Is there anything that assures success in sports?

By Lee Kemp, Founder and President of FORZA | Oct. 26, 2012, 2:20 p.m. (ET)

Lance Armstrong is an example of how far one will go for success

There are several constants no one will argue when it comes to being the very best athlete. The very best athletes all embody these constants: Natural Talent... Hard Work... Great Desire... Great Dedication... Great Focus"...Great Skills... Great Technique... Great Confidence... Great Support Team... Great Genetics... etc... (I'm sure you can name a few more...)

If all the great athletes have these, then what is the ultimate GAME CHANGER that assures consistent success at the highest levels? We all know the stakes are very high in professional sports, and that the stakes are equally high in Olympic Sports too. One great day of competition has made fortunes for several of the athletes from the recent London Olympics. Gabby Douglass, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, to name a few, and two of our own, Jordan Burroughs and Jake Varner are well on their way.

Some athletes, like Lance Armstrong, have been at the top of their game for more than a decade making millions along the way. Performance enhancing drugs cross all sports; swimming, track and field, wrestling, football, baseball... and many more (say what about Barry Bonds? He's one that also made millions excelling at his sport. Should they strip him of all his batting titles?). With stakes so high, and only the slimmest of margins separating one great athlete from another in their sport, it's clear why some athletes, like Lance, might "push the envelope" to find some sort of edge. Some athletes get as close to the line of doping disqualification as possible looking for any new performance enhancing substance or procedure to give them an extra edge. It can takes years sometimes to catch some of the athletes playing on the edge.

Like any athlete seeking greatness I too was always looking for an extra edge... A GAME CHANGER... I decided that great nutrition would be that game changer for me during my competitive days as a wrestler. I stayed committed then, as I still do now, to fueling my body with the only the best nutrition possible through good organic food and whole food based nutritional supplements.

We have seen athletes use illegal GAME CHANGERS that have taken them to the top of the podium making them superior over other athletes in their sport. For example, Marion Jones was a full car length ahead of the next challenger (the best in the world remind you) when she won several of her gold medals. The problem with these GAME CHANGERS is they were ILLEGAL. The point is, the illegal GAME CHANGERS do work, and with stunning results and consistency. We've seen it with athletes who have been linked with these substances like Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Marion Jones to name a few. The question remains: are illegal performance enhancing drugs worth the risk of losing everything a professional or Olympic athlete has worked for?

Paraphrasing from Victor Conte, the man behind the infamous BALCO steroids scandal, he claims; "When athletes build their explosive strength and speed and power base in October-November-December. Eight months later, they're winning gold medals at the Olympics based on the drugs they used nine months ago. So testing at the Games won't catch them."

All the illegal game changers focus on the same areas: "Preparing the body to perform on demand and under the pressure and stress of competition." We all know the illegal way to enhance the body's ability to train and recover, and ultimately perform at "through the roof" levels. Well, the human body can have breakthrough performances from feeding it the right nutrition at the right times. Yes NUTRITION is the ultimate LEGAL GAME CHANGER. It's 100% GUARANTEED to prepare your body to have a game changing experience.

As wrestling season approaches this is a perfect time for you to learn about the FORZA Nutritional Products equipping wrestlers (or any athlete or fitness aspiring individual) with the same nutritional products that our US Olympic Wrestling Teams use.