Upset City Journeymen Asics Northeast Duals is minefield for ranked teams wrestlers

By Jason Bryant | Nov. 27, 2010, 10:36 p.m. (ET)
If history has taught us anything, the Journeymen/Asics Northeast Duals has been where national rankings go to die. Well, they at least get slowed up. This Saturday will be no different.

In the past, Frank Popolizio's event has drawn high profile programs and individuals and has given the wrestling fan, still fat on Thanksgiving turkey, something to look over and gawk. Minnesota, ranked #1 in the nation a few years ago, was upended by Hofstra. Michigan, ranked in the top five, was knocked off by Maryland. The list of individuals beaten by unranked or lower-ranked opponents is in the dozens.

But while the college event is heavy on the minds of wrestling fans, a special USA vs. Russia freestyle dual will take place during the event's intermission. Greco-Roman Olympic Champion Andrea Minguzzi will also wrestle an exhibition match against the United States' Cheney Haight. Minguzzi finished third at the NYAC International in early November at 84kg, the weight Haight won. The two didn't wrestle each other, so wrestling fans will have a chance to see how one of our country's rising stars does against the 2008 Olympic Champion.

In another Greco-Roman feature match Daigoro Timoncini of Italy will face the U.S. Army's John Lorenz at 96kg. Timoncini was fifth in the World Championships and second at this year's University Worlds.

Five ranked teams highlight the 15-team field at the 2010 edition of the Northeast Duals, highlighted by 11th-ranked Missouri, 14th-ranked Pittsburgh and 15th-ranked Lehigh. Rutgers (23rd) and Virginia (24th) fill out the ranked teams in the mix.

Individually, 42 nationally-ranked wrestlers will step on the mat, including eight All-Americans. There's the potential for 19 matches between nationally-ranked wrestlers, with the most coming in Round 2's Missouri vs. Rutgers dual.

Brian Smith's Missouri Tigers have been regular participants in the Northeast Duals and brings a squad with six nationally-ranked wrestlers. Eyes will be on heavyweight Dom Bradley. The 2009 Junior World Champion was behind two-time All-American Mark Ellis the last two years and Bradley will finally be unleashed full-time in the Tigers starting lineup.

Rande Stottlemyer's Pittsburgh Panthers are coming in from a strong season in the Eastern Wrestling League. Eight of the 11 Division I conferences will be represented. Pitt is joined by Bloomsburg from the EWL.

Pittsburgh is led by All-American Tyler Nauman at 141 pounds. Lehigh and coach Pat Santoro come in with three nationally-ranked wrestlers.

Looking ahead to the best matchup between ranked wrestlers, keep an eye on Round 3's Lehigh vs. Missouri dual. It will feature top-ranked heavyweight Zach Rey against the third-ranked Bradley.

As far as ranked wrestlers go, 197 features seven nationally-ranked wrestlers, while 165, 174 and 285 each have six.

Much like the Sprawl & Brawl Duals, here's a cheat sheet of what to watch for each round at the Northeast Duals.

Team Rankings by NWCA/USA Today Division I Coaches Poll
Individual Rankings by InterMat

Ranked Duals
Round 2
#11 Missouri vs. #23 Rutgers
#15 Lehigh vs. #24 Virginia

Round 3
#14 Pittsburgh vs. #24 Virginia
#11 Missouri vs. #15 Lehigh

Ranked Individual Matches
Round 1
#11 Missouri vs. American
157: #2 Steve Fittery (American) vs. #20 Dan Gonsor (Missouri)
285: #3 Dom Bradley (Missouri) vs. #8 Ryan Flores (American)

#23 Rutgers vs. Stanford
174: #6 Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford) vs. #19 Alex Caruso (Rutgers)

#14 Pittsburgh vs. Penn
197: #12 Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh) vs. #15 Micah Burak (Penn)

Round 2
#11 Missouri vs. #23 Rutgers
157: #13 Daryl Cocozzo (Rutgers) vs. #20 Dan Gonsor (Missouri)
165: #7 Scott Winston (Rutgers) vs. #13 Zach Toal (Missouri)
174: #14 Dorian Henderson (Missouri) vs. #19 Alex Caruso (Rutgers)
285: #3 Dom Bradley (Missouri) vs. #6 D.J. Russo (Rutgers)

Maryland vs. Penn
174: #7 Scott Giffin (Penn) vs. #11 Mike Letts (Maryland)

#15 Lehigh vs. #24 Virginia
165: #11 Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh) vs. #12 Jedd Moore (Virginia)

Round 3
#14 Pittsburgh vs. #24 Virginia
141: #3 Tyler Nauman (Pittsburgh) vs. #16 Nick Nelson (Virginia)
197: #12 Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh) vs. #17 Michael Salopek (Virginia)

Maryland vs. Northern Iowa
174: #4 (at 165) Jarion Beets (Northern Iowa) vs. #11 Mike Letts (Maryland)

#11 Missouri vs. #15 Lehigh
165: #11 Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh) vs. #13 Zach Toal (Missouri)
285: #1 Zach Rey (Lehigh) vs. #3 Dom Bradley (Missouri)

Round 4
#11 Missouri vs. Maryland
165: #5 Josh Asper (Maryland) vs. #13 Zach Toal (Missouri)
174: #11 Mike Letts (Maryland) vs. #14 Dorian Henderson (Missouri)

#15 Lehigh vs. George Mason
184: #12 Bagna Tovvujav (George Mason) vs. #14 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh)

American vs. #14 Pittsburgh
285: #7 Ryan Flores (American) vs. #11 Ryan Tomei (Pittsburgh)

Tyler Nauman, 141 (Pittsburgh)
Steve Fittery, 157 (American)
Justin Lister, 157 (Binghamton)
Jarion Beets, 174 (Northern Iowa)
Chris Henrich, 174 (Virginia)
Nick Amuchastegui, 174 (Stanford)
Scott Giffin, 174 (Penn)
Zach Rey, 285 (Lehigh)