UPDATE: Regina Doi wins silver medal in women's freestyle at Cadet Worlds in Serbia

Aug. 23, 2013, 2:13 p.m. (ET)
Regina Doi in the gold-medal match at 40 kg at the Cadet World Championships in Serbia. T.R. Foley photo

ZRENJANIN, Serbia -- Regina Doi of California won a silver medal at 40 kg/88 lbs. in women's freestyle at the Cadet World Championships on Friday. She was the first American to reach the gold-medal finals at the event so far this year.

Doi was defeated by Svetlana Ankicheva of Kazakstan in the gold medal finals, 0-4. Ankchieva had a takedown in the first period to lead 2-0, and in the second period, she scored two one-point counter takedowns. Doi was unable to complete her many shots for takedowns.

Ankicheva was a 2012 Cadet World silver medalist and a 2011 Cadet World bronze medalist, finishing her career with a Cadet World medal of every kind.

"She expected me to shoot. She wrestled my sister in the finals last year, so she knew what to expect. I couldn't get my shots. She was better than me today" said Doi.

Doi had three impressive wins to reach the finals. She started with a big win, defeating 2013 European Cadet champion Veronkia Gurskaya, 6-4. Doi came out early with two takedowns for the lead, and added another in the second period.

Her next match was an 8-0 technical fall win over Maria Chia of Romania, 2:18 where she was able to display a variety of offensive attacks.

Her semifinal win over Dinura Sulaimanova of Kyrgyzstan was much closer. Doi scored a pair of one-point counter takedowns in the first period. Sulaimanova was able to get a one-point counter takedown of her own in the second period, but could not score again, as Doi won, 2-1.

"There was a lot of mental preparation involved. I knew what to expect at the World Championships. In my training, I improved a lot in my technique and it has definitely showed" said Doi

This was Regina Doi's third appearance at the Cadet Worlds, and this year will be her first medal. She was fifth in the Cadet Worlds in 2012 and eighth in 2011.

Yesterday, Regina's twin sister Marina won a bronze medal at 38 kg, and is a three-time Cadet World medalist. The twins were teammates on the last three U.S. Cadet World Teams, and this was the first time that they won Cadet World medals the same year.

"This year, she put in a good year of training, going to the different camps that we offered. It helped her get to where she needed to be. It was a great experience to have both Dois medal in the same year. It was awesome for the coaching staff to see that" said U.S. Cadet World Team Coach Tony DeAnda.

All four of the other U.S. wrestlers competing on Friday lost matches and did not qualify for the repechage when their opponents failed to reach the finals.

At 60 kg/132.25 lbs., Becka Leathers of Oklahoma finished with a 1-1 record and placed seventh. She had a nice start in her match with 2013 European Cadet bronze medalist Alexandra Sandahl of Sweden. The match was close in the first period, but Leathers scored a takedown, put in a leg, then turned and pinned Sandahl in 3:59.

In her second match, Leathers got behind early and was unable to fight back, eventually losing by pin to Kriszta Incze of Romania in 3:18. Leathers was eliminated when the Romanian was defeated in the semifinals.

Alyssa LaFrancis of California went 1-1 at 70 kg/154.25 lbs. to finish 10th in her class. She had a close first match against 2013 European Cadet bronze medalist Beste Altug of Turkey, winning 3-2, LaFrancis had a passivity point and a takedown in the opening period. Altug added a second period takedown but could not score again.

In the second match, LaFrancis was down just 3-2 at the break to Vanessa Yacarias Romero of Mexico. However, in the second period, Yacarias scored another takedown, then was able to get a three-point move out of a LaFrancis throw attempt to secure a 9-2 technical fall at 4:00. Yacarias was beaten in the semifinals, knocking out LaFrancis. In 2012, LaFrancis placed fifth at the Cadet Worlds.

At 52 kg/114.5 lbs., Gabrielle Garcia of California could not get an offense going, and lost to
Viktorya Didkivska of Ukraine, 0-6. Garcia was eliminated when Didkivska was beaten in the third round.

Dropping her first match at 46 kg/101.25 lbs. was Harriet Symington of Maryland, who was beaten by technical fall by Georgiana Burduf of Romania, 2-9 in 2:09. Burduf hit a five-pointer to end it at the start of the second period. Symington was eliminated when Burduf lost her next match.

The United States finished sixth in the team standings with 33 points, and three medals, the silver by Regina Doi and bronze medals by Marina Doi and Teshya Alo. Russia won the team title with 74 points, followed by Japan with 71 points and Ukraine in third with 52 points.

"They are all going to use this experience as they move to the Junior level. It will serve them all very well" said DeAnda.

At Zrenjanin, Serbia, August 23

Women's freestyle results

40 kg/88 lbs.
Gold - Svetlana Ankicheva (Kazakhstan)
Silver - Regina Doi (USA)
Bronze - Mizuki Kosaka (Japan)
Bronze - Veronika Gurskaya (Russia)
5th - Inna Roik (Belarus),
5th - Dinura Sulaimanova (Kyrgyzstan)
7th - Yuliya Plentnikova (Ukraine)
8th - Fatme Mandeva (Bulgaria)
9th - Aleksandra Gorecka (Poland)
10th - Nur Cinar (Turkey)
Gold - Svetlana Ankicheva (Kazakhstan) dec. Regina Doi (USA), 4-0
Bronze - Mizuki Kosaka (Japan) tech. fall Inna Roik (Belarus), 8-0
Bronze - Veronika Gurskaya (Russia) pin Dinura Sulaimanova (Kyrgyzstan), 1:15

46 kg/101.25 lbs.
Gold - Zainab Magomedova (Russia)
Silver - Olena Kremzer (Ukraine)
Bronze - Miho Igarashi (Japan)
Bronze - Adrianis Castillo (Venezuela)
5th - Namuuntsetseg Ysogt-ochir (Mongolia)
5th - Beata Kosla (Poland),
7th - Georgiana Burduf (Romania)
8th - Marina Zuyeva (Kazakhstan)
9th - Laura Schmitt (Germany)
10th - Emily Schaefer (Canada)
Gold - Zainab Magomedova (Russia) pin Olena Kremzer (Ukraine), 1:18
Bronze - Miho Igarashi (Japan) tech. fall Namuuntsetseg Ysogt-ochir (Mongolia), 7-0
Bronze - Adrianis Castillo (Venezuela) tech. fall Beata Kosla (Poland), 8-1

52 kg/114.5 lbs.
Gold - Mayu Mukaida (Japan)
Silver - Luiza Suleymanova (Russia)
Bronze - Laman Gurbanova (Azerbaijan)
Bronze - Viktorya Didkivska (Ukraine)
5th - Gizem Adiyaman (Turkey)
5th - Anzhelika Chshelchkova (Kazakhstan)
7th - Hannah Taylor (Canada)
8th - Jasmin Soam (India)
9th - Jenna Sihtola (Finland)
10th - Bolor-erdene Bat-orshikh (Mongolia)
Gold - Mayu Mukaida (Japan) pin Luiza Suleymanova (Russia), 0:58
Bronze - Laman Gurbanova (Azerbaijan) tech. fall Gizem Adiyaman (Turkey), 7-5 (2 three-point throws)
Bronze - Viktorya Didkivska (Ukraine) tech. fall Anzhelika Chshelchkova (Kazakhstan), 8-0

60 kg/132.25 lbs.
Gold - Ramona Galambos (Hungary)
Silver - Laura Charashvili (Belarus)
Bronze - Kriszta Incze (Romania)
Bronze - Shiomi Imai (Japan)
5th - Silvija Janovic (Serbia)
5th - Divya Kakran (India)
7th - Becka Leathers (USA)
8th - Zelfira Sadraddinova (Russia)
9th - Biliyana Dudova (Bulgaria)
10th - Gozde Yildirim (Turkey)
Gold - Ramona Galambos (Hungary) dec. Laura Charashvili (Belarus). 5-0
Bronze - Kriszta Incze (Romania) tech. fall Silvija Janovic (Serbia), 9-1
Bronze - Shiomi Imai (Japan) dec. Divya Kakran (India), 7-4

70 kg/154.25 lbs.
Gold - Anastasiia Shustova (Ukraine)
Silver - Mei Shindo (Japan)
Bronze - Francy Radelt (Germany)
Bronze - Vanessa Yacarias Romero (Mexico)
5th - Pooja Pooja (India)
5th - Vivien Szaraz (Hungary)
7th - Gracelynn Doogan (Canada)
8th - Arina Babkina (Russia)
9th - Tsetsegbayar Byambadorj (Mongolia)
10th - Alyssa LaFrancis (USA)
Gold - Anastasiia Shustova (Ukraine) tech. fall Mei Shindo (Japan), 8-2 (2 three-point throws)
Bronze - Francy Radelt (Germany) tech. fall Pooja Pooja (India), 7-0
Bronze - Vanessa Yacarias Romero (Mexico) pin Vivien Szaraz (Hungary), 0:57

Team Standings
1 Russia, 74 pts.
2 Japan, 71 pts.
3. Ukraine, 52 pts.
4. Kazakhstan, 45 pts.
5. Romania, 35 pts.
6. United States, 33 pts.
7. India, 30 pts.
8. Germany, 27 pts.
9. Azerbaijan, 20 pts.
10 (tie) Belarus, 19 pts.
10 (tie) Poland, 19 pts.
12. Hungary, 16 pts.
13. Turkey, 15 pts.
14 (tie) Bulgaria, 14 pts.
14 (tie) Mexico, 14 pts.
14 (tie) Norway, 14 pts.
17 Mongolia, 13 pts.
18. Canada, 12 pts.
19. (tie) Venezuela, 8 pts.
19. (tie) Finland, 8 pts.
21. Austria, 7 pts.
22 (tie) Kyrgyzstan, 6 pts.
22 (tie) Serbia, 6 pts.
22 (tie) Sweden, 6 pts.
25 Italy, 2 pts.
26. Uzbekistan, 1 pt.

U.S. women's freestyle performances

40 kg/88 lbs. - Regina Doi, Kingsburg, Calif., silver medal
WIN Veronika Gurskaya (Russia), 6-4
WIN Maria Chia (Romania), tech. fall 8-0, 2:18
WIN Dinura Sulaimanova (Kyrgyzstan), 2-1
LOSS Svetlana Ankicheva (Kazakstan), 0-4

46 kg/101.25 lbs. - Harriet Symington, Bethesda, Md.
LOSS Georgiana Burduf (Romania), tech. fall, 2-9 (2:09)

52 kg/114.5 lbs. - Gabrielle Garcia, Anaheim, Calif.
LOSS Viktorya Didkivska (Ukraine), 0-6

60 kg/132.25 lbs. - Becka Leathers, Choctaw, Okla., 7th place
WIN Alexandra Sandahl (Sweden), pin 3:59
LOSS Kriszta Incze (Romania), pin 3:18

70 kg/154.25 lbs. - Alyssa LaFrancis, Vista, Calif., 10th place
WIN Beste Altug (Turkey), 3-2
LOSS Vanessa Yacarias Romero (Mexico), tech. fall, 2-9 (4:00)