NWCA creates Resource Guide To Growing Wrestling

By Tammy Tedesco | Sept. 27, 2010, 4:07 p.m. (ET)
As part of the NWCA's effort to promote wrestling, the NWCA has developed a comprehensive resource section of its website titled 'Saving Wrestling'. This section of the website is an outstanding resource for any individual looking for facts and figures on wrestling, participation rates and templates for adding new programs.

In the past decade, wrestling has seen growth at all levels. Boy's high school participation is up over 40,000 to its highest level since 1980. Girl's high school wrestling is at an all-time high. On the collegiate level we have seen 72 new programs added.

The NWCA has focused on eight main areas under the Saving Wrestling Website:

· Facts: Participation numbers, ethnicity rates and statistics for high school, college and international wrestling.

· Downloads: Participation number charts, participation maps, presentations to start a program.

· Why Wrestling: Why each state needs wrestling, the diversity wrestling has as a sport and why the sport is growing.

· Famous Wrestlers: Comprehensive list of famous Americans and sport stars who have wrestled.

· Community Service: Showing community projects are high school and college programs partake in.

· Threatened Programs: Call to actions, and ways to assist college programs.

· Where to wrestle: Shows where you can find a local or national college program.

· New programs: Shows that wrestling is growing, with 72 college programs added since 1999.

"What we are working to accomplish with compiling this information is a vast amount of knowledge that can help us continue to grow the sport at all levels, especially the college level which has seen a spike in new programs at enrollment conscious schools " said Mike Moyer, NWCA Executive Director

"We hope that the wrestling community will use this as a key resource to help sustain wrestling and to educate those who are unaware of the popularity of the sport of wrestling at all levels" said Moyer.

This resource section of the website can be found at

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