University of the Cumberlands, NAIA, 19 pts., 6 tie last poll
8. (tie) Missouri Valley College, NAIA, 19 pts., 9 last poll
10. Waldorf College, NAIA, 8 pts., 11 tie last poll
11. Northwest Kansas Tech, NJCAA, 7 pts., unranked last poll
12. University of Jamestown, NAIA, 5 pts., 8 last poll
13. McKendree University, NAIA, 1 pt., 13 last poll
14. Midland University, NAIA, 1 pt., 11 tie last poll
Four teams did not receive any points: Lindenwood-Belleville, Menlo College, Pacific University, Southwest Oregon CC

Dual Team Rankings
1. King University
2. Simon Fraser University
3. Oklahoma City University
4. Wayland Baptist University
5. Lindenwood University
6. Missouri Baptist University
7. University of the Cumberlands
8. McKendree University
9. Missouri Valley College
10. Midland University
11. Campbellsville University
12. Waldorf College