Download free Roddy White poster promoting benefits of wrestling to football players

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | Oct. 07, 2011, 4:04 p.m. (ET)
As part of its commitment to promote and grow wrestling, USA Wrestling, with support from NFL superstar Roddy White, has created a poster that encourages football players to participate in wrestling.

The headline on the new poster says "Roddy White is a great pro football player... because of the training he went through as a wrestler." It shows a photo of Roddy White in the wrestling room at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, wearing a USA Wrestling warmup, holding a football helmet with the USA Wrestling logo and balancing a football.

USA Wrestling has developed this 11"x17" poster which is available at no charge to the general public via the internet. The poster can be downloaded as a pdf file, and brought to a local printer for reproduction. It also can be customized with contact information for local wrestling clubs and school programs.

Download Roddy White poster - Why Football Players Should Wrestle

White is a three-time Pro-Bowl wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, known for his toughness and tremendous skills. He was a two-time state high school wrestling champion from James Island, S.C., and has agreed to help USA Wrestling promote the benefits of wrestling to the football community.

"As wrestlers, we know our sport makes football players better on the field" said Les Gutches, USA Wrestling's Director of Program Development. "Quickness, hand fighting skills, and the ability to win one-on-one battles are all attributes football coaches look for in star players. It's no surprise that many standout wrestlers have gone on to successful careers in the NFL."

This is part of a program USA Wrestling created to provide marketing tools for wrestling leaders to use in their community to build the sport. The football-wrestling initiative is just one of these projects.

"One request that USA Wrestling receives time and again is assistance in getting football players to come out for wrestling. Coaches know football players can help them fill the upper weights and put spectators in the stands. With the recently-adopted NFHS weight classes and increased opportunity in the upper weights, it's more important than ever to get football players out for the team" said Gutches.

Coaches, parents, fans and wrestling supporters can find a number of other posters and marketing resources on, which is USA Wrestling's website.

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