John Smith Rob Hjerling Shawn Charles Rob Koll among guests on TDR this week

By Scott Casber | Sept. 24, 2010, 4:12 p.m. (ET)
Hello again Wrestling Fans. We return to the Brute Adidas studios for this weeks show brought to you by Kemin Agrifoods.

Join Scott Casber, Geoff Murtha (Simpson) and Ryan Freeman (Ok State) and Randy Crimmins.
Geoff Murtha joins us courtesy of Mass Mutual Financial Services, Ryan Freeman courtesy of ATT.

Our Guests Include: (All times Central)

9:01 John Smith- Head Coach Oklahoma State

9:20 John Smith- Head Coach Oklahoma State (Continued)

9:40 Rob Hjerling- Head Coach of the Citadel Bulldogs

10:01 Rob Koll- Head Coach Cornell University

10:20 Shawn Charles- Head Coach AZ State

10:40 Tony Wenck- Big Brothers Big Sisters

10:50 Maureen Roshar - Wildrose Resort and Casino

Wrestling fans- Episode 76 of TDR TV wrestling news is now on. Check your TV Guide for listings.