Martin, Chamish, Simmons & Fish win Beach National Senior titles in Rochester, N.Y.

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | July 15, 2012, 7:04 p.m. (ET)
ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The U.S. Beach National Championships were hosted at Ontario Beach Park on Saturday.

In the men's division, the individual champions were:
- Collin Martin (unattached) at 74 kg/163 lbs.
- Joseph Chamish (Painted Post All-Stars) at 84 kg/185 lbs.
- Donald Simmons (U.S. Marine Corps) at 96 kg/211.5 lbs.
- Charles Fish (U.S. Marine Corps) at heavyweight

Martin was the only champion to have won a previous Beach Nationals title. He was a 2010 Beach Nationals champion at 170 pounds. Martin defeated Brian Guilfoyle, who was a two-time Beach Nationals champion, in the finals, 2-0.

Both Martin and Guilfoyle defeated 2011 Beach World silver medalist Donovan DePatto of the U.S. Marines in bout prior to the roundrobin. DePatto ended up fourth.

The U.S. Marine Corps had a strong performance with two champions in the highest weight divisions.

Simmons won both of his matches in the championship roundrobin, including a victory over his teammate and eventual runner-up Courtney Myers of the Marines, 2-1.

Fish won a competitive three-athlete round-robin, where all three of the wrestlers finished with 1-1 records in the roundrobin. All three round-robin matches were pins. Fish pinned two-time Beach Nationals champion Jamison Sacco of Western New England in 2:15. Sacco pinned Ruslan Mukhamadyyarov in 2:53. Mukhamadyyarov put away Fish in 2:40.

Chamish had a 2-0 record in his round-robin finals, including a 1-0 win over runner-up Adam Willman (Unattached).

Champions were crowned in the Schoolboy, Cadet, Junior, Senior Women and Veterans divisions.

Repeating as Schoolboy champions were Parker Kropman (unattached - 98) and Frankie Gissendanner (Titans Worldwide - 144).

The U.S. Beach World Team Trials will be held on Sunday , along with the National High School Beach Duals.

At Rochester, Minn., July 14

Senior Men

74KG/163 lbs.
1st Place - Colllin Martin of Unattached
2nd Place - Brian Guilfoyle of Painted Post Allstars
3rd Place - Ruslan Gabeer of Unattached
1st - Colllin Martin (Unattached) over Brian Guilfoyle (Painted Post Allstars) Dec 2-0

84KG/185 lbs.
1st Place - Joseph Chamish of Painted Post Allstars
2nd Place - Mike Collura of G2 World Wrestling
3rd Place - Adam Willman of Unattached
Round Robin Matches
Mike Collura (G2 World Wrestling) over Adam Willman (Unattached) Dec 1-0
Joseph Chamish (Painted Post Allstars) over Adam Willman (Unattached) Fall 0:15
Joseph Chamish (Painted Post Allstars) over Mike Collura (G2 World Wrestling) Dec 2-0,0-0

96KG/211.5 lbs.
1st Place - Donald Simmons of USMC
2nd Place - Courtney Myers of Marines
3rd Place - Aaron Wendel of Unattached
Round Robin Matches
Donald Simmons (USMC) over Aaron Wendel (Unattached) Dec 2-0
Courtney Myers (Marines) over Aaron Wendel (Unattached) Dec 1-0
Donald Simmons (USMC) over Courtney Myers (Marines) Dec 2-1

120KG/264.5 lbs.
1st Place - Charles Fish of Marines
2nd Place - Jamison Sacco of Western New England
3rd Place - Ruslan Mukhamadyyarov of Unattached
Round Robin Matches
Jamison Sacco (Western New England) over Ruslan Mukhamadyyarov (Unattached) Fall 2:53
Ruslan Mukhamadyyarov (Unattached) over Charles Fish (Marines) Fall 2:40
Charles Fish (Marines) over Jamison Sacco (Western New England) Fall 2:15

Senior Women

60KG/132 lbs.
1st Place - Trinh Nguyen of Unattached

Above 70KG/154 lbs.
1st Place - Janet Spence of Unattached


1st Place - Parker Kropman of Unattached
2nd Place - Derek St.James of G2 World Wrestling
3rd Place - Brian Courtney of G2 World Wrestling
Round Robin Matches
Derek St.James (G2 World Wrestling) over Brian Courtney (G2 World Wrestling) Fall 2:00
Parker Kropman (Unattached) over Brian Courtney (G2 World Wrestling) Dec 0-2
Parker Kropman (Unattached) over Derek St.James (G2 World Wrestling) Fall 1:52

1st Place - Frankie Gissendanner of Titans Worldwide
2nd Place - Vincent Asito of Titans Worldwide
3rd Place - William Jensen of Cobra North
1st - Frankie Gissendanner (Titans Worldwide) over Vincent Asito (Titans Worldwide) Fall 0:38

1st Place - Jacob Lill of Unattached


1st Place - Andrew Shomers of Unattached
2nd Place - Savior Hagan of East High
3rd Place - Alex Salavaggio of Unattached
Round Robin Matches
Andrew Shomers (Unattached) over Alex Salavaggio (Unattached) Fall 1:13
Savior Hagan (East High) over Alex Salavaggio (Unattached) Dec 2-1
Andrew Shomers (Unattached) over Savior Hagan (East High) Dec 2-0

1st Place - Thomas Lancie of Webster Schroeder
2nd Place - Matt Langensenkamp of Titans Worldwide
3rd Place - Yousef Sarkis of Unattached
Round Robin Matches
Thomas Lancie (Webster Schroeder) over Matt Langensenkamp (Titans Worldwide) Dec 2-0
Thomas Lancie (Webster Schroeder) over Yousef Sarkis (Unattached) Dec 0-2
Matt Langensenkamp (Titans Worldwide) over Yousef Sarkis (Unattached) Dec 2-0

1st Place - Ryan Kromer of Cobra North
2nd Place - Mike LaLoggia of Unattached
3rd Place - Justin Froth of Jeff Prescott Wrestling
1st - Ryan Kromer (Cobra North) over Mike LaLoggia (Unattached) Dec 2-0

1st Place - Skylar Kropman of Unattached
2nd Place - Dylan Pryce of Cobra North
3rd Place - Hobie Strassner of Webster Schroeder
Round Robin Matches
Dylan Pryce (Cobra North) over Hobie Strassner (Webster Schroeder) Dec 2-0
Skylar Kropman (Unattached) over Dylan Pryce (Cobra North) Dec 0-2
Skylar Kropman (Unattached) over Hobie Strassner (Webster Schroeder) Dec 2-1

1st Place - Max Poeller of Victory
2nd Place - Eric Foth of Jeff Prescott Wrestling
Finals Series
Poeller dec. Foth, 2-0
Poeller dec. Foth, 2-0

1st Place - Chris Williams of Victory
2nd Place - Jacob Lill of Unattached
Finals Series
Williams dec. Lill, 2-1
Williams dec. Lill, 2-0


1st Place - Ethan Livernash of Titans Worldwide

1st Place - Dan Reagan of Unattached
2nd Place - Jake Sepor of GVWC
3rd Place - Jacob Green of Unattached
Round Robin Matches
Dan Reagan (Unattached) over Jacob Green (Unattached) Dec 2-0
Dan Reagan (Unattached) over Jake Sepor (GVWC) Dec 2-0
Jake Sepor (GVWC) over Jacob Green (Unattached) Dec 2-0

1st Place - Nicholas Brown of Team Takedown
2nd Place - Kyle Melynk of Spencerport
3rd Place - Cody Rudolfs of Empire State (Brockport)
1st - Nicholas Brown (Team Takedown) over Kyle Melynk (Spencerport) Fall 0:15

1st Place - Sam Molina of Young Guns
2nd Place - Ian Salathiel of Titans Worldwide
Finals Series
Molina dec. Salathiel, 2-1
Molina pin Salathiel, 1:03

1st Place - Travis Keeling of Team Takedown
2nd Place - Patrick Sause of Unattached
3rd Place - Jacob Lill of Unattached
Round Robin Matches
Travis Keeling (Team Takedown) over Jacob Lill (Unattached) Dec 2-0,0-0
Patrick Sause (Unattached) over Jacob Lill (Unattached) Dec 2-0,0-0
Travis Keeling (Team Takedown) over Patrick Sause (Unattached) Dec 2-0,0-0

1st Place - Brian Kerwin of NYSS
2nd Place - Alexander Jensen of Cobra North
Finals Series
Jensen dec. Kerwin, 2-0
Kerwin dec. Jensen, 2-1
Kerwin pin Jensen, 0:14


1st Place - Jason Goldman of Unattached
2nd Place - Warner Bouzek of True Zeal

1st Place - Daniel Nier of Beverly Hills
2nd Place - Walter Cole of Unattached

1st Place - Alfred Gliniecki of Unattached