FILA announces new advertising campaign: To wrestle is to be human

By FILA | April 30, 2013, 11:03 a.m. (ET)
Lausanne, Switzerland -- Mr. Nenad Lalovic, Acting President of FILA, the international federation of the sport of wrestling, today announced a new advertising campaign for the federation.

The interactive campaign will run in various print and online media outlets around the world beginning on Tuesday, April 30th.

"Our new campaign is meant to complement the changes taking place within our federation," said Mr. Lalovic. He added, "We have drawn on the basic elements of our sport - strength and universality - to express the values of wrestling, and wrestling's value to the Olympic Movement."

FILA's new international ad campaign is entitled "To wrestle is to be human."

FILA is undertaking a comprehensive, global effort to maintain wrestling as a sport on the Olympic programme. FILA's activities range from transforming the governance of the federation to revising competition rules and modernizing the presentation of the sport itself.

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