What's a Responsible Coach? Start with what a Responsible Coach is Not

By Liberty Mutual Insurance | Dec. 12, 2011, 4:15 p.m. (ET)
You may be wondering what we mean by "Responsible Coach". It's easier to start by saying what a Responsible Coach is not, which is soft, a source of empty/unearned praise or satisfied with everyone just having fun.

Responsible Coaching actually is more difficult, challenging and rewarding than coaching with a win-at-all-cost approach. In addition to learning all you can about your sport, honing your "x's and o's," and competing fiercely for wins, you also are committed to:

- Ensuring player safety
- Placing education and character development before wins
- Coaching beyond the "X's and O's"
- Coaching athletes to master their sports
- Filling "Emotional Tanks" to improve performance and instill love of sport
- Living and coaching by a code of Honoring the Game

Coaches and parents are among the greatest influencers of our youth athletes and we have the ability to alter the trajectory and learning's kids can get out of sports.

Read on to unlock the steps to a Coaching for Mastery Approach