Coaches Team Building Tips

By Responsible Sports | Nov. 02, 2010, 10:45 a.m. (ET)
Players who feel connected to each other are more willing to sacrifice for their teammates and the overall betterment of the team.

The difference between a team of individuals playing for themselves and a team of cohesive members working towards the same goal in unison makes a world's difference in the locker room and on the scoreboard.

In this feature we share three tips for team building that can help you achieve the goal of having your team play as one cohesive group. This article focuses on team-building activities including:

- Bonding experience in training: Innovative techniques, such as early-morning team runs to a pancake breakfast.

- Getting-to-know-you drills: Routine warm-up drills can incorporate chances for players to share information about themselves. For example, during a zig-zag drill, where players form two lines and train diagonally across to each other up and down, each player can yell out their favorite color, food or school subject.

- Potluck meals: Have a team meal where each player is responsible for bringing a dish. All the better if the dishes reflect the athlete's ancestry, prompting conversations about the similarities and differences of teammates' cultural backgrounds.

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